Foetus (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
FoetusLoveCD + DVD2005not rated1:50:10
Foetus CorruptusRife2 x LPnot rated
Foetus IncButterfly Potion12" vinyl1990not rated
Foetus IncSinkCD1989not rated1:19:56
Foetus Uber FriscoFinely Honed Machine12" vinyl1984not rated
Phillip And His Foetus VibrationsTell Me, What Is The Bain Of Your Life?7" vinyl1982not rated
Scraping Foetus Off The WheelHoleLP1984not rated
Scraping Foetus Off The WheelNailLP1985not rated
Scraping Foetus Off The WheelRamrod12" vinyl1987not rated
The Foetus All Nude RevueBedrock12" vinyl1987not rated