With The Lights Out

Nirvana - With The Lights Out

  • Release date: 2004
  • Genre: Grunge
  • Format: CD Box
  • Category: CD Audio
  • Duration: 3:36:23
  • not rated
  • Added November 26, 2006


1. Heartbreaker (Live, 1987 (First Nirvana Show))not rated2:59
2. Anorexorcist (Radio Performance, 1987)not rated2:44
3. White Lace And Strange (Radio Performance, 1987)not rated2:09
4. Help Me I'm Hungry (Radio Performance, 1987)not rated2:41
5. Mrs. Butterworth (Rehearsal Recording, 1988)not rated4:05
6. If You Must (Demo, 1988)not rated4:01
7. Pen Cap Chew (Demo, 1988)not rated3:02
8. Downer (Live, 1988)not rated1:43
9. Floyd The Barber (Live, 1988)not rated2:33
10. Raunchola - Moby Dick (Live, 1988)not rated6:24
11. Beans (Solo Acoustic, Undated)not rated1:32
12. Don't Want It All (Solo Acoustic, Undated)not rated2:26
13. Clean Up Before She Comes (Solo Acoustic, Undated)not rated3:12
14. Polly (Solo Acoustic, 1988)not rated2:30
15. About A Girl (Solo Acoustic, 1988)not rated2:44
16. Blandest (Demo, 1988)not rated3:56
17. Dive (Demo, 1988)not rated4:50
18. They Hung Him On A Cross (Demo, 1989)not rated1:57
19. Grey Goose (Demo, 1989)not rated4:36
20. Ain't It A Shame (Demo, 1989)not rated2:01
21. Token Eastern Song (Demo, 1989)not rated3:21
22. Even In His Youth (Demo, 1989)not rated3:12
23. Polly (Demo, 1989)not rated2:36
1. Opinion (Solo Acoustic, 1990)not rated1:34
2. Lithium (Solo Acoustic, 1990)not rated1:49
3. Been A Son (Solo Acoustic, 1990)not rated1:12
4. Sliver (Solo Acoustic, 1989)not rated2:09
5. Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Solo Acoustic, 1989)not rated2:31
6. Pay To Play (Demo, 1990)not rated3:29
7. Here She Comes Now (Demo, 1990)not rated5:01
8. Drain You (Demo, 1989)not rated2:38
9. Aneurysm (Demo, 1990)not rated4:47
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Rehearsal Demo, 1991)not rated5:40
11. Breed (Rough Mix, 1991)not rated3:07
12. Verse Chorus Verse (Outtake, 1991)not rated3:18
13. Old Age (Outtake, 1991)not rated4:20
14. Endless, Nameless (Radio Appearance, 1991)not rated8:48
15. Dumb (Radio Appearance, 1991)not rated2:35
16. D-7 (Radio Appearance, 1990)not rated3:46
17. Oh The Guilt (B-Side, 1992)not rated3:25
18. Curmudgeon (B-Side, 1992)not rated3:03
19. Return Of The Rat (Outtake, 1992)not rated3:09
20. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Butch Vig Mix - Recorded May, 1991)not rated4:59
1. Rape Me (Solo Acoustic, 1992)not rated3:23
2. Rape Me (Demo, 1992)not rated3:01
3. Scentless Apprentice (Rehearsal Demo, 1992)not rated9:32
4. Heart Shaped Box (Demo, 1993)not rated5:31
5. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die (B-side, 1993)not rated4:03
6. Milk It (Demo, 1993)not rated4:34
7. Moist Vagina (Demo, 1993)not rated1:56
8. Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (B-side, 1993)not rated7:34
9. The Other Improv (Demo, 1993)not rated6:24
10. Serve The Servants (Solo Acoustic, 1993)not rated1:36
11. Very Ape (Solo Acoustic, 1993)not rated1:52
12. Pennyroyal Tea (Solo Acoustic, 1993)not rated3:30
13. Marigold (B-side, 1993)not rated2:34
14. Sappy (Retitled ''Verse Chorus Verse'' for Release) (B-side, 1993)not rated3:26
15. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (Rehearsal Demo, 1994)not rated3:57
16. Do Re Mi (Solo Acoustic, 1994)not rated4:24
17. You Know You're Right (Solo Acoustic, 1994)not rated2:30
18. All Apologies (Solo Acoustic, Undated)not rated3:33

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