Paul Hindemith (11 albums)

Artist Released Title Label Duration
Paul HindemithBernstein (RE) 038 Symphony in E-flat; Symphonic Metamorphoses; Concert MusicSony (Royal Edition)1:10:02
Paul Hindemith1976BläsersonatenSony (Glenn Gould Edition)1:23:46
Paul Hindemith2008Composers in Person 02EMI (Composers in Person)1:18:05
Paul Hindemith2008Composers in Person 03EMI (Composers in Person)1:18:55
Paul Hindemith1973GG_47 Complete Piano SonatasSony1:05:33
Paul Hindemith1976GG_54 The Complete Sonatas for Brass and PianoSony1:23:18
Paul Hindemith1978GG_58 Das MarienlebenSony1:19:04
Paul Hindemith1995Mathis der Maler3:02:54
Paul Hindemith1994Mathis der Maler Symphony; Noblissima Visione; Symphonic MetamorphosisNaxos1:08:48
Paul HindemithThree Piano SonatasSony (Glenn Gould Edition)1:05:32
Paul Hindemith2001Violin Concerto; Symphonic Metamorphoses; Symphony "Mathis der Maler"Decca1:16:49