Michael Perilstein
Godzilla vs Your Mother

Michael Perilstein - Godzilla vs Your Mother

  • Release date: 1986
  • Format: LP
  • not rated
  • Added September 14, 2011


1. Dr. Azil - A Lizard?not rated0:00
2. Tug To Remus: No Cider? A Bargain At Niagra Bar. Ed, I Consume Rot Gutnot rated0:00
3. Deb Burton Saw Dike-Tar In Tub. But An Irate Kid Was Not Rubbednot rated0:00
4. Put Onto, He Rises: Ire Hot, Not Upnot rated0:00
5. Tess, I Part As Al, Liz Do Go To Godzilla's; A Trap Is Setnot rated0:00
6. We Nab Anewnot rated0:00
7. ?not rated0:00
8. ??not rated0:00
9. ???not rated0:00
10. A Hero-Monster Frets No More, Ha!not rated0:00
11. He Now Lives, Evil Won, Eh?not rated0:00
12. Edna, Banal Plan A, B, And Enot rated0:00
13. Level?not rated0:00
14. No, It Is Open Or Prime Positionnot rated0:00
15. Never Evennot rated0:00

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