Various artists (587 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various artists101 Power BalladsMP31/6/2009not rated7:19:16
Various artists16 Most Requested PolkasMP32008not rated43:14
Various artists200 Hip-Hop ClassicsMP32015not rated15:14:03
Various artists2004.11MP32004not rated1:04:16
Various artists2008 Amazon International Free SamplerMP32008not rated46:01
Various artists23 This Year: The Sub Pop Amazon SamplerMP32011not rated1:31:56
Various artists25 Songs of Summer [Explicit]MP32012not rated1:27:50
Various artists50 Of The Most Loved Records Of Your Life [Disc 1]MP31984not rated1:12:36
Various artists50 Of The Most Loved Records Of Your Life [Disc 2]MP31984not rated1:13:08
Various artists63 Matthew [1-12]MP32009not rated1:06:54
Various artists80's Movies HitsMP32006not rated2:22:52
Various artists80's Rock 'N Roll Greats [1980-1987]MP31998not rated53:52
Various artists90's Now, Volume 5MP31998not rated48:17
Various artistsA Ghost Story [Soundtrack]MP32017not rated1:23:13
Various artistsA Prairie Home CompanionMP32006not rated1:04:24
Various artistsATO Records Fall Sampler 2012MP32012not rated43:49
Various artistsATO Records Spring Sampler 2012MP32012not rated1:08:07
Various artistsAcross The Universe SoundtrackMP32007not rated1:40:10
Various artistsAcura ILX 8-Speed PlaylistMP32015not rated26:30
Various artistsAdult Swim Singles Program 2011MP32011not rated44:18
Various artistsAffection RiddimMP32012not rated19:27
Various artistsAll-Time Country GreatsMP31994not rated26:42
Various artistsAllegro Classical Fall 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated52:22
Various artistsAllegro Classical Spring 2012 SamplerMP32012not rated51:20
Various artistsAllegro Classical Summer 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated46:23
Various artistsAllegro Classical Winter 2012 SamplerMP32012not rated1:02:26
Various artistsAllegro Classical Winter 2013 SamplerMP32013not rated44:34
Various artistsAlterno-Daze: Survival Of The FittestMP31995not rated49:21
Various artistsAmalgamationMP32013not rated45:49
Various artistsAmazon SamplerMP32009not rated41:15
Various artistsAmbience Music 1MP32000not rated1:09:25
Various artistsAmbience Music 2MP32000not rated1:14:04
Various artistsAmerican Beauty [Original Motion Picture Score]MP32000not rated37:22
Various artistsAmerican Pie [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31999not rated45:57
Various artistsAmerican Psycho [Music From The Controversial Motion Picture]MP32000not rated59:17
Various artistsAmerican Wedding [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32003not rated1:00:13
Various artistsAn American Werewolf In Paris [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31997not rated53:35
Various artistsAn Illect Recordings Christmas RecordingMP32009not rated33:51
Various artistsAnjunabeats SamplerMP32012not rated1:09:15
Various artistsAnother Hopeless SamplerMP32012not rated33:10
Various artistsAnother Lost Decade: The 80's Hard To Find HitsMP32005not rated59:05
Various artistsAnti 2012 Summer SamplerMP32012not rated55:00
Various artistsArbutus SamplerMP32011not rated42:30
Various artistsArts & Crafts Label Sampler - MmxiiMP32012not rated31:17
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: AMP32009not rated1:26:38
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: BMP32009not rated27:56
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: CMP32009not rated16:19
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: DMP32009not rated50:07
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: EMP32009not rated31:10
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: FMP32009not rated21:56
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: GMP32009not rated49:00
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: HMP32009not rated32:39
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: IMP32009not rated15:04
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: JMP32009not rated49:24
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: KMP32009not rated24:43
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: MMP32009not rated1:26:45
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: NMP32009not rated21:10
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: OMP32009not rated1:03:37
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: PMP32009not rated31:12
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: QMP32009not rated7:45
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: RMP32009not rated1:08:23
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: SMP32009not rated1:25:18
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: TMP32009not rated23:09
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: UMP32009not rated6:44
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: VMP32009not rated9:09
Various artistsAudioJelly Downloads: WMP32009not rated7:19
Various artistsBIG SOUND 2009 Summit & ShowcasesMP32009not rated1:11:39
Various artistsBack To The Future [Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31985not rated38:07
Various artistsBadman, Has It Really Been 10 Years?MP32008not rated48:15
Various artistsBar None Records Free Sampler Summer 2012MP32012not rated28:59
Various artistsBarsuk Records Summer 2011 Amazon MP3 SamplerMP32011not rated35:45
Various artistsBarsuk Records: 2009 Amazon Digital SamplerMP32009not rated20:44
Various artistsBeehouse Records Spring Sampler - 2010MP32010not rated36:27
Various artistsBefore I Fall [Movie Soundtrack]MP32017not rated1:16:37
Various artistsBefore I Fall [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32017not rated22:59
Various artistsBefore I Fall [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]WAV3/2017not rated23:05
Various artistsBefore XMP31997not rated1:02:31
Various artistsBest Buy Deluxe Edition Sampler, Volume 2MP32005not rated45:04
Various artistsBest Of CountryMP32000not rated25:24
Various artistsBest Of CountryWAVnot rated25:29
Various artistsBest Of Dance '86MP31997not rated1:09:54
Various artistsBest Of Nxne 2012 [Explicit]MP32012not rated2:42:06
Various artistsBible: NKJV New Testament [New King James Version (The Word Of Promise)]WAV10/13/2009not rated17:45:54
Various artistsBillboard Top Album Rock Hits, 1981MP31997not rated40:53
Various artistsBillboard Top Hits: 1980MP31992not rated39:32
Various artistsBillboard: #1 Hits Of The 70'sMP32005not rated33:52
Various artistsBlack Hole Recordings Free Winter 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated59:29
Various artistsBlack Panther The Album [Music From And Inspired By]MP32018not rated49:15
Various artistsBlade I [Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture]MP31998not rated1:13:48
Various artistsBlade II [The Soundtrack]MP32002not rated58:41
Various artistsBlade Runner 2049 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32017not rated1:33:18
Various artistsBloodshot Records Spring Cleaning SamplerMP32011not rated37:17
Various Presents: Fire In The DarkMP32009not rated1:09:14
Various artistsBoomerang [Original Soundtrack]MP31992not rated55:17
Various artistsBooty JamsMP31998not rated1:01:42
Various artistsBoyz N The Hood [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31991not rated59:22
Various artistsBrassland 2012 Free SamplerMP32012not rated53:20
Various artistsBrassland 2012-13 SamplerMP32012not rated30:24
Various artistsBugged Out! presents Suck My Deck (Mixed by Friendly Fires)MP32010not rated1:37:39
Various artistsBurning Building Fall 2010 Sampler for AmazonMP32010not rated33:31
Various artistsBurnside Kid - Dependent Presents ''Plays Well Together''MP32011not rated18:43
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2002.12MP32002not rated1:06:17
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.01.02MP32003not rated2:36:17
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.03MP32003not rated1:06:54
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.04MP32003not rated1:15:06
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.05MP32003not rated1:10:15
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.06MP32003not rated1:03:13
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.07MP32003not rated1:11:28
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.08MP32003not rated1:06:24
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.09MP32003not rated1:13:53
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2003.10MP32003not rated1:14:48
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.01MP32004not rated1:17:43
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.02MP32004not rated57:16
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.03MP32004not rated48:34
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.04MP32004not rated54:31
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.05MP32004not rated1:05:35
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.06MP32004not rated48:02
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.07MP32004not rated1:02:09
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.10MP32004not rated1:19:18
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2004.12MP32004not rated1:10:18
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.01MP32005not rated1:00:41
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.02MP32005not rated1:14:03
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.03MP32005not rated59:45
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.04MP32005not rated1:14:22
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.05MP32005not rated1:07:17
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.06MP32005not rated52:11
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.07MP32005not rated1:19:33
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.08MP32005not rated1:16:56
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.09MP32005not rated1:12:20
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.10MP32005not rated1:05:40
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.11MP32005not rated1:06:03
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2005.12MP32005not rated1:09:29
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.01MP32006not rated54:27
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.02MP32006not rated51:34
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.03MP32006not rated1:02:15
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.04MP32006not rated51:34
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.05MP32006not rated52:57
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.07MP32006not rated1:03:26
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.08MP32006not rated1:18:02
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.09MP32006not rated1:01:27
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2006.10MP32006not rated1:11:39
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2010.05MP35/2010not rated1:59:57
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2010.11MP311/2010not rated1:15:58
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2010.12/2011.01MP312/2010not rated1:33:04
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.02MP32/2011not rated1:51:37
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.03MP33/2011not rated1:36:22
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.04MP34/2011not rated1:25:13
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.08MP38/2011not rated1:13:10
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.09MP39/2011not rated1:09:47
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.10MP310/2011not rated1:08:57
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.11MP311/2011not rated1:14:10
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2011.12MP312/2011not rated1:12:34
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2012.05MP35/2012not rated1:08:34
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2012.06MP36/2012not rated1:11:58
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2012.07MP37/2012not rated58:19
Various artistsCMJ New Music Monthly: 2012.11MP311/2012not rated1:02:18
Various artistsCMT Edge 2012 SamplerMP32012not rated1:01:31
Various artistsCantora SamplerMP32011not rated22:04
Various artistsCarousel (20th Century Fox Motion Picture Sound Track)MP31956not rated51:36
Various artistsCascine Standouts [2010-2012]MP32012not rated57:19
Various artistsCharlies Angels [Original Soundtrack]MP32000not rated58:42
Various artistsChillhop Essentials Winter 2017MP32017not rated58:40
Various artistsChristmas ClassicsMP32019not rated2:49:11
Various artistsChristmas Cocktail JazzMP32019not rated2:33:16
Various artistsCity Of Angels [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31998not rated1:12:12
Various artistsCivil Music SamplerMP32011not rated53:39
Various artistsClass Reunion: Greatest Hits Of 1981MP31995not rated50:15
Various artistsClassic Country 1950-1959MP31998not rated1:18:18
Various artistsClassic Country 1960-1964MP31998not rated1:18:28
Various artistsClassic Country 1965-1969MP31998not rated1:22:09
Various artistsClassic Country 1970-1974MP31998not rated1:24:34
Various artistsClassic Country Hits [Your Cheatin' Heart]MP32005not rated3:25:04
Various artistsClassic Cuts IMP31989not rated1:11:53
Various artistsClassic Hip-HopMP32011not rated1:23:13
Various artistsClub CutzMP31995not rated1:07:15
Various artistsCoca-Cola Pop Music, Volume 1MP31990not rated17:43
Various artistsCoca-Cola Pop Music, Volume 3MP31991not rated19:51
Various artistsColors [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31988not rated44:45
Various artistsCommunity Music SamplerMP32012not rated26:16
Various artistsCopper Label SamplerMP32003not rated40:21
Various artistsCountry ClassicsMP31992not rated1:45:32
Various artistsCountry Radio November 2005MP32005not rated1:06:53
Various artistsCradle 2 The Grave [Original Soundtrack]MP32003not rated1:13:37
Various artistsCreepshow [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31982not rated1:06:48
Various artistsCruel Intentions [Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31999not rated1:00:10
Various artistsDancehall Pull Up RiddimMP32011not rated30:17
Various artistsDangerbird Amazon SamplerMP32011not rated40:24
Various artistsDark Was The Night (Red Hot Compilation)MP32009not rated2:10:20
Various artistsDay Of The DeadMP32016not rated5:26:19
Various artistsDead Oceans Summer Sampler 2011MP32011not rated43:32
Various artistsDeep Elm Sampler No. 11 "I Am The Danger"MP32012not rated58:35
Various artistsDeep Elm Sampler No. 8 "Bonfire of Trust"MP32008not rated55:57
Various artistsDefinitive Jux Free Amazon Sampler [Explicit]MP32009not rated48:35
Various artistsDesperate Housewives [Original Soundtrack]MP32005not rated49:54
Various artistsDirty Dancing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31987not rated39:25
Various artistsDiscover Card Modern Rock CDMP32000not rated32:27
Various artistsDjango Unchained [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32012not rated27:06
Various artistsDon't Mess With Texas: Sxsw 2012 New Music SamplerMP32012not rated1:36:13
Various artistsDope [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32015not rated59:13
Various artistsDr. Doolittle [Original Soundtrack]MP31998not rated1:07:38
Various artistsDream [Helping Other People Everywhere Hope]MP32012not rated20:35
Various artistsEbony Moments Digital SamplerMP32013not rated42:33
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [American Wilds]MP31994not rated47:35
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Bayou]MP31993not rated1:00:01
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Frog Chorus]MP31993not rated50:29
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Morning Songbirds]MP31993not rated46:49
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Ocean Waves]MP31993not rated50:35
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Rainforest]MP31993not rated1:00:14
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Sampler]MP31993not rated1:07:34
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Sounds Of The Jungle]MP31993not rated1:00:30
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Thunderstorm]MP31993not rated45:38
Various artistsEchoes Of Nature [Wilderness River]MP31993not rated1:00:07
Various artistsEddie And The Cruisers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31983not rated32:32
Various artistsEenie Meenie 2009 SamplerMP32009not rated15:15
Various artistsEight Mile [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32002not rated1:08:13
Various artistsEmpire RecordsMP31995not rated53:18
Various artistsEnd Of Days [Music From Motion Picture]MP31999not rated53:52
Various artistsEnd Sounds Ten Year Anniversary SamplerMP32011not rated1:08:16
Various artistsEntertainment Weekly - The Greatest Hits 1976MP32000not rated40:02
Various artistsExclusive Chill House 2013MP32013not rated1:22:30
Various artistsExperience Music: A TuneCore Alternative SamplerMP32010not rated3:49
Various artistsExperience Music: A TuneCore Dance/Electronic SamplerMP32010not rated57:50
Various artistsFamily Values Tour '98MP31999not rated1:06:33
Various artistsFifty Years Of Country Music From Mercury 1945-1957MP31995not rated1:04:59
Various artistsFifty Years Of Country Music From Mercury 1957-1969MP31995not rated1:03:29
Various artistsFifty Years Of Country Music From Mercury 1970-1995MP31995not rated1:12:16
Various artistsFight Club [Original Motion Picture Score]MP31999not rated1:04:05
Various artistsFinal Fantasy VI Piano CollectionMP32001not rated41:46
Various artistsFinal Fantasy VII Piano CollectionMP3not rated47:30
Various artistsFlashback Flix: Retro LunchboxMP31998not rated1:04:45
Various artistsForrest Gump [Original Motion Picture Score]MP31994not rated39:14
Various artistsForrest Gump [The Soundtrack]MP31994not rated1:50:41
Various artistsFreddy Vs. Jason [Original Soundtrack]MP32003not rated1:15:39
Various artistsFrenchkiss Label Group CompilationMP32012not rated1:36:58
Various artistsFrenchkiss Records Amazon MP3 SamplerMP32011not rated41:39
Various artistsFrenchkiss Records Super SamplerMP32010not rated33:38
Various artistsFriday The 13th Part III [Theme]MP31982not rated5:16
Various artistsFriday [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31995not rated1:04:13
Various artistsFriendly Fire Recordings 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated1:00:32
Various artistsFright Night [The Complete Soundtrack]MP31985not rated1:19:27
Various artistsFrom Dusk Till Dawn [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31996not rated49:28
Various artistsFrom The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1934-1941MP31994not rated56:40
Various artistsFrom The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1946-1961MP31994not rated50:25
Various artistsFrom The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1961-1973MP31994not rated54:54
Various artistsFunkin' 80'sMP32004not rated2:34:38
Various artistsFuture Balearica Vol. 2 [A New Wave Of Chill]MP32011not rated2:03:12
Various artistsFuture Balearica [New Chill Out & Sunset Sounds]MP32013not rated1:55:26
Various artistsFuture Disco, Vol. 6 [Night Moves]MP32013not rated1:44:11
Various artistsGentle Persuasion: Sounds Of The Tropical Rain ForestMP31996not rated58:20
Various artistsGentle Persuasion: The Sounds Of Nature SamplerMP31992not rated59:28
Various artistsGhost In The Shell [Stand Alone Complex OST]MP32002not rated1:12:42
Various artistsGiant [Dimitri Tiomkin's Soundtrack Music]MP31956not rated43:27
Various artistsGigantic Music SamplerMP32009not rated26:41
Various artistsGirl 6 [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31996not rated1:02:09
Various artistsGlacis CompilationMP32012not rated1:26:02
Various artistsGladiator [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32000not rated1:01:31
Various artistsGodzilla [The Album]MP31998not rated59:04
Various artistsGone Girl [Sountrack From The Motion Picture]MP32014not rated1:24:01
Various artistsGothic DaydreamsMP32011not rated1:03:39
Various artistsGravity [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32013not rated1:11:14
Various artistsGrease [The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture]MP31978not rated1:03:24
Various artistsGreen Hill Jazz SamplerMP32012not rated47:06
Various artistsGreen Hill Music - Celtic Sampler 2013MP32013not rated57:24
Various artistsGrunge AnthologyMP32008not rated3:43:17
Various artistsGummdrops 'N Downloads (Macy's V1)MP312/2014not rated19:15
Various artistsHard To Find 45's On CD [Pop & Country Classics]MP32002not rated1:02:14
Various artistsHardly Art Amazon Sampler 2011MP32011not rated17:12
Various artistsHardly Art Label Sampler 2012MP32012not rated42:23
Various artistsHeard It On The Radio: Volume 4MP32011not rated1:02:57
Various artistsHigh On DanceMP31999not rated1:04:21
Various artistsHigh Society [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31956not rated32:16
Various artistsHip-Hop's Most NecessaryMP32015not rated3:16:08
Various artistsHits Of The 50'sMP32000not rated1:14:33
Various artistsHits Post Modern: VelourMP31998not rated1:11:23
Various artistsHodge PodgeMP32000not rated18:17
Various artistsHouse Music All Night Long: Best Of House Music, Vol. 3MP31990not rated1:14:01
Various artistsHouse Of A 1000 Corpses [Original Soundtrack]MP32003not rated44:56
Various artistsHype Music: Vol. 1MP32011not rated42:55
Various artistsI'm Not There (Music From The Motion Picture)MP32007not rated2:38:43
Various artistsIboga Records Amazon SamplerMP32011not rated1:11:01
Various artistsInglourious Basterds [Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32009not rated35:30
Various artistsInside Man [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32006not rated6:11
Various artistsIoda Sxsw Opening Day Bash Sampler 2009MP32009not rated41:42
Various artistsIoda Sxsw Opening Day Bash Sampler 2012MP32012not rated51:46
Various artistsJDub Presents: Wild PeaceMP32009not rated35:11
Various artistsJackie Brown [Music From The Miramax Motion Picture]MP31997not rated50:59
Various artistsJagjaguwar 2008/2009 SamplerMP32009not rated37:40
Various artistsJurassic Park [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31993not rated1:10:12
Various artistsJust Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The 80's, Vol. 11MP31994not rated1:02:15
Various artistsJust Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The 80's, Vol. 12MP31994not rated59:42
Various artistsJust Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The 80's, Vol. 13MP31994not rated1:02:53
Various artistsJust Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits Of The 80's, Vol. 14MP31994not rated59:09
Various artistsKick Back With Country ClassicsMP31999not rated42:21
Various artistsKill Bill Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]MP32003not rated47:02
Various artistsKill Bill Vol. 2 [Original Soundtrack]MP32004not rated46:13
Various artistsKill Rock Stars 20 Year Anniversary SamplerMP32011not rated1:08:54
Various artistsKitsune America 1MP32012not rated1:05:35
Various artistsKitsune America 2MP32013not rated54:17
Various artistsKitsune America 3MP32014not rated1:04:39
Various artistsKitsune America 4MP32015not rated58:38
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 10MP32010not rated1:35:47
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 11 (The IndieDance Issue)MP32011not rated1:06:10
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 12 (The Good Fun Issue)MP32011not rated59:11
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 14 (The Absinthe Edition)MP32012not rated1:05:10
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 16 (The Sweet Sixteen Issue)MP32014not rated1:03:30
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 2MP32006not rated1:16:30
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 3MP32006not rated1:08:24
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 4MP32007not rated1:06:58
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 5MP32007not rated1:22:10
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 6MP32008not rated1:18:05
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 7MP32009not rated1:15:45
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 8MP32009not rated1:17:47
Various artistsKitsune Maison Compilation 9 (Petit Bateau Edition)MP32010not rated1:17:33
Various artistsKitsune New FacesMP32014not rated1:00:06
Various artistsKnitting Factory Records 2011 Spring SamplerMP32011not rated47:46
Various artistsKoco RiddimMP32013not rated30:02
Various artistsLa Bamba [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31987not rated31:19
Various artistsLadies Of The 80's, Vol. 2MP31999not rated50:04
Various artistsLara Croft Tom Raider [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32001not rated1:09:00
Various artistsLeaving Las Vegas [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31995not rated56:06
Various artistsLegends: Crank It UpMP32003not rated1:11:41
Various artistsLegends: Do It AgainMP32003not rated1:18:28
Various artistsLegends: For Your LoveMP32003not rated1:14:34
Various artistsLegends: Get It OnMP32003not rated1:19:50
Various artistsLegends: Gimme Some Lovin'MP32003not rated1:16:18
Various artistsLegends: My GenerationMP32003not rated1:19:46
Various artistsLegends: Pluggin' InMP32003not rated1:15:16
Various artistsLegends: We Will Rock YouMP32003not rated1:17:00
Various artistsLet's Have FunMP32000not rated1:19:18
Various artistsLife [Original Soundtrack Album]MP32017not rated1:02:00
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1MP31993not rated1:04:18
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2MP31993not rated1:14:30
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3MP31993not rated1:12:15
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4MP31993not rated1:16:07
Various artistsLiving In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5MP31993not rated1:17:11
Various artistsLoss Opportunity: The 2012 Sub Pop Records SamplerMP32012not rated1:14:35
Various artistsLost Hits Of The 80'sMP31998not rated1:18:14
Various artistsLost Hits Of The 80's (All Original Artists & Versions)MP32010not rated1:23:41
Various artistsLost Hits Of The 80's Vol. 2MP32012not rated1:16:33
Various artistsLouisiana Hayride [Classic Country Radio]MP32000not rated26:23
Various artistsLove SongsMP31999not rated51:33
Various artistsLuaka Bop Presents XinguMP32011not rated20:01
Various artistsLuxury Lounge Christmas 2012MP32012not rated2:38:51
Various artistsMOKB on SIRIUS XMU PlaylistMP32015not rated1:44:43
Various artistsMTV Ibiza 2001MP32001not rated2:33:11
Various artistsMTV2 Headbangers BallMP32004not rated1:12:02
Various artistsMarch 2010 Saddle Creek SamplerMP32009not rated48:03
Various artistsMars: The Mysteries WithinMP32005not rated1:05:39
Various artistsMatrix ReloadedMP35/15/2003not rated1:30:53
Various artistsMelancholy Epiphony: The Trance Formation is ShatteredMP32011not rated1:31:30
Various artistsMelancholy Melodies (Edition I)MP32000not rated1:19:12
Various artistsMelancholy Melodies (Edition II)MP32001not rated1:18:26
Various artistsMenace II Society [The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31992not rated1:09:45
Various artistsMerge Records 2010 Digital SamplerMP32010not rated55:08
Various artistsMerge Records 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated48:28
Various artistsMerge Records Spring Sampler 2012MP32012not rated48:31
Various artistsMerge Records Summer Sampler 2013MP32013not rated56:02
Various artistsMetroid Prime SoundtrackMP32002not rated1:49:51
Various artistsMetropolis Records SamplerMP32011not rated37:12
Various artistsMiami Vice [Soundtrack]MP31984not rated15:53
Various artistsMillenium Hip-Hop PartyMP31999not rated1:17:35
Various artistsMiss Lily's Family Style Vol. 1MP32013not rated48:37
Various artistsMission Impossible 2 [Music From And Inspired By MI-2]MP32000not rated1:03:05
Various artistsMission To Mars [Soundtrack]MP32000not rated8:01
Various artistsMortal Kombat [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31995not rated1:11:48
Various artistsMortal Kombat [The Album]MP31994not rated37:27
Various artistsMortal Kombat: Annihilation [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31997not rated1:12:06
Various artistsMost NecessaryMP32017not rated3:28:29
Various artistsMovie ThemesMP31999not rated2:47:41
Various artistsMurder Was The CaseMP31995not rated1:13:17
Various artistsMusic As A Weapon IIMP32004not rated53:22
Various artistsMy Fair Lady [Original Broadway Cast Recording]MP31956not rated1:02:36
Various artistsNME Radar CompilationMP32010not rated7:17
Various artistsNail 2011 SXSW SamplerMP32011not rated30:03
Various artistsNail Fall 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated41:38
Various artistsNail Spring 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated45:17
Various artistsNail Spring 2012 SamplerMP32012not rated48:52
Various artistsNatural Born Killers [A Soundtrack For An Oliver Stone Film]MP31994not rated1:15:24
Various artistsNettwerk Fall 2014 Music SamplerMP32014not rated1:04:49
Various artistsNettwerk Fall Music Sampler 2011MP32011not rated49:21
Various artistsNettwerk Fall Music Sampler 2012MP32012not rated1:01:01
Various artistsNettwerk Fall Music Sampler 2013MP32013not rated1:05:54
Various artistsNettwerk Spring Music Sampler 2012MP32012not rated58:39
Various artistsNew Indie MixMP32017not rated6:02:58
Various artistsNew Indie MixMP32017not rated6:55:26
Various artistsNew Jack City [Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31991not rated48:51
Various artistsNew Wave ClassicsMP32014not rated1:01:34
Various artistsNew Wave Hits, Vol. 1MP31997not rated36:42
Various artistsNew West And Normaltown Records Spring 2014 Music SamplerMP32014not rated59:29
Various artistsNinja Tune XX - Free Music Compilation [Amazon MP3 Exclusive]MP32010not rated40:25
Various artistsNinthwave Records Free Fall 2011 SamplerMP32011not rated1:13:32
Various artistsNinthwave Records Presents Electropop 2012MP32012not rated1:23:18
Various artistsNo. 1 Hits Of The 80'sMP31997not rated47:44
Various artistsNormaltown Records SamplerMP32012not rated17:48
Various artistsNow That's What I Call Music! Vol. 16MP32004not rated1:12:52
Various artistsNu Music: A Weston Tulloch SamplerMP32002not rated1:16:16
Various artistsNutty Professor II: The Klumps [Original Soundtrack]MP32000not rated1:11:26
Various artistsOblivion [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32013not rated1:09:14
Various artistsObstacles [Soundtrack]MP32003not rated1:00:14
Various artistsOh, Sister Kollektion, Vol. 1MP32015not rated41:52
Various artistsOklahoma! [Original Movie Soundtrack Recording]MP31955not rated42:03
Various artistsOldies But Goodies, Vol. 12MP31988not rated46:16
Various artistsOldies But Goodies, Vol. 13MP31990not rated50:00
Various artistsOldies But Goodies, Vol. 2MP31987not rated42:10
Various artistsOldies But Goodies, Vol. 7MP31986not rated40:57
Various artistsOldies But Goodies, Vol. 9MP31994not rated37:36
Various artistsOne Little Indian Amazon Label Sampler 09MP32009not rated19:24
Various artistsOnly Rock 'N Roll [1980-1984]MP31996not rated1:15:32
Various artistsOpen RemixMP32009not rated34:52
Various artistsOriginal Hard Dance ClassicsMP3not rated1:17:16
Various artistsOzzfest 2003 Summer SamplerMP32003not rated1:15:46
Various artistsPaper Bag Records Fall '09 SamplerMP32009not rated43:39
Various artistsPartisan Records 2011 Spring SamplerMP32011not rated40:27
Various artistsPartisan Records Summer/Fall Sampler 2013MP32013not rated46:21
Various artistsPepsi Points Music SamplerMP31998not rated1:23:05
Various artistsPioneer Super Stars Super CDMP31988not rated40:20
Various artistsPlanet Of The Apes [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32001not rated4:02
Various artistsPolka Polka Polka, Vol. 1MP31994not rated25:58
Various artistsPolka Polka Polka, Vol. 2MP31994not rated33:08
Various artistsPolyviniyl Plays PolyvinylMP32016not rated1:06:05
Various artistsPolyvinyl 15-Year AnniversaryMP32011not rated1:43:25
Various artistsPolyvinyl Sxsw 2013 SamplerMP32013not rated44:21
Various artistsPostrockologyMP32012not rated1:05:21
Various artistsPower BalladsMP34/27/2004not rated2:44:26
Various artistsPower Ballads IIIMP311/2005not rated2:37:03
Various artistsPower Ballads llMP36/2004not rated2:37:36
Various artistsPretty In Pink [The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31986not rated39:20
Various artistsPrometheus [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32012not rated57:12
Various artistsPromo Only Contemporary Christian AprilMP32007not rated1:08:42
Various artistsPromo Only Modern Rock FebruaryMP32007not rated1:05:15
Various artistsPulp Fiction [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31994not rated41:20
Various artistsPump Up The Volume [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31990not rated47:08
Various artistsPure DiscoMP31996not rated1:16:09
Various artistsPure Disco 2MP31997not rated1:16:20
Various artistsPure... CountryMP32010not rated3:28:37
Various artistsQueen Of The Damned [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32002not rated1:00:00
Various artistsR&S Re-Visited Sampler 1MP32009not rated21:56
Various artistsRadio Daze: Pop Hits Of The 80'sMP31995not rated47:32
Various artistsReDirectionMP32004not rated1:10:47
Various artistsRed Planet [Soundtrack]MP32000not rated6:10
Various artistsReggae Gold 2013MP32013not rated1:23:48
Various artistsReggae Masterpiece: Volcano 10MP32011not rated37:40
Various artistsRequiem For A Dream [Original Soundtrack Music]MP32000not rated50:58
Various artistsResident Evil [Retribution]MP32012not rated41:02
Various artistsRetro FutureMP32013not rated1:19:40
Various artistsRetroWave [2015 Miami Summer Playlist]MP32015not rated1:26:46
Various artistsRoad To Perdition [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32002not rated1:10:11
Various artistsRock Of The 80's: Vol. 11MP31994not rated34:45
Various artistsRock Of The 80's: Vol. 12MP31994not rated38:37
Various artistsRock On 1976: Top 40 ChartbustersMP31996not rated39:12
Various artistsRock On 1980: Too HotMP31999not rated45:38
Various artistsRock On 1981: Top 40 ChartbustersMP31996not rated48:39
Various artistsRock On 1982: Hot In The CityMP31999not rated45:24
Various artistsRock On 1985: ChartbustersMP31996not rated49:23
Various artistsRock On 1985: Walking On SunshineMP31999not rated52:12
Various artistsRock On 1986: Mad About YouMP31999not rated47:57
Various artistsRock On 1988: Top 40 ChartbustersMP31996not rated53:03
Various artistsRock On Vol. 1: Universal Music SamplerMP32005not rated41:22
Various artistsRock The First, Volume 10MP32000not rated47:02
Various artistsRock The Planet: Rockin' Ladies Of The 80'sMP32001not rated37:46
Various artistsRockin' 80's, Vol. 1MP31996not rated51:50
Various artistsRockin' 80's, Vol. 3MP31995not rated46:02
Various artistsRockin' Jukebox, 16 Hits Of The 50'sMP31985not rated41:01
Various artistsRocky IV [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31982not rated47:06
Various artistsRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer [Original Soundtrack and Music]MP31965not rated36:10
Various artistsSample This ShitMP32010not rated26:58
Various artistsSampler GoldMP32005not rated50:48
Various artistsSaturday Night Fever [The Orignal Movie Soundtrack]MP31995not rated1:15:54
Various artistsScandinavian Gold Vol. 2MP32011not rated20:47
Various artistsScream [Music From The Dimension Motion Picture]MP31996not rated46:13
Various artistsSet It Off [Music From The New Line Cinema Motion Picture]MP31996not rated1:01:23
Various artistsSeventies Radio Hits: Volume 1MP31997not rated33:13
Various artistsSmooth RideMP32014not rated1:59:34
Various artistsSouth Pacific [Original Soundtrack]MP31958not rated46:02
Various artistsSouth Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut [Music From And Inspried By The Motion Picture]MP31999not rated50:26
Various artistsSpawn [The Album]MP31997not rated1:02:11
Various artistsSpider-Man 3 [Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture]MP32007not rated57:07
Various artistsSplit [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32017not rated57:59
Various artistsSpotify Chillwave: 2015.04.26MP32015not rated1:40:16
Various artistsSpotify Top 100 List: Hip Hop 2014.11.28MP32014not rated6:41:43
Various artistsSpotify Top 100 List: R&B 2014.11.29MP32014not rated6:48:07
Various artistsSpotify Underground Hits: 2018.04.08MP32018not rated2:53:50
Various artistsSpotify Viral: U.S. 2015.02.04MP32015not rated1:11:26
Various artistsStand By Me [Original Soundtrack]MP31986not rated23:29
Various artistsStir It UpMP31994not rated51:03
Various artistsStir Of Echoes [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31999not rated45:12
Various artistsStockholm Belongs To Us - A Labrador Records CompilationMP32011not rated1:23:26
Various artistsStone Free: A Tribute To Jimi HendrixMP31993not rated1:03:21
Various artistsStratford Ct. | Sonus AuriMP32019not rated54:19
Various artistsStreet Jams: Hip-Hop From The Top, Part 2MP31992not rated1:11:02
Various artistsSun Splashin'MP31996not rated59:59
Various artistsSuper Metroid: Sound In ActionMP31994not rated57:30
Various artistsSweet Dreams [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31985not rated29:21
Various artistsSwordfish [Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32001not rated1:10:12
Various artistsTad's Record Dancehall & Reggae Top TenMP32011not rated43:26
Various artistsTag Heuer Promotional CDMP32002not rated40:51
Various artistsTales From The Darkside: The Movie [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31990not rated48:49
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: From The 50's & 60'sMP31986not rated1:10:40
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2: From The 50's & 60'sMP31986not rated1:13:16
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: 70's & 80'sMP31990not rated1:12:37
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4: Black And White ClassicsMP31996not rated1:05:54
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5: In Living ColorMP31996not rated1:07:43
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 6: Remote ControlMP31986not rated1:13:54
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 7: Cable ReadyMP31996not rated1:12:18
Various artistsTelevision's Greatest Hits, Vol. 8: The CommercialsMP31989not rated45:56
Various artistsTender Loving Empire: Sampler 2011MP32011not rated30:38
Various artistsTerminator 2: Judgment Day [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31991not rated53:33
Various artistsTexas Chainsaw Massacre 2 [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31986not rated37:51
Various artistsThe 80's: Hip Hop HitsMP32000not rated55:17
Various artistsThe Best Of PolkaWAV1999not rated1:11:15
Various artistsThe Best Of PolkaMP31999not rated1:59:11
Various artistsThe Book Of Eli [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32010not rated51:30
Various artistsThe Breakfast Club [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31985not rated38:05
Various artistsThe Crow [Music From The Original Motion Picture]MP31994not rated1:03:51
Various artistsThe Crow: City Of Angels [Soundtrack]MP31996not rated1:13:48
Various artistsThe Devil's Rejects [Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32005not rated1:00:40
Various artistsThe Doors [Original Soundtrack Recording]MP31991not rated1:12:39
Various artistsThe End Records 2011 Summer SamplerMP32011not rated52:16
Various artistsThe End Records Free Sampler [Explicit]MP3not rated21:09
Various artistsThe Fate Of The Furious [The Album]MP32017not rated49:51
Various artistsThe Good, The Bad And The Ugly [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31967not rated34:08
Various artistsThe Green Mile [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31999not rated1:14:13
Various artistsThe Gym Music From 'Burn After Reading'MP32008not rated1:05:56
Various artistsThe House Of Groove: Arista's Most Fierce TracksMP31993not rated54:19
Various artistsThe Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of TimeMP31998not rated1:11:56
Various artistsThe Lord of the Rings -The Fellowship of the RingMP311/19/2001not rated1:11:25
Various artistsThe Lost 45's Of The 70's & 80'sMP31998not rated51:35
Various artistsThe Lost Boys [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31987not rated43:47
Various artistsThe Matrix Revolutions [Soundtrack]MP311/4/2003not rated1:03:27
Various artistsThe Matrix [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31999not rated1:02:30
Various artistsThe Palm SamplerMP32010not rated11:38
Various artistsThe Return Of The Living Dead [Original Soundtrack]MP31985not rated34:37
Various artistsThe Revenant [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32015not rated1:10:21
Various artistsThe Road [Original Film Score]MP32009not rated46:20
Various artistsThe Saint [Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31997not rated1:12:21
Various artistsThe Scorpion King [Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture]MP32002not rated1:00:41
Various artistsThe Shawshank Redemption [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31994not rated53:13
Various artistsThe Walking Dead [Original Television Soundtrack]MP32017not rated1:13:49
Various artistsThe Wedding Singer Volume 2: More Music From The Motion PictureMP3not rated46:10
Various artistsThe Wedding Singer [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31998not rated57:53
Various artistsThere Is Love [The Complete Wedding Album]MP31998not rated2:14:27
Various artistsThis Is How I Roc: 2008 Yep Roc Label SamplerMP32008not rated40:53
Various artistsThis Is The New BeatMP31989not rated1:11:52
Various artistsTitantic [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31997not rated1:12:22
Various artistsTomorrow's Stars From SxswMP32009not rated21:58
Various artistsTotal Music: Dance Classics Vol. 1MP32010not rated1:03:29
Various artistsTotal Reggae: One DropMP32014not rated2:40:59
Various artistsTotally Adult TuneupMP31999not rated1:43:13
Various artistsTraffic [Soundtrack]MP32001not rated7:33
Various artistsTrance MixMP32006not rated1:20:41
Various artistsTrespass [Music From The Motion Picture]MP31992not rated50:22
Various artistsTribute To The Notorious B.I.G.MP31997not rated27:12
Various artistsTron: Legacy ReconfiguredMP32011not rated1:17:55
Various artistsTron: Legacy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP32010not rated58:43
Various artistsTwisted WillieMP31996not rated50:41
Various artistsUltra Lounge: Volume 3 Space-CapadesMP31996not rated43:43
Various artistsUltraDance.07MP32007not rated2:09:01
Various artistsUnderwater Peoples Records Amazon MP3 SamplerMP32011not rated40:11
Various artistsUnderworld [Original Soundtrack]MP32003not rated1:07:34
Various artistsUnreal Tournament IIIMP32007not rated2:30:17
Various artistsUnwrap The Magic: JCPenny Holiday SamplerMP32000not rated18:47
Various artistsValentine's 2013 - A TuneCore Artist Compilation, Vol. 1MP32013not rated1:38:01
Various artistsValentine's 2013 - A TuneCore Artist Compilation, Vol. 2MP32013not rated1:49:19
Various artistsValentine's 2013 - A TuneCore Artist Hip-Hop / R&B CompilationMP32013not rated1:49:28
Various artistsVanguard Records And Sugar Hill Records: The Amazon New Music Digital SamplerMP32008not rated18:00
Various artistsVanilla Sky [Music From Vanilla Sky]MP32001not rated2:48:36
Various artistsVelcro City Records Rewind Label Sampler Vol 1MP32012not rated55:45
Various artistsViva La Techno!MP32012not rated38:08
Various artistsWOW 1998MP31997not rated2:03:49
Various artistsWOW 1999MP31998not rated2:23:47
Various artistsWOW ChristmasMP32002not rated2:06:15
Various artistsWOW Hits 2000MP32000not rated2:03:31
Various artistsWOW Hits 2001MP32001not rated2:18:38
Various artistsWOW Hits 2003MP32002not rated2:12:13
Various artistsWOW Hits 2004MP32003not rated2:12:28
Various artistsWOW The 90'sMP31999not rated2:18:53
Various artistsWagon WheelsMP31992not rated2:18:43
Various artistsWayne's World [Original Soundtrack]MP31992not rated54:55
Various artistsWho's That Girl [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]MP31987not rated39:44
Various artistsWhole Lotta... Rock: 1980-1981MP31992not rated1:13:25
Various artistsWhole Lotta... Rock: 1984-1985MP31990not rated1:18:58
Various artistsWicker Park [Original Motion Picture Score]MP32004not rated28:35
Various artistsWicker Park [Soundtrack Album]MP32004not rated1:09:44
Various artistsWinston's Essentials: A Polyvinyl SamplerMP32011not rated52:16
Various artistsWorn & Grazed: A Park the Van SamplerMP32009not rated38:12
Various artistsXXX [Original Soundtrack]MP32002not rated1:18:54
Various artistsXXX: State Of The Union [Music From The Motion Picture]MP32005not rated58:48