Paul Dessau, Paul Dessau
06-07 Puntila

Paul Dessau - 06-07 Puntila

  • Release date: 2013
  • Category: Early Modern
  • Duration: 1:52:20
  • not rated
  • Added November 19, 2016


1. Scene 1: Mr. Puntila finds a human being (Puntila; Lawyer; Waiter; Matti)not rated17:02
2. Scene 2: The forest (Puntila)not rated1:42
3. Scene 3: Mrs Klinckmann (Puntila; Servant)not rated3:30
4. Scene 4: Mr. Puntila becomes betrothed to the early risers (Puntila; Matti; Emma; Pharmacist; Lisu; Sandra)not rated14:04
5. Scene 5: The servants' market (Puntila; Matti; Dealer; Workers; Photographer; Landowners; Bibelius; Chorus; Weakling)not rated10:34
6. Scene 6: Scandal at Puntila (Puntila; Eva; Workers; Weakling; Matti; Eino)not rated13:53
7. Scene 7: A conversation about crayfish (Fina; Matti; Eva; Laina)not rated8:07
1. Scene 9: The covenant of Mr. Puntila’s fiancées (Puntila; Sandra; Matti; Lisu; Pharmacist; Emma)not rated11:11
2. Scene 10: Puntila betrothes his daughter to a human being (Puntila; Matti; Lawyer; Provost; Provost’s Wife; Laina; Evanot rated14:36
3. Scene 11: Interlude: Nocturno (Voice; Puntila; Matti)not rated0:44
4. Scene 12: Library at Puntila (Puntila; Laina; Matti; Fina)not rated15:46
5. Epilogue: Matti turns his back on Puntila (Matti)not rated1:07

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