The Tourists
*** R E M O V E ***Greatest Hits

The Tourists - *** R E M O V E ***Greatest Hits

  • Release date: 1997
  • Format: CD
  • Duration: 1:12:34
  • not rated
  • Added October 18, 2011


1. Blind Among The Flowersnot rated3:33
2. I Only Want To Be With Younot rated2:27
3. Useless Duration Of Timenot rated4:25
4. Ain't No Roomnot rated3:31
5. Save Menot rated1:59
6. Fools Paradisenot rated3:30
7. So Good To Be Back Home Againnot rated2:41
8. It Doesn't Have To Be This Waynot rated3:49
9. The Loneliest Man In The Worldnot rated4:09
10. In The Morning (When The Madness Has Faded)not rated4:01
11. All Life's Tragediesnot rated3:55
12. Everywhere You Looknot rated3:22
13. Deadly Kissnot rated3:58
14. Don't Say I Told You Sonot rated3:49
15. From The Middle Roomnot rated4:23
16. Nothing To Donot rated3:29
17. One Step Nearer The Edgenot rated4:44
18. Angels And Demonsnot rated3:18
19. So You Want To Go Away Nownot rated3:10
20. Strange Skynot rated4:12

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