Willie Nelson
Ultimate Collection

Willie Nelson - Ultimate Collection

  • Release date: 2008
  • Genre: Country
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:41:22
  • not rated
  • Added February 10


Disc 1
1. Funny How Time Slips Awaynot rated3:02
2. Country Willienot rated2:44
3. Mr. Record Mannot rated2:46
4. Crazynot rated2:51
5. Columbus Stockade Blues (feat. Shirley Collie)not rated2:04
6. I'll Walk Alonenot rated2:25
7. Blue Must Be The Color Of The Bluesnot rated2:11
8. Still Water Runs The Deepest (feat. Asleep At The Wheel)not rated3:28
9. Night Lifenot rated2:30
10. One Step Beyondnot rated2:26
11. The Part Where I Crynot rated2:18
12. Darkness On The Face Of The Earthnot rated2:32
13. Half A Mannot rated2:27
14. Let Me Talk To Younot rated2:20
15. Roly Polynot rated1:52
16. Seasons Of My Heartnot rated2:33
17. Second Fiddlenot rated2:24
18. Wake Me When It's Overnot rated2:50
19. Where My House Livesnot rated2:22
20. You Took My Happy Awaynot rated2:33
Disc 2
1. Hello Wallsnot rated2:23
2. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonightnot rated2:15
3. Is This My Destiny (feat. Shirley Collie)not rated2:20
4. Willingly (feat. Shirley Collie)not rated2:42
5. River Boynot rated2:29
6. Undo The Rightnot rated2:34
7. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)not rated2:33
8. The Last Letternot rated2:57
9. I Hope Sonot rated2:30
10. There Goes A Mannot rated2:32
11. Right Or Wrongnot rated2:12
12. Three Daysnot rated2:57
13. Our Chain Of Love (feat. Shirley Collie)not rated2:40
14. Together (feat. Shirley Collie)not rated2:24
15. Fire To Fire (feat. Tanya Tucker)not rated3:29
16. Am I Blue_not rated2:49
17. Tomorrow Night (You'll Have Another Sweetheart)not rated2:39
18. Take My Wordnot rated1:48
19. Touch Menot rated2:13
20. You Dream About Me (feat. Shirley Collie)not rated2:18

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