Dimitry Shostakovich (57 albums)

Artist Released Title Label Duration
Dimitry Shostakovich201201 Symphonies No. 1 - 3Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:14:59
Dimitry Shostakovich201202 Symphony No. 4Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:01:59
Dimitry Shostakovich201203 Symphonies No. 5 - 6Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:17:25
Dimitry Shostakovich201204 Symphony No. 7Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:11:32
Dimitry Shostakovich201205 Symphony No. 8Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:04:27
Dimitry Shostakovich201206 Symphonies No. 9 - 10Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:16:14
Dimitry Shostakovich201207 Symphony No. 11Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)59:54
Dimitry Shostakovich201208 Symphony No. 12Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)37:04
Dimitry Shostakovich201209 Symphony No. 13Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:02:41
Dimitry Shostakovich201210 Symphony No. 14Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)45:34
Dimitry Shostakovich201211 Symphony No. 15Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)37:53
Dimitry Shostakovich201212 Chamber Symphonies Op. 73a and 83aBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:00:55
Dimitry Shostakovich201213 Chamber Symphonies Op. 49a, 110a and 118aBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:03:14
Dimitry Shostakovich201214 Piano Concertos; Three Fantastic DancesBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)45:32
Dimitry Shostakovich201215 Violin ConcertosBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:04:44
Dimitry Shostakovich201216 Cello ConcertosBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:04:53
Dimitry Shostakovich201217 String Quartets No. 2, 8 and 13Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:17:04
Dimitry Shostakovich201218 String Quartets No. 3, 7 and 9Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:11:37
Dimitry Shostakovich201219 String Quartets No. 5, 11 and 12Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:16:14
Dimitry Shostakovich201220 String Quartets No. 4, 6 and 10Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:15:16
Dimitry Shostakovich201221 String Quartets No. 1, 14 and 15Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:17:58
Dimitry Shostakovich201222 Piano Quintet; Piano Trio No. 2Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)55:41
Dimitry Shostakovich201223 Violin Sonata; Viola SonataBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)55:41
Dimitry Shostakovich201224 Cello Sonata; Piano SonatasBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:04:52
Dimitry Shostakovich201225 Preludes Op. 2 and 34; Fantastic Dances; Aphorisms; Dances of the DollsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:16:48
Dimitry Shostakovich201226 Twenty-Four Preludes and Fugues Op. 87, No. 1 - 13Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:09:21
Dimitry Shostakovich201227 Twenty-Four Preludes and Fugues Op. 87, No. 14 - 24Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:14:44
Dimitry Shostakovich201228 SongsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:10:58
Dimitry Shostakovich201229 SongsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:09:39
Dimitry Shostakovich201230 SongsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:02:31
Dimitry Shostakovich201231 Songs; Anti-Formalist RayokBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)55:07
Dimitry Shostakovich201232 SongsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:03:07
Dimitry Shostakovich201233 Festive Overture; Entr'actes from Katerina Ismailova; Michelangelo SuiteBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:09:41
Dimitry Shostakovich201234 Songs for ChoirBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:02:41
Dimitry Shostakovich201235 Jazz Suites; OverturesBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)50:43
Dimitry Shostakovich201236 The Bolt, The Limpid Stream; The Golden AgeBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)55:46
Dimitry Shostakovich201237 Hamlet; GadflyBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:12:09
Dimitry Shostakovich201238 The New BabylonBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:05:26
Dimitry Shostakovich201239 The New Babylon (cont.); Five Days, Five NightsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)48:59
Dimitry Shostakovich201240 King LearBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)53:56
Dimitry Shostakovich201241 Zoya; The Fall of BerlinBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:01:45
Dimitry Shostakovich201242 The Golden Mountains; Maxim TrilogyBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)56:17
Dimitry Shostakovich201243 Alone Op. 26Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:14:29
Dimitry Shostakovich201244 The Lady and the HooliganBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)52:23
Dimitry Shostakovich201245 Rothschild's Violin; British and American Folk SongsBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)57:05
Dimitry Shostakovich201246 The Gamblers: Original Unfinished Version (Act I)Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)47:36
Dimitry Shostakovich201247-48 Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District Op. 29Brilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)2:34:50
Dimitry Shostakovich201249 Historical Recordings: Shostakovich, PianoBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:16:03
Dimitry Shostakovich201250 Historical Recordings: Kogan, RostropovichBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)58:10
Dimitry Shostakovich201251 Historical Recordings: Shostakovich, PianoBrilliant Classics (Shostakovich Edition)1:11:02
Dimitry ShostakovichBernstein (RE) 076 Symphonies No 1 & 6Sony (Royal Edition)1:07:05
Dimitry ShostakovichBernstein (RE) 077 Symphony No. 5; Symphony No. 9Sony (Royal Edition)1:11:12
Dimitry Shostakovich1962Bernstein (RE) 078 Symphony No. 7 in C, Op. 60 "Leningrad"Sony (Royal Edition)1:14:53
Dimitry ShostakovichBernstein (RE) 079 Symphony No. 14Sony (Royal Edition)51:52
Dimitry Shostakovich2008Composers in Person 14EMI (Composers in Person)1:16:11
Dimitry Shostakovich2016Rostropovich 28 Symphony No. 5 in d, Op. 47Deutsche Grammophon45:43
Dimitry Shostakovich1990Symphony No. 10 in e, Op. 93Naxos57:03