The Residents
Postcards from Patmos

The Residents - Postcards from Patmos

  • Release date: 2008
  • Format: CD
  • Duration: 56:34
  • not rated
  • Added September 3, 2010


1. The Winged Serpent Repents To The Fathernot rated7:11
2. Soulless Flies Visit The Grave Of Ancestorsnot rated5:09
3. Cold Metal Strikes A Soldier's Biblenot rated3:00
4. Stained Hands Pass The Silverwarenot rated4:44
5. I Wish The Remote Could Control Menot rated4:23
6. Fabrics Drape The Unseen Godnot rated5:41
7. There Is Power In The Chordnot rated3:20
8. Silk From Spidersnot rated6:49
9. Green Feathers And The Blood Of Circumcisionnot rated4:59
10. Knees Bent, Toes Painted Orangenot rated11:13

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