Aube (142 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Aube011705463" CDr2002not rated7:03
Aube108CD1999not rated55:38
Aube365-2001S4 x 5" CDr2001not rated2:25:52
AubeASL97075" CDr2001not rated36:21
AubeAmbera Planeta WawarCD2007not rated1:11:58
AubeAquatremble7" vinyl1993not rated12:13
AubeAutodecision7" vinyl1996not rated12:46
AubeAutodecision (Special Edition)7" vinyl + Cassette1996not rated
AubeBAR 2.1-A5" CDr2001not rated29:09
AubeBAR 2.1-A 2000-20012 x 5" CDr2002not rated2:03:07
AubeBAR 2.1-A'5" CDr2001not rated37:58
AubeBD5" CDr2004not rated31:03
AubeBenefit 1997-ASL97055" CDr12/2002not rated56:45
AubeBenefit 20015" CDr2001not rated33:13
AubeBenefit 2002 - 1995011705465" CDr2002not rated52:50
AubeBlack DepthMinidisc1997not rated
AubeBlau+Rot7" vinyl2007not rated12:32
AubeBlood Brain BarrierCD1999not rated59:36
AubeCardiac StrainCD1997not rated1:06:02
AubeCerebral DisturbanceLP1998not rated
AubeCerebral Disturbance (Special Edition)LP1999not rated
AubeChain (Re)ActionCD2005not rated1:11:34
AubeComet2 x CD2006not rated2:01:10
AubeCorrodetune2 x 3" CDr2001not rated18:36
AubeData-X5" CDr2002not rated1:00:00
AubeDazzle ReflexionCD1997not rated1:09:19
AubeDazzle Reflexion (Special Edition)CD1997not rated1:09:19
AubeDeglaze (Second Edition)LP1998not rated
AubeDripCassette1992not rated
AubeDuplex ShereCD2004not rated1:04:19
AubeDuplex Sphere (Special Edition - Gold)CD2004not rated1:04:17
AubeE-PowerCassette1994not rated
AubeE-PowerCassette1994not rated
AubeEMS3" CDr + C-5 Loop Cassette2004not rated23:55
AubeEmbersCD1999not rated53:12
AubeEmotional Oscillation (early copy)Cassette1994not rated44:45
AubeEmotional Oscillation (later copy)Cassette1994not rated44:45
AubeEntangle SpirantCassette1995not rated45:55
AubeEvocationCD1998not rated1:00:53
AubeFast Tumbling Blaze7" vinyl1996not rated
AubeFlare (Unnumbered Edition)CD1998not rated1:13:02
AubeFlash-PointCassette1993not rated
AubeFlash-Point (Metal Edition)Cassette1993not rated
AubeFlood-GateCD1993not rated59:24
AubeFlush (Unnumbered Edition)CD1998not rated1:12:59
AubeFrequency For CollapseCassette1994not rated
AubeGrind CarveCassette1996not rated44:45
AubeHuile Sur L'eauCassette1995not rated
AubeHydrophobiaCassette1991not rated30:23
AubeImagery ResonanceCD2007not rated59:30
AubeInfinitely OrbitCD1996not rated1:01:32
AubeLe Syndrome Aquatique2 x CD2008not rated2:07:01
AubeLive Feedbacks 20035" CDr2003not rated1:14:51
AubeLive In Besançon 19975" CDr2002not rated40:50
AubeLive In Michigan 20015" CDr2002not rated52:03
AubeLive In Montreal 20015" CDr2002not rated55:58
AubeLive Red 2002 + 20035" CDr2003not rated1:01:22
AubeLuminousCassette1993not rated
AubeLuminousCassette1993not rated
AubeMDML985" CDr2001not rated1:02:05
AubeMaterialization2 x 3" CDr2004not rated39:02
AubeMaze Head Shift7" vinyl1996not rated
AubeMaze Head Shift (Special Edition)7" vinyl + Cassette1996not rated
AubeMetal On Metal2 x CD2008not rated2:17:10
AubeMillennium2 x LP2001not rated1:13:44
AubeMillennium - AprilisCD2000not rated57:23
AubeMillennium - AugustusCD2001not rated59:09
AubeMillennium - DecemberCD2001not rated53:24
AubeMillennium - FebruariusCD2000not rated53:53
AubeMillennium - IanuariusCD2000not rated54:29
AubeMillennium - IuliusCD2000not rated55:04
AubeMillennium - IuniusCD2000not rated56:47
AubeMillennium - MaiusCD2000not rated1:01:02
AubeMillennium - MartiusCD2000not rated55:34
AubeMillennium - NovemberCD2001not rated44:42
AubeMillennium - OctoberCD2001not rated56:23
AubeMillennium - SeptemberCD2001not rated55:32
AubeMillennium Box12 x CD + 5" CDr2004not rated12:17:13
AubeMillennium-R25" CDr2002not rated1:12:14
AubeMillennium-R2 (Free Copy Edition)5" CDr2002not rated1:12:14
AubeMonochordattune (First Edition)7" vinyl1996not rated8:05
AubeMort Aux Vaches - Still ContemplationCD1997not rated59:01
AubeMétal De MétalCD1996not rated1:09:51
AubeNerf Vague Minimalistique10" vinyl1996not rated28:36
AubePages From The BookCD1998not rated56:32
AubeParametalizest7" vinyl1998not rated
AubeParis 00/Tokyo 99 (Special Edition)5" CDr2007not rated44:38
AubePulse ResonatorLP + 7" vinyl1995not rated
AubePurification To NumbnessCD1994not rated1:01:43
AubePurification To Numbness (Special Edition)CD1995not rated1:01:41
AubePôle Nord3" CDr2005not rated20:00
AubeQuadrotation4 x 7" vinyl1996not rated
AubeQuadrotation (Source Material)Cassette1996not rated
AubeQuadrotation (Special Edition)4 x 7" vinyl + C-10 cassette1996not rated
AubeRM4CD2002not rated1:03:17
AubeRe-Chant / De-Coda (First Edition)7" vinyl1995not rated13:18
AubeRecontextual Abstraction 19962 x CD1996not rated2:23:55
AubeRedintegration5" CDr2002not rated1:07:13
AubeReworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol.1CD2005not rated1:01:10
AubeReworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol.2CD2006not rated1:19:35
AubeReworks Stefano GentileCD2005not rated1:05:46
AubeReworks Stefano Gentile IICD2008not rated1:09:47
AubeRicochetentranceCD1999not rated1:13:28
AubeRuminantCassette1997not rated
AubeSDL975" CDr2002not rated1:10:05
AubeSDL97'5" CDr2002not rated1:14:24
AubeSDL985" CDr2002not rated1:07:34
AubeSEQ01025" CDr2002not rated32:37
AubeSH-1996-25" CDr2002not rated42:37
AubeSacrament7" vinyl1996not rated9:19
AubeSaturation Transfer7" vinyl1996not rated
AubeSensorial InducementLP1999not rated
AubeSetonCD2000not rated1:01:07
AubeShade AwayCD1999not rated59:09
AubeShade Away (G.R.O.S.S. Box Edition)CD2004not rated59:07
AubeShade Away (Jewel Case Edition)CD2004not rated59:07
AubeSigh In Depressive BlueLP1997not rated43:57
AubeSingles 1995-19982 x 5" CDr2004not rated2:19:12
AubeSkystreamspeedspreadetroit (Staff Edition)CD2001not rated25:18
AubeSolid PressureCD2004not rated1:12:24
AubeSpatio-Temporal-Cluster5" CDr2002not rated1:09:17
AubeSpindriftCassette1992not rated
AubeSpindriftCassette1992not rated
AubeSpiral Tricle DistillationLP1996not rated
AubeStared GleamCD1997not rated53:55
AubeSubmerged TensionCassette1993not rated
AubeSubmerged Tension RemixCassette1993not rated
AubeSubstructural Penetration 1991-19952 x CD1997not rated2:24:38
AubeSuppression DisorderCD1999not rated59:51
AubeTapes 1992-199720 x 5" CDr2003not rated15:24:10
AubeThrob In Manic RedLP1997not rated42:19
AubeTimemindCD2001not rated1:14:50
AubeTimemind Live 20025" CDr2002not rated56:32
AubeTriad ThreadCD1998not rated1:00:10
AubeUkiyo & Wired Trap Live 1994 + 19955" CDr2002not rated1:07:50
AubeVas In Euthymic VioletLP1997not rated
AubeVibrate-Flasher7" vinyl1995not rated
AubeVinyls 1995+19974 x 5" CDr12/15/2003not rated3:06:27
AubeVinyls 1996+19982 x 5" CDr12/15/2003not rated1:57:25
AubeVoltanic ValleyCassette1995not rated
AubeWired TrapCD1995not rated1:17:07
AubeWired Trap Live 1994 + 19955" CDr2003not rated50:19