Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky
37-39 Cherevichki

Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky - 37-39 Cherevichki

  • Release date: 2011
  • Category: Romantic
  • Duration: 2:54:40
  • not rated
  • Added September 17, 2011


1. Ouverturenot rated11:38
2. Act 1 - Oy, kak svetit mesiyats (Ah, how silvery the moon shines) (Solocha)not rated8:24
3. - Ekh, rassadorila (She's got really warmed up) (Bes)not rated9:28
4. - Ish ty, kakaja vjuga (Just look at the snowstorm) (Oksana)not rated1:59
5. - Cvela jablonka v sadoshke (A little apple tree was blossoming in the garden) (Oksana)not rated6:27
6. - Nye mozhet naglyadet (She never takes her eyes off herself!) (Vakula)not rated6:23
7. - Vysh kakoy (Look at the way you are!) (Oksana)not rated1:41
8. - Shto tyt za gvalt (What's all this noise?) (Oksana)not rated6:23
9. - Ekh, kaby lyudi da umneye byli (If only people were a bit more intelligent) (Oksana)not rated6:14
1. Act 2 - Intermezzonot rated1:30
2. - Vikhrem vyenik uneslo (The storm has swept my broomstick away) (Solocha)not rated5:57
3. - Vot eto snyeg (Now that's what I call now) (Golova)not rated3:26
4. - Nyet nikogo (Is anyone in?) (Schoolmaster)not rated3:01
5. - Baba v besu privyazalacy (A woman runs after the devil) (Schoolmaster)not rated4:08
6. - Zdorovo (Greetings!) (Cub)not rated2:32
7. - Oh, lyute, lyute mne, Solokha! (I don't feel well...) (Schoolmaster)not rated1:37
8. - Vot uzhe god prashol (A year has gone by...) (Vakula)not rated3:31
9. - Vyrosla u tyna krassnaya kalina (Good evening!) (Chorus)not rated6:09
10. - Shto, Oksana, ty sameshkalas? (Oksana, why are you so late?) (Chorus)not rated7:21
11. - Cherevichki-Nevelichki (My shoes aren't very big) (Oksana)not rated3:18
12. - A-a, Vakula! (Ah, Vakula, you're here again) (Oksana)not rated5:57
1. Act 3 - Intermezzonot rated2:48
2. - Tyemno nam, tyemno (It is dark, too dark) (Chorus of Undines)not rated4:33
3. - Kuda eto zabrel ya? (Where have I come to?) (Vakula)not rated1:09
4. - Slyshit i, djevica, serdce tvoe (Who knows, my girl, if your heart can feel my pain) (Vakula)not rated6:26
5. - Priechali (We are there) (Bes)not rated9:51
6. - Poka nye natchalisya tantsy (Before we start the dances) (His Serene Highness)not rated6:30
7. - Blagopolychno li vy sovershili put? (Did you have a good journey?) (His Serene Highness)not rated3:40
8. - Ruskaja pljaska (Russian dance)not rated4:43
9. - Pljacka zaporoshzev (Cossack dance)not rated3:21
10. - Seychas nachnetcya na domashnem (In the Czarina's family theatre) (Master of Ceremonies)not rated2:44
11. Act 4 - Kto goborit - utopilsya! (Some say he threw himself into the river!) (Solocha)not rated4:52
12. - K nam nilosti prossim (We invite you to our house) (Chorus of Women)not rated3:09
13. - Oy, kto khochet madu pit (If you want to drink honey) (Chorus)not rated7:07
14. - Oy, ne veyte, vetry (Strong winds, do not blow in the thick woods) (Chorus)not rated6:27

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