What If

Kane - What If

  • Release date: 2003
  • Format: CD
  • Duration: 1:57:21
  • **
  • Added August 2, 2014
  • Rated August 2, 2014


Disc 1
1. Rain Down On Menot rated4:08
2. My Best Wasn't Good Enoughnot rated3:16
3. Damn Those Eyesnot rated4:00
4. So Glad You Made Itnot rated3:26
5. Can You Handle Menot rated3:10
6. Let It Benot rated3:43
7. Head Downnot rated4:03
8. Mothernot rated4:16
9. Hold On To The Worldnot rated3:32
10. Before You Let Me Gonot rated4:11
11. Our Hearts Will Beat As Onenot rated5:37
Disc 2
1. Taurus (Live In Rotterdam)not rated8:56
2. Where Do I Go Now (Live In Rotterdam)not rated5:24
3. Before You Let Me Go (Live In Rotterdam)not rated6:07
4. Hold On To The World (Live In Rotterdam)not rated6:06
5. Let It Be (Live In Rotterdam)not rated5:47
6. Head Down (Live In Rotterdam)not rated5:49
7. Damn Those Eyes (Live In Rotterdam)not rated8:45
8. Can You Handle Me (Live In Rotterdam)not rated4:50
9. So Glad You Made It (Live In Rotterdam)not rated5:10
10. My Best Wasn't Good Enough (Live In Rotterdam)not rated3:54
11. As Long As You Want This (Live In Rotterdam)not rated7:14
12. Rain Down On Me (Live In Rotterdam)not rated5:44

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