Philip Glass (19 albums)

Artist Released Title Label Duration
Philip Glass01 Glassworks39:29
Philip Glass02 Glassworks: Special Remix for Compact Cassette (MC) Player39:33
Philip Glass03 Glassworks: Interview with Selections from Glassworks48:38
Philip Glass04 The Photographer42:24
Philip Glass05-08 Einstein on the Beach2:44:57
Philip Glass09-11 Satyagraha2:03:10
Philip Glass12 Songs from Liquid Days39:49
Philip Glass13 In the Upper Room; Glasspieces45:46
Philip Glass14-15 Akhnaten2:08:35
Philip Glass16-17 Dances No. 1 - 51:44:41
Philip Glass18 Solo Piano51:26
Philip Glass19 Songs from the Trilogy54:18
Philip Glass20 ItaipĂș; The Canyon55:51
Philip Glass21 Organ Works1:17:38
Philip Glass22 Naqoyqatsi1:17:10
Philip Glass23 Passages55:50
Philip Glass24 Recent Recordings1:05:50
Philip Glass1990GlassworksCBS39:29
Philip Glass1989Metamorphosis; Mad Rush; Wichita Sutra VortexCBS51:25