Kraftwerk - Minimum-Maximum

  • Release date: 6/6/2005
  • Format: 4 x 12" vinyl
  • Duration: 2:00:39
  • not rated
  • Added August 31, 2011


Disc One
1. The Man-Machine (Warszawa Sala Kongresowa, 27.05.04)not rated7:55
2. Planet Of Visions (Ljubljana Krizanke, 24.05.04)not rated4:45
3. Tour De France Etape 1 (Riga Olimpiska Hall, 29.05.04)not rated4:22
4. Chrono (Riga Olimpiska Hall, 29.05.04)not rated1:29
5. Tour De France Etape 2 (Riga Olimpiska Hall, 29.05.04)not rated4:48
6. Vitamin (Moshwa Lushniki, 03.06.04)not rated6:41
Disc Two
1. Tour De France (Paris Le Grand Rex, 22.03.04)not rated6:18
2. Autobahn (Berlin Tempodram, 25.03.04)not rated8:51
3. The Model (London Brixton Academy, 20.03.04)not rated3:41
4. Neon Lights (London Royal Festival Hall, 18.03.04)not rated5:58
Disc Three
1. Radioactivity (Warszawa Sala Kongresowa, 27.05.04)not rated7:42
2. Trans Europe Express (Budapest Sportarena, 25.05.04)not rated5:01
3. Metal On Metal (Budapest Sportarena, 25.05.04)not rated4:28
4. Numbers (San Francisco The Warfield, 28.04.04)not rated4:27
5. Computer World (Moshwa Lushniki, 03.06.04)not rated2:55
6. Home Computer (Warszawa Sala Kongresowa, 27.05.04)not rated5:54
Disc Four
1. Pocket Calculator (Moshwa Lushniki) (03.06.04)not rated2:58
2. Dentaku (Tokyo Shibuya Ax, 04.03.04)not rated3:15
3. The Robots (Moshwa Lushniki, 03.06.04)not rated7:23
4. Elektro Kardiogramm (Tallinn Exhibition Hall, 30.05.04)not rated4:41
5. Aero Dynamik (Riga Olimpiska Hall, 29.05.04)not rated7:13
6. Music Non Stop (Moshwa Lushniki, 03.06.04)not rated9:54

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