Franz Liszt (81 albums)

Artist Released Title Label Duration
Franz Liszt201101-02 The Young Liszt [26]Hyperion2:22:14
Franz Liszt201103 Douze Grandes Études [34]Hyperion1:16:22
Franz Liszt201104 Études d'Execution Transcendante [04]Hyperion1:17:48
Franz Liszt201105 Complete Paganini Études [48]Hyperion1:17:44
Franz Liszt201106 Les Préludes; Concert Études; Episodes from Lenaus Faust [38]Hyperion1:13:11
Franz Liszt201107-08 Album d'Un Voyageur [20]Hyperion2:22:13
Franz Liszt201109 Années de Pèlerinage I [39]Hyperion1:15:59
Franz Liszt201110 Années de Pèlerinage II [43]Hyperion1:15:39
Franz Liszt201111 Années de Pèlerinage III [12]Hyperion1:11:10
Franz Liszt201112 Ballades; Legends; Polonaises [02]Hyperion1:12:33
Franz Liszt201113-14 Harmonies Poétiques et Religieuses [07]Hyperion2:36:56
Franz Liszt201115 Litanies de Marie [47]Hyperion1:11:55
Franz Liszt201116 Fantasy; Variations; Funeral Odes; Concert Solo [03]Hyperion1:17:52
Franz Liszt201117 Sonata; Elegies; Consolations; Gretchen; Tontentanz [09]Hyperion1:16:47
Franz Liszt201118 Weihnachtsbaum; Choräle; Via Crucis [08]Hyperion1:16:24
Franz Liszt201119 Late Pieces [11]Hyperion1:19:43
Franz Liszt201120 Waltzes [01]Hyperion1:14:48
Franz Liszt201121-22 Dances; Marches [28]Hyperion2:26:14
Franz Liszt201123 St. Elizabeth; Christus; St. Stanislaus [14]Hyperion1:12:54
Franz Liszt201124 Liebesträume; Songbooks [19]Hyperion1:14:18
Franz Liszt201125 Canticle of the Sun; From the Cradle to the Grave [25]Hyperion1:17:30
Franz Liszt201126 Excelsior! [36]Hyperion1:12:52
Franz Liszt201127-28 Responsorien und Antiphonen S30 [46]Hyperion2:33:28
Franz Liszt201129 Gaudeamus Igitur; Pieces d'Occasion [40]Hyperion1:14:21
Franz Liszt201130 Fantasies on National Songs and Anthems [27]Hyperion1:12:34
Franz Liszt201131-32 Magyar Dalok and Magyar Rapszodiak S242 [29]Hyperion2:39:20
Franz Liszt201133-34 Rapsodies Hongroises S244 [57]Hyperion2:28:19
Franz Liszt201135 Ungarischer Romanzero [52]Hyperion1:15:40
Franz Liszt201136 Rapsodie Espagnole [45]Hyperion1:11:54
Franz Liszt201137-38 Liszt at the Opera I [06]Hyperion2:35:54
Franz Liszt201139-40 Liszt at the Opera II [17]Hyperion2:21:12
Franz Liszt201141-42 Liszt at the Opera III [30]Hyperion2:33:07
Franz Liszt201143-44 Liszt at the Opera IV [42]Hyperion2:32:47
Franz Liszt201145-46 Liszt at the Opera V [50]Hyperion2:23:45
Franz Liszt201147-48 Liszt at the Opera VI [54]Hyperion2:34:07
Franz Liszt201149 Liszt at the Theatre [18]Hyperion1:18:08
Franz Liszt201150 A la Chapelle Sixtine; Bach Transcriptions [13]Hyperion1:17:22
Franz Liszt201151 Hexameron; Symphonie Fantastique [10]Hyperion1:16:13
Franz Liszt201152 Saint-Saëns, Chopin and Berlioz Transcriptions [05]Hyperion1:15:59
Franz Liszt201153 Arabesques: Russian and Hungarian Transcriptions [35]Hyperion1:17:08
Franz Liszt201154-55 Beethoven and Hummel Septets [24]Hyperion2:28:49
Franz Liszt201156 Ferdinand David's Bunte Reihe, S484 [16]Hyperion1:14:49
Franz Liszt201157 Tanzmomente [37]Hyperion1:12:10
Franz Liszt201158-59 Song Transcriptions [15]Hyperion2:27:18
Franz Liszt201160-61 Soirées Musicales; Soirées Italiennes [21]Hyperion2:36:55
Franz Liszt201162 Symphonies de Beethoven: Partitions de Piano [22]Hyperion1:15:15
Franz Liszt201163 Symphonies de Beethoven: Partitions de Piano [22]Hyperion1:06:42
Franz Liszt201164 Symphonies de Beethoven: Partitions de Piano [22]Hyperion1:18:54
Franz Liszt201165 Symphonies de Beethoven: Partitions de Piano [22]Hyperion1:09:28
Franz Liszt201166 Symphonies de Beethoven: Partitions de Piano [22]Hyperion1:06:48
Franz Liszt201167-69 The Early Beethoven Transcriptions [44]Hyperion3:24:52
Franz Liszt201170-72 The Schubert Transcriptions I [31]Hyperion3:46:26
Franz Liszt201173-75 The Schubert Transcriptions II [32]Hyperion3:39:43
Franz Liszt201176-78 The Schubert Transcriptions III [33]Hyperion3:44:40
Franz Liszt201179 Schubert and Weber Transcriptions [49]Hyperion1:15:13
Franz Liszt201180-81 First Thoughts and Second Drafts I [51]Hyperion2:26:36
Franz Liszt201182-84 First Thoughts and Second Drafts II [55]Hyperion3:41:45
Franz Liszt201185-88 Rarities, Curiosities, Album-Leaves and Fragments [56]Hyperion4:53:01
Franz Liszt201189 New Discoveries IHyperion1:13:52
Franz Liszt201190 New Discoveries IIHyperion1:19:32
Franz Liszt201191-92 New Discoveries IIIHyperion2:20:07
Franz Liszt201193 The Recitations with Pianoforte [41]Hyperion1:00:04
Franz Liszt201194 Harold in Italy [23]Hyperion1:16:25
Franz Liszt201195-96 Music for Piano and Orchestra I [53a]Hyperion2:38:23
Franz Liszt201197-99 Music for Piano and Orchestra II [53b]Hyperion2:54:55
Franz Liszt1986A Faust Symphony in Three Character Portraits (after Goethe) S108Decca (London)1:14:22
Franz Liszt1991Années de Pèlerinage (Selection)Hungaroton1:11:55
Franz LisztBernstein (RE) 042 A Faust SymphonySony (Royal Edition)1:11:09
Franz Liszt1992Chamber MusicHungaroton55:34
Franz Liszt2003ChristusBrilliant Classics2:41:52
Franz Liszt1999Great Pianists of the 20th Century - Horowitz: LisztSteinway & Sons1:20:45
Franz Liszt1993Piano Concerti Nos. 1 and 2; Totentanz; Transcendental EtudesVoxBox2:00:27
Franz Liszt2002Präludium B-A-C-H; Variationen "Weinen, Klagen;" Fantasie "Ad nos"ifo1:08:19
Franz Liszt2009Romantic Piano Concerto 09 - LisztBrilliant Classics1:12:48
Franz Liszt1989Six Hungarian Rhapsodies S359CBS1:06:14
Franz Liszt2007Tone Poems 01 No. 1 - 4EMI1:13:49
Franz Liszt2007Tone Poems 02 No. 5 - 8EMI1:05:06
Franz Liszt2007Tone Poems 03 No. 9 - 12EMI1:16:32
Franz Liszt2007Tone Poems 04 No. 13; Faust-SymphonieEMI1:15:09
Franz Liszt2007Tone Poems 05 Zwei Episoden aus "Faust" von Lenau; Symphonie zu DanteEMI1:07:57
Franz Liszt1997Works for Violin and PianoDorian Recordings1:12:15