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Now Make We Merthe: English Medieval Music

Anonymous - Now Make We Merthe: English Medieval Music

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  • Duration: 1:05:10
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  • Added June 6, 2019
  • Played October 24, 2019


1. Perspice christicola: Sumer is icumen in (c.1240)not rated1:12
2. Foweles in the frith (c.1280)not rated1:01
3. Edi be thu (c.1280)not rated3:12
4. Sainte Marie Virgine (St. Godric, d. 1170)not rated0:53
5. Miri it is (c.1220)not rated1:22
6. Gabriel from heven-king (c.1290)not rated2:58
7. Stond wel, moder (c.1280)not rated3:35
8. Nowel, nowel; Owt of your sleep (c.1430)not rated2:33
9. Deo gracias Anglia; Owr king went forth (c.1420)not rated4:34
10. Pray for us, thou Prince of Pes (c.1450)not rated3:56
11. Go hert, hurt with adversitee (c.1450)not rated2:54
12. This day day daws (? Sir Th. Phillips, c.1500)not rated3:52
13. Giles Farnaby, Giles Farnaby - A maske (Giles Farnaby, c.1590)not rated1:56
14. Lux hodie: Orientis partibus (13th cent.)not rated2:45
15. Resonemus laudibus (14th cent.)not rated1:17
16. Verbum caro: In hoc anni circulo (15th cent.)not rated2:50
17. Verbum patris hodie (12th cent.)not rated1:05
18. Lullay, lullow: I saw a sweete (14th cent.)not rated3:04
19. Fulget hodie de l'espine (14th cent.)not rated1:57
20. Nowell: The borys hede (15th cent.)not rated4:44
21. Verbum patris humanatur (12th cent.)not rated1:30
22. Conditor fut le non-pareil (c.1520)not rated1:59
23. Nowell: Dieus vous garde (Richard Smert, c.1450)not rated3:45
24. Riu, riu, chiu: El lobo rabioso (c.1556)not rated3:32
25. Orazio Vecchi, Orazio Vecchi - Saltavan Ninfe (Orazio Vecchi, c.1585)not rated1:16
26. Almande "Est-ce Mars" (c.1560)not rated1:18

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