Queens Of The Stone Age
Songs For The Deaf

Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf

  • Release date: 2002
  • Format: CD
  • Duration: 1:05:40
  • not rated
  • Added August 25, 2004


1. You Think I Ain't Worth A Doller, But I Feel Like A Millionairenot rated3:12
2. No One Knowsnot rated4:38
3. First It Givethnot rated3:18
4. A Song For The Deadnot rated5:52
5. The Sky Is Fallin'not rated6:15
6. Six Shooternot rated1:19
7. Hangin' Treenot rated3:06
8. Go With The Flownot rated3:07
9. Gonna Leave Younot rated2:50
10. Do It Againnot rated4:04
11. God Is In The Radionot rated6:04
12. Another Love Songnot rated3:16
13. A Song For The Deafnot rated6:42
14. Mosquito Songnot rated5:37
15. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secretnot rated3:38
16. Everybody's Gonna Be Happynot rated2:35

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