Edward Elgar (32 albums)

Artist Released Title Label Duration
Edward Elgar200701 Symphony No. 1; Introduction and Allegro Op. 47EMI1:07:54
Edward Elgar200702 Symphony No. 2; Elegy Op. 58; Sospiri Op. 70EMI1:05:40
Edward Elgar200703 Falstaff Op. 68; Cockaigne Overture Op. 40; Froissart Overture Op. 19EMI1:03:30
Edward Elgar200704 Enigma Variations; Pomp and Circumstance Marches; Serenade Op. 20EMI1:13:14
Edward Elgar200705 Sea Pictures Op. 37; Cello Concerto Op. 85EMI53:55
Edward Elgar200706 Violin Sonata Op. 82; Violin Concerto Op. 61EMI1:14:35
Edward Elgar200707 Nursery Suite; Severn Suite; Crown of India Suite; Coronation MarchEMI1:09:33
Edward Elgar200708 Organ Sonata Op. 28; The Wand of YouthEMI1:02:29
Edward Elgar200709 Bavarian Dances; Chansons Op. 15; In the South Overture Op. 50EMI52:51
Edward Elgar200710 Carillon Op. 75; Grania and Diarmid Op. 42; Polonia Op. 76; Imperial March Op. 32EMI49:46
Edward Elgar200711 Dream Children; Minuet Op. 21; Romance Op. 62; Three Characteristic PiecesEMI1:02:28
Edward Elgar200712 Piano Quintet Op. 84; String Quartet Op. 83; Concert Allegro Op. 46EMI1:17:09
Edward Elgar200713-14 The Dream of Gerontius Op. 38EMI1:38:16
Edward Elgar200715-16 The Apostles Op. 49EMI2:28:41
Edward Elgar200717-18 The Kingdom Op. 51; Coronation Ode Op. 44EMI2:09:57
Edward Elgar200719 The Light of Life (Lux Christi) Op. 29EMI1:04:04
Edward Elgar200720-21 The Black Knight Op. 25; Scenes from King Olaf Op. 30EMI2:23:33
Edward Elgar200722-23 Caractacus Op. 35EMI1:43:02
Edward Elgar200724 The Banner of St. George; Great is the Lord; Te Deum and BenedictusEMI59:01
Edward Elgar200725 The Spirit of England; Give Unto the Lord; O Hearken ThouEMI46:10
Edward Elgar200726 Three Motets; Te Deum and Benedictus; Organ Sonata Op. 28EMI1:16:10
Edward Elgar200727 The Music Makers; The Sanguine FanEMI55:19
Edward Elgar200728 The Starlight Express Op. 78EMI1:18:57
Edward Elgar200729 From the Bavarian Highlands; Five Part-Songs from the Greek Anthology; The ReveilleEMI1:12:38
Edward Elgar200730 Elgar Conducts ElgarEMI1:16:55
Edward Elgar1990Bernstein (DG) 10 Enigma Variations; Pomp and Circumstance; Crown of IndiaDeutsche Grammophon (Leonard Bernstein Edition)54:02
Edward Elgar1990Cockaigne Overture; Crown of India Suite; Imperial March; Falstaff Symphonic StudyCBS1:14:27
Edward Elgar2008Composers in Person 07EMI (Composers in Person)1:14:55
Edward Elgar1990Pomp and Circumstance Marches; Serenade for Strings; Enigma VariationsCBS1:10:09
Edward Elgar1991Symphony No. 1; Cockaigne (In London Town) Concert Overture Op. 40argo1:04:01
Edward Elgar1991Symphony No. 2Class (Conifer)1:01:23
Edward Elgar1993The Light of Life (Lux Christi) Op. 29EMI1:04:04