The Cars
The Cars [Deluxe Edition]

The Cars - The Cars [Deluxe Edition]

  • Release date: 1999
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Format: MP3
  • Duration: 1:31:40
  • not rated
  • Added February 10


Disc 1
1. Good Times Rollnot rated3:44
2. My Best Friend's Girlnot rated3:43
3. Just What I Needednot rated3:44
4. I'm In Touch With Your Worldnot rated3:31
5. Don't Cha Stopnot rated3:02
6. You're All I've Got Tonightnot rated4:15
7. Bye Bye Lovenot rated4:15
8. Moving In Stereonot rated4:45
9. All Mixed Upnot rated4:16
Disc 2
1. Good Times Roll (Live, 1978)not rated3:39
2. My Best Friend's Girl (Demo Version)not rated3:51
3. Just What I Needed (Demo Version)not rated3:27
4. I'm In Touch With Your World (Demo Version)not rated3:29
5. Don't Cha Stop (Demo Version)not rated3:20
6. You're All I've Got Tonight (Demo Version)not rated4:05
7. Bye Bye Love (Demo Version)not rated4:06
8. Moving In Stereo (Demo Version)not rated5:02
9. All Mixed Up (Demo Version)not rated4:51
10. They Won't See You (Demo Version)not rated3:58
11. Take What You Want (Demo Version)not rated6:06
12. Wake Me Up (Demo Version)not rated3:53
13. You Just Can't Push Me (Demo Version)not rated3:28
14. Hotel Queenie (Demo Version)not rated3:10

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