Talking Heads
Once In A Lifetime [The Talking Heads Box (Remastered)]

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime [The Talking Heads Box (Remastered)]

  • Release date: 2003
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 3:52:52
  • not rated
  • Added February 10


1. Sugar On My Tonguenot rated2:34
2. Love --_ Building On Firenot rated2:57
3. I Wish You Wouldn't Say Thatnot rated2:36
4. Don't Worry About The Governmentnot rated3:00
5. Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town (Alternate Version)not rated2:53
6. New Feeling (Alternate Version)not rated3:02
7. Pulled Upnot rated4:28
8. Psycho Killernot rated4:19
9. Warning Signnot rated3:54
10. Artists Onlynot rated3:34
11. Tentative Decisionsnot rated3:06
12. No Compassionnot rated4:48
13. Stay Hungrynot rated2:38
14. I'm Not In Lovenot rated4:33
15. The Book I Readnot rated4:08
16. Thank You For Sending Me An Angelnot rated2:11
17. Found A Jobnot rated4:59
18. A Clean Break (Live)not rated4:55
19. Take Me To The Rivernot rated5:00
20. The Big Countrynot rated5:32
21. Heavennot rated4:01
22. I Zimbranot rated3:06
23. Cities (Alternate Version)not rated5:26
24. Life During Wartimenot rated3:41
25. Airnot rated3:32
26. Memories Can't Waitnot rated3:30
27. Drugs (Alternate Version)not rated3:33
28. Once In A Lifetimenot rated4:20
29. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)not rated5:46
30. Listening Windnot rated4:41
31. Houses In Motionnot rated4:30
32. Crosseyed And Painlessnot rated4:45
33. Burning Down The Housenot rated4:01
34. Making Flippy Floppynot rated5:55
35. Girlfriend Is Betternot rated5:45
36. Slippery Peoplenot rated5:05
37. Swampnot rated5:10
38. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)not rated4:56
39. And She Wasnot rated3:37
40. Stay Up Latenot rated3:42
41. Creatures Of Lovenot rated4:14
42. The Lady Don't Mindnot rated4:04
43. Road To Nowherenot rated4:19
44. Wild Wild Lifenot rated3:39
45. Love For Salenot rated4:30
46. People Like Usnot rated4:28
47. Puzzlin' Evidencenot rated5:22
48. City Of Dreamsnot rated5:07
49. Blindnot rated4:58
50. Mr. Jonesnot rated4:20
51. The Democratic Circusnot rated5:03
52. (Nothing But) Flowersnot rated5:32
53. In Asking Land (Outtake)not rated3:57
54. Sax And Violinsnot rated5:17
55. Lifetime Piling Upnot rated3:53

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