Various Artists (226 albums)

Artist Released Rating Catalog# Title Format Category Label Duration Genres
Various Artists1995****TCD2759100% House Classics - Volume 1CDCompilationTelstar Records Plc.2:38:11House
Various Artists1992not ratedPMP 11318 Love Songs From The 60's, 70's & 80's - Volume 2CDCompilationPickwick International Inc.1:10:16Pop
Various Artists1992not ratedPMP 11218 Love Songs From The 70's & 80's - Volume 1CDCompilationPickwick International Inc.1:12:40Pop
Various Artists1993not rated516 052-22 AwesomeCDCompilationPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:08:39Dance
Various Artists1989not ratedLCD 409320 Collector's Records Of The 50's & 60's - Volume 1CDCompilationContinental Communications Corp.48:04Rock & Roll
Various Artists1989not ratedLCD 410222 Leaders Of The Pack - Volume 2CDCompilationContinental Communications Corp.58:22Rock & Roll
Various Artists1996not rated553 182-2700% Dance HitsCDDJ MixPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:12:43Dance
Various Artists1994not ratedSPG 198280's Dance Party - Volume 2CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:20:33Funk
Various Artists1990not ratedCLUC-CD75All The Best PolkasCDCompilationL.D.M.I.49:32Polka
Various Artists1999not ratedR2 75933Alternative Press Presents: Industrial Strength Machine Music - The Framework Of Industrial Rock 1978 - 1995CDBootlegRhino Entertainment Company1:19:18Industrial
Various Artists1989not ratedMK 44931Antiphonal Music - Canadian BrassCDClassicalCBS Records, Inc.1:11:06Classical
Various Artists2002*****LUNECD19Arabica III: Voyages Into North African SoundCDCompilationBar De Lune1:16:21Ethnic
Various Artists1999not ratedGU:SAM002Arrivals: Global UndergroundCDDJ MixGlobal Underground59:55House
Various Artists1994not rated516 680-2Awesome 3CDCompilationPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:01:21Dance
Various Artists1993*****SPG 1801Back To The UndergroundCDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:17:15House
Various Artists1990not ratedBR-2-7308Ballroom Dancing: I Love To DanceCDCompilationDistributions Madacy Inc.38:28Big Band
Various Artists1990not ratedBR-2-7316Ballroom Dancing: In The Mood For DancingCDCompilationDistributions Madacy Inc.39:11Big Band
Various Artists1992not rated162-539 923-2Bam Bam It's MurderCDCompilationIsland Records, Inc.39:03Reggae
Various Artists2003not ratedB00007L9OSBare Essentials - Volume 2CDBootlegAstralwerks1:12:42Electronic
Various Artists1984*****78 01541Beat Street - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Volume 1CDVinyl > CDOrion Pictures Corporation42:21Soundtrack
Various Artists1996*** 1/2LOW CD 077Best Of Garage (CD 1)CDCompilationLow Price Music Ltd.1:01:37House
Various Artists1996*** 1/2LOW CD 078Best Of Garage (CD 2)CDCompilationLow Price Music Ltd.1:07:43House
Various Artists1996*** 1/2LOW CD 079Best Of Garage (CD 3)CDCompilationLow Price Music Ltd.1:08:46House
Various Artists1996*** 1/2LOW CD 080Best Of Garage (CD 4)CDCompilationLow Price Music Ltd.1:12:14House
Various Artists1989not ratedR2 70625Billboard Top Rock 'n 'Roll Hits - 1964CDCompilationRhino Records Inc.24:36Rock & Roll
Various Artists1992not rated162-539 926-2BogleCDCompilationIsland Records, Inc.41:48Reggae
Various Artists1994*****EK 66192Brazen: The Original SoundtrackCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment Inc.1:17:19Dance
Various Artists2001***092-71232 DCDBrazilectro Session 3 - The Fall-Winter Edition (CD 1)CDCompilationAudiopharm1:05:33Samba
Various Artists2001***092-71232 DCDBrazilectro Session 3 - The Fall-Winter Edition (CD 2)CDCompilationAudiopharm56:11Samba
Various Artists1984*****PDS-1-6394Breakin' - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCDVinyl > CDPolyGram Records, Inc.40:30Soundtrack
Various Artists1984*****PDS-1-6405Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo - Original Soundtrack RecordingCDVinyl > CDPolyGram Records, Inc.42:18Soundtrack
Various Artists1993not ratedCDM 564899Bride's Guide To Wedding MusicCDClassicalAngel Records1:15:19Classical
Various Artists1994not rated7243 8 28559 2 7Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience - Volume 2CDCompilationSBK Records1:16:27Club-House
Various Artists1995*****7243 8 31179 2 5Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience - Volume 5CDCompilationSBK Records1:18:48Club-House
Various Artists1998not ratedDPRO13090Buzzin'round Sounds - New Music SamplerCDCompilationChordant Distribution Group1:10:34Rock
Various Artists1994not ratedCAJ 209-2Cajual - The New Chicago House SoundCDCompilationCajual Records1:11:40House
Various Artists1994not ratedCSS 010Caribbean Carnival Soca Party - Volume 2CDCompilationCoral Sounds Studio1:14:57Calypso
Various Artists1992*** 1/2471358 2Catch The GrooveCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.1:12:23Dance
Various Artists1990not ratedCDP 593037Christmas For The 90's - Volume 1CDCompilationCapitol Nashville29:41Contemporary Christian
Various Artists1995not ratedSBCD 001Classical Classics - Volume 1CDClassicalTime Machine TMV Inc.1:14:09Classical
Various Artists1998*** 1/2GMEP3CDClub Cuts - Volume 2CDCompilationStrictly Rhythm Records, Inc.1:08:17Club-House
Various Artists1992not rated06192-17281-2Club Cutz - Volume 1CDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.1:02:04Club
Various Artists1992not rated06192-17292-2Club Cutz - Volume 2CDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.1:01:15Club
Various Artists1992not rated74321-12138-2Club Cutz - Volume 3CDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.56:53Club
Various Artists1994not rated74321-18484-2Club Cutz - Volume 5CDDJ MixBMG Music Canada Inc.50:06Dance
Various Artists1995not rated74321-24837-2Club Cutz - Volume 6CDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.58:57Dance
Various Artists1994not rated74321-21867-2Club Euro - Volume 1CDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.1:09:55Euro-Techno
Various Artists2010not ratedSPG 2613Club Hits 2010CDDJ MixSPG Music Ltd.1:17:53Electronic
Various Artists1996not rated740 087-2Club House - It's HereCDCompilationPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:13:49Club-House
Various Artists1998*** 1/2PR2 3234Club Life '98CDDJ MixHi-Bias Records Inc.1:10:58Eurodance
Various Artists1987not ratedCK 40474Columbia Jazz Masterpieces - Sampler - Volume ICDCompilationCBS Inc.48:13Jazz
Various Artists1987not ratedVCK-40798Columbia Jazz Masterpieces - Sampler - Volume IICDCompilationCBS Inc.54:04Jazz
Various Artists1987not ratedCK 40886Columbia Jazz Masterpieces - Sampler - Volume IIICDCompilationCBS Inc.47:22Jazz
Various Artists1986not ratedCK 44113Columbia Jazz Masterpieces - Sampler - Volume IVCDCompilationCBS Inc.45:52Jazz
Various Artists1993not ratedCD 24531Common Thread: The Songs Of The EaglesCDCompilationGiant Records57:23Country
Various Artists1990not ratedST 42175Concert A La Carte - Ensemble Wien-BerlinCDCassette > CDSony Classical GmbH48:02Classical
Various Artists1991not ratedD 105623Concerto In D Minor, Sonata, Capriccio, L'Embarquement Pour Cythere, Elegie & ScaramoucheCDClassicalPhilips Classics Productions50:04Classical
Various Artists1993not rated740 001-2D.J. Club Mix - Volume 3CDDJ MixPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:02:02Dance
Various Artists1994not rated740 012-2D.J. Club Mix - Volume 5CDDJ MixPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:00:13Dance
Various Artists1994not rated740-016-2D.J. Line ClassicsCDDJ MixPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:03:12Dance
Various Artists1995***314 520 309-2D.J. Pix Disco Nights - Volume 7CDCompilationPolygram Records, Inc.1:06:29Dance
Various Artists1991not ratedQRSPD 1135Dance Mix '91CDDJ MixQuality Special Products1:09:23Pop
Various Artists1993not ratedQRSPD 1195Dance Mix '93CDDJ MixQuality Music & Video1:14:06Dance
Various Artists1997not ratedMCASD 81047Dance NationCDCompilationUniversal Music1:13:02Club-House
Various Artists1993not ratedDMK 81014Dance Pool - Volume 2CDCompilationSony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.1:15:22Dance
Various Artists1994not ratedDMK 81018Dance Pool - Volume 3CDCompilationSony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.1:15:16Dance
Various Artists1998not ratedSPG 1800Dance To The UndergroundCDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:18:50House
Various Artists1994not ratedSPG 1820Dance to the Underground - Volume 3CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:17:31House
Various Artists1999*** 1/2CH-001 CDDeep HouseCDDJ MixMillennium Records Ltd.1:14:13House
Various Artists2000not ratedGU:SAM001Departures: Global UndergroundCDDJ MixGlobal Underground1:11:51House
Various Artists1990not ratedMFK 46355Dinner For Two (CBS Masterworks: Dinner Classics)CDClassicalCBS Records, Inc.1:12:32Classical
Various Artists2000not ratedDIS2504Disco Box Dance Fever - Volume 4CDDJ MixDisco Box1:11:04Disco
Various Artists1991not rated06192-17223-2Disco ClassicsCDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.1:00:50Disco
Various Artists1992**** 1/274321-11584-2Disco Classics - Volume 2CDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.1:18:00Disco
Various Artists1996not ratedPR2 3102Disco Dance Hits - Volume 2 (1977-1997)CDCompilationPopular Records1:13:55Disco
Various Artists1989not ratedSMD 977Don't Stop The MusicCDCompilationStylus Music Ltd.1:15:10Dance
Various Artists2003not ratedDS-1Dubplate Sessions - Volume 1CDDJ MixFurious Records1:06:01Drum & Bass
Various Artists1999not ratedTBCD 1332ESPN: Jock Rock 2000CDCompilationTommy Boy Music58:08Rock
Various Artists1998not ratedKSDI 7416Eaton's xl tracks IICDCompilationBMG Music Canada Inc.34:15Pop
Various Artists1992not ratedQCD 2017Electric Dance FloorCDCompilationQuality Records1:16:34Dance
Various Artists1993not ratedQCD 2023Electric Dance Floor 2CDCompilationQuality Music & Video1:16:10Dance
Various Artists1998not ratedXTR-3010Genre - Ultimate Pride Mix - Volume 1CDDJ MixX:Treme Records1:02:16Club-House
Various Artists1994not ratedCK 57704Get It, Got It, GrooveCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment Inc.1:01:37Dance
Various Artists1993not ratedSPV 084-93982Glad To Be GayCDCompilationSPV Recordings1:17:37Disco
Various Artists1996not ratedCK 67686Global Basics: Dance Music For The MillenniumCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment Inc.1:16:28Club-House
Various Artists1997not ratedGEFSD-25102Global Grooves RemixesCDCompilationGeffen Records1:09:39House
Various Artists2006not ratedGUXCDGlobal Underground - Volume 10 - '87-'95 Mix (CD 3)CDDJ MixGlobal Underground Ltd.1:11:30Trance
Various Artists2006not ratedGUXCDGlobal Underground - Volume 10 - '96-'06 Mix (CD 1)CDDJ MixGlobal Underground Ltd.1:13:41Trance
Various Artists2006not ratedGUXCDGlobal Underground - Volume 10 - '96-'06 Mix (CD 2)CDDJ MixGlobal Underground Ltd.1:12:17Trance
Various Artists1994not ratedCD-80333Grand & Glorious: Great Operatic ChorusesCDClassicalTelarc International Corporation1:08:44Opera
Various Artists2006not ratedCCL CDG1148Great Music From The Court Of Henry VIIICDAlbumClassical Communications Ltd.1:05:27Choral
Various Artists2010not ratedCCL CDG1233Great Organ ClassicsCDAlbumClassical Communications Ltd.1:00:39Classical
Various Artists1991****845 833-2Groove 2 The BeatCDCompilationPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.54:54Dance
Various Artists1993not ratedR2 71202Have A Nice Day - Volume 22CDBootlegRhino Records Inc.43:34Pop
Various Artists1988not ratedSMD 852Hip Hop And Rapping In The HouseCDCompilationStylus Music Ltd.1:13:06Hip-Hop
Various Artists1991****QRSPD 1138Hip HouseCDCompilationQuality Special Products1:15:25Club-House
Various Artists1993***TCD 2680Hits 93 Volume 3CDCompilationBMG Records (UK) Ltd.1:19:55Pop
Various Artists1992not ratedCEK 52845Honeymoon In Vegas (Elvis Presley Hits)CDSoundtrackSony Music Entertainment Inc.39:58Rock & Roll
Various Artists1994not ratedSPG 1850House Music (All Night Long)CDDJ MixSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:16:12Club-House
Various Artists1996*****MIC 1439-2House Music's Greatest DivasCDCompilationMicMac Records51:36House
Various Artists2000**** 1/2743217704421Import Clubmix - Volume 1CDBootlegBMG Music Canada Inc.1:08:41Club-House
Various Artists1999not ratedTBCD 1364Jock Jams - Volume 5CDCompilationTommy Boy Music55:53Rock
Various Artists1989not ratedCSK 1938JubilationCDCompilationCBS Records, Inc.1:16:00Jazz
Various Artists1996not ratedDAN40142Just Dance (CD 1)CDDJ MixT.J.S.B.1:00:00Club-House
Various Artists1996not ratedDAN40152Just Dance 2 (CD 2)CDDJ MixT.J.S.B.1:00:04Club-House
Various Artists1985*****RSP 103-4Kings Of RapCDCassette > CDCanada - Quality Records50:26Rap
Various Artists1989not ratedCD 2636942La Bamba And Other Hits Of The 50'sCDCompilationM.C.R. Productions38:53Rock & Roll
Various Artists1999not ratedTBCD 1365MTV Party To Go: 2000CDCompilationTommy Boy Music57:50Rock
Various Artists2003not ratedPromotional CDMUZIK Presents . . . 17 Drum & Bass AnthemsCDDJ MixIPC Media 20031:05:50Drum & Bass
Various Artists1993not ratedMad About Music - Easy Listening (Promotional CD)CDCompilationPolyGram Records, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:08:48Easy Listening
Various Artists1995not ratedWTVD 33938Massive Dance HitsCDCompilationWarner International Manufacturing Inc.1:09:40Club-House
Various Artists1986not ratedMCAD-5850Masterpieces For Organ: The Organ Of Westminster CathedralCDClassicalMCA Records, Inc.59:14Classical
Various Artists1989not ratedSPLK-8010Masters Of RapCDCompilationUnidisc Productions Int'l Ltd.54:43Hip-Hop
Various Artists1992not rated0777 7 80375 2 1Maximum RaveCDCompilationEMI Records Ltd.1:16:48Rave
Various Artists1990not ratedTCD 2448Megabass 2 - The Hottest Dance Hits Of The DecadeCDDJ MixTelstar Records Plc.46:51Pop/Funk
Various Artists1993not rated516 056-2More Than LoveCDCompilationPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:12:11Pop
Various Artists1985not ratedMOTD 2-6132Motown 25 #1 Hits From 25 Years - Volume ICDCompilationMotown Record Corporation43:44Soul
Various Artists1985not ratedMOTD 2-6132Motown 25 #1 Hits From 25 Years - Volume IICDCompilationMotown Record Corporation45:59Soul
Various Artists1997not ratedMuch Music Made In The 80'sCDBootlegQuality Records1:11:36Pop
Various Artists1997not ratedNUMSCD-105Multi Single #5CDCompilationNUMUZIK Productions Inc.1:12:35Club-House
Various Artists1997not ratedNUMSCD-101Multi Singles #1CDCompilationNUMUZIK Productions Inc.1:11:45Club-House
Various Artists2003*CCL CDG1051Music For Great CathedralsCDAlbumClassical Communications Ltd.58:17Choral
Various Artists1990not ratedMCAD-9014Music World: Home Of The Hits (Promotional CD)CDCompilationMCA Records, Inc.1:16:23Rock
Various Artists1999not ratedSI 99/3Muzik Club ClassicsCDCompilationMuzik1:16:25Dance
Various Artists1997not ratedZYX 81105-2N.Y.C. House (CD 1)CDCompilationZYX Music GmbH & Co.1:16:26House
Various Artists1997not ratedZYX 81105-2N.Y.C. House (CD 2)CDCompilationZYX Music GmbH & Co.1:16:48House
Various Artists2001not ratedB00005Q6MTNaked Music presents Nude Dimensions - Volume 3CDBootlegAstralwerks1:12:24Electronic
Various Artists1990not ratedCD NOD 6Now Dance 903 (CD 1)CDCompilationEMI Records Ltd., Virgin Records Ltd., Polygram Records Ltd.1:00:26Dance
Various Artists1990not ratedCD NOD 6Now Dance 903 (CD 2)CDCompilationEMI Records Ltd., Virgin Records Ltd., Polygram Records Ltd.1:02:21Dance
Various Artists2001not ratedB00005Q6MRNude Dimensions - Volume 1 - The Petalpusher SessionCDBootlegAstralwerks1:13:00Electronic
Various Artists1994****THCD4050Old School - Volume 5CDCompilationThump Records, Inc.1:15:14Old School
Various Artists1999*****On My Radio (Top Hits Of The 1980's)CDBootleg1:14:45Pop
Various Artists1992not rated09026-60931-2Opera Without WordsCDClassicalBMG Music1:14:23Classical
Various Artists1998not ratedFINE 006-2Out & About With BillyCDCompilationFinetune Recordings Inc.1:15:36Club-House
Various Artists1991not ratedDIN CD 32Party Mix: Over 100 Non-Stop HitsCDCompilationDino Entertainment Ltd.1:16:43Pop
Various Artists1993not ratedQRSPD 1185Party Mix: Over 100 SongsCDCompilationQuality Special Products1:13:31Pop
Various Artists2007not ratedPLTNCD09Platinum Funky HouseCDCompilationApace Music3:21:24House
Various Artists1996not ratedPR2 3058Platipus Records - The Ultimate Dream Collection (CD 1)CDCompilationPopular Records1:18:21Techno-Industrial
Various Artists1996not ratedPR2 3058Platipus Records - The Ultimate Dream Collection (CD 2)CDCompilationPopular Records1:17:20Techno-Industrial
Various Artists1995not rated7243 8 37091 20Positiva Artists: Positively FabulousCDCompilationEMI Records Ltd.1:15:36Dance
Various Artists1990not rated845096-2Pump Up The HitsCDCompilationPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:05:11Pop
Various Artists1996not rated86484-2Punk-O-Rama - Volume 2CDCompilationEpitaph39:55Punk
Various Artists1993not ratedSPG 1500Pure Energy - 13 Dance HitsCDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:13:03Club-House
Various Artists1995not ratedQCD 2084Pure Energy Contraband RemixCDCompilationQuality Music & Video1:11:45Dance
Various Artists2001not ratedPUT 189-2Putumayo: Arabic GrooveCDCompilationPutumayo World Music47:48Ethnic
Various Artists1993not ratedQ DCC CD IIQ: DCC CD II (Promotional)CDCompilationPolygram UK Ltd.1:13:47Rock
Various Artists1992not ratedQCD92Q: Now That's What I Call Free (Promotional CD)CDCompilationSony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.42:42Rock
Various Artists1992not ratedTCD 2567Raving We're RavingCDCompilationTelstar Records Plc.1:15:53Euro-House
Various Artists1990***VKS 41799Red Hot + BlueCDCompilationKing Cole, Inc.1:17:55Rock
Various Artists1992***CK 52826Red Hot + DanceCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd.1:05:43Dance
Various Artists1996**** 1/2314 533 183-2Red Hot + RioCDCompilationThe Red Hot Organization1:10:26Samba
Various Artists1996****740 083-2Rhythm Formula Absolute - Volume 5CDCompilationHi-Bias Records Inc.1:10:21Dance
Various Artists1994not ratedMCASD 10965Rhythm, Country And BluesCDCompilationMCA Records, Inc.48:26R&B
Various Artists1986not ratedRCD 58002Rock 'N Roll Hits Of The 50's - Volume IICDCompilationRoulette Records40:22Rock & Roll
Various Artists1986not ratedRCD 58001Rock 'n Roll Hits Of The 50's - Volume 1CDCompilationRoulette Records40:38Rock & Roll
Various Artists1987not ratedCDL-9729Rockin' Down The BlockCDCompilationCapitol Records, Inc.55:26Rock & Roll
Various Artists1977****P2 25389Saturday Night Fever - The Original Movie SoundtrackCDSoundtrackPolyGram International BV.1:16:01Disco
Various Artists1993not ratedT2 92014Sensual Classics IICDClassicalWarner Classics United Kingdom1:19:12Classical
Various Artists1992**CDSP 3805Sony Classic Tracks (10th Anniversary) - Volume 1CDCompilationSony Of Canada Ltd.45:30Pop
Various Artists1991*****845-371-2Soul DecadeCDCompilationPolyTel44:48Soul
Various Artists1993not ratedHPD-SG1Spring Garden - A Relaxation SamplerCDCompilationHolborne Distributing Co. Ltd.51:00Classical
Various Artists1992not ratedR2 70575Street Jams: Electric Funk - Part 1CDCompilationRhino Records Inc.1:12:15Funk
Various Artists1994not ratedR2 71557Street Jams: Electric Funk - Part 3CDCompilationRhino Records Inc.1:19:02Funk
Various Artists1992not ratedR2 70578Street Jams: Hip-Hop From The Top - Part 2CDCompilationRhino Records Inc.1:11:09Hip-Hop
Various Artists1996not ratedQCD 2154Strictly Dance - The United DJ's Of AmericaCDDJ MixStrictly Rhythm Records, Inc.1:04:10Dance
Various Artists2007not ratedSR338CDStrictly MAW mixed by DJ Kenny Dope (CD 2)CDDJ MixStrictly Rhythm Records, Inc.1:12:12Electronic
Various Artists2007not ratedSR338CDStrictly MAW mixed by DJ Louie Vega (CD 1)CDDJ MixStrictly Rhythm Records, Inc.1:10:11Electronic
Various Artists1998****SPG2 3010Strictly Rhythm - Collector's Edition (CD 1)CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:10:33House
Various Artists1998****SPG2 3010Strictly Rhythm - Collector's Edition (CD 2)CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:04:28House
Various Artists1994not ratedQCD 2055Strictly Rhythm - The Deadly GroovesCDCompilationQuality Music1:17:52Club-House
Various Artists1996*****SRDJEP6Strictly Rhythm's EP - Volume 6CDCompilationStrictly Rhythm Records, Inc.1:13:31Club-House
Various Artists1991not ratedTVK 24002Sun Jammin'CDCompilationSony Music Canada Inc.1:04:26Pop
Various Artists1992not ratedTVK 24005Sun Jammin' 2CDCompilationSony Music Canada Inc.1:10:33Pop
Various Artists1990not ratedMFK 46359Sunday Brunch - Volume II (CBS Masterworks: Dinner Classics)CDClassicalCBS Records, Inc.1:05:15Classical
Various Artists1993not ratedG2-36839Symphonie Fantastique Et Les PreludesCDClassicalThe Decca Record Company Limited1:09:00Classical
Various Artists1992not ratedEK 52477Take Control Of The Party - The 2nd CompilationCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment Inc.1:17:03Dance
Various Artists1990not ratedQRSPD 1116That Lovin' FeelingCDCompilationQuality Special Products1:09:42Pop
Various Artists1991*** 1/2ALMY CD 01The Almighty 12 Inches - Volume 1CDCompilationAlmighty Records1:03:08Dance
Various Artists1992*** 1/2ALMY CD 02The Almighty 12 Inches - Volume 2CDCompilationAlmighty Records1:12:17Dance
Various Artists1990not ratedC-5634-1The Best Of The Big Bands - Volume 1CDCompilationDistributions Madacy Inc.41:14Big Band
Various Artists1990not ratedC-5634-2The Best Of The Big Bands - Volume 2CDCompilationDistributions Madacy Inc.42:26Big Band
Various Artists1990not ratedC-5634-3The Best Of The Big Bands - Volume 3CDCompilationDistributions Madacy Inc.42:22Big Band
Various Artists1995not ratedQED054The Best Of Underground DanceCDCompilationQuality Entertainment Division1:14:22Dance
Various Artists1989not ratedQRSPD-1087The Dance AlbumCDCompilationQuality Special Products1:13:37Pop
Various Artists1990not ratedR2 70984The Disco Years - Volume 1: Turn The Beat Around (1974 - 1978)CDCompilationRhino Records Inc.56:49Disco
Various Artists1992not ratedTCD 2592The Divas Of DanceCDCompilationTelstar Records Plc.1:14:18Dance
Various Artists1992not rated002The Golden Hits Of Soca CalypsoCDCompilationCharlies Records1:11:33Calypso
Various Artists1990*****DM-2-1027The Great Composers - World Famous MasterpiecesCDClassicalGMS Productions55:58Classical
Various Artists1988not ratedNCD 3419The Hits Of House Are HereCDCompilationK-tel International (UK) Ltd.1:14:22Club-House
Various Artists1990not ratedSK 45818The Last RecordingCDClassicalCBS Records, Inc.57:50Classical
Various Artists1995not ratedCDU001The Masters Of Sound: DJ At Work - Volume 1CDCompilationT. Verde Via Antonio Coppi 4/C1:10:00House
Various Artists1994not ratedG2 43953The Opera Lover's Philadelphia, & Other Tragic AriasCDClassicalThe Decca Record Company Limited1:12:06Opera
Various Artists1996not ratedISBCD-5035The Rhythm Method - Part 1CDBootlegISBA Music Entertainment Inc.1:11:35Pop
Various Artists1990not ratedCMCAD-10063The Sounds Of Murphy BrownCDSoundtrackMCA Records, Inc.38:53Soul
Various Artists1989not ratedMFK 45547The Sunday Brunch Album (CBS Masterworks: Dinner Classics)CDClassicalCBS Inc.1:09:28Classical
Various Artists1990not ratedD-135078The Three Tenors In ConcertCDClassicalThe Decca Record Company Limited1:08:01Opera
Various Artists1991not rated845533 2The Wedding AlbumCDCompilationPolyTel54:39Pop
Various Artists1991not ratedCEK 47492This Beat Is Hot - The CompilationCDCompilationSony Music Entertainment Inc.1:07:20Funk
Various Artists1994****QCD 2062This Is HouseCDCompilationQuality Music & Video1:17:24House
Various Artists1994not ratedQCD 2054This Is Old SchoolCDCompilationQuality Music & Video1:17:13Old School
Various Artists1993not ratedQRSPD 1183Today's Most Requested Love Songs '93CDCompilationQuality Records1:09:40Pop
Various Artists1987not ratedACD 1242TogetherCDCompilationAttic Records Limited45:44Slow Rock
Various Artists1990*** 1/2845 110-2Top DanceCDDJ MixPolyTel, div. of PolyGram Group Canada Inc.1:03:25Dance
Various Artists1999not ratedPromotional CD/VCDTower Records: Tomorrow's Top Ten InternationalCDCompilationTower Records International40:12Rock
Various Artists1995not ratedSM-8009-2Tribal: Best Of House Music - Volume 6CDCompilationSm:)e Communications, Inc.1:17:47House
Various Artists1998not ratedTWD 11773Twisted Artists: It's A Twisted World: 1998CDDJ MixMCA Records1:13:35House
Various Artists1991not ratedP2 45749Two Rooms - Celebrating The Songs Of Elton John & Bernie TaupinCDCompilationJohn Reid Enterprises Limited1:19:20Rock
Various Artists1993not ratedMR-CD-538-2U.K. Seduction - Volume 3CDCompilationMirgin/U.K.A. Records1:08:03Euro-Techno
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 1)CDVinyl > CD1:11:041980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 10)CDVinyl > CD57:051980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 2)CDVinyl > CD1:11:471980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 3)CDVinyl > CD1:13:221980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 4)CDVinyl > CD1:13:181980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 5)CDVinyl > CD1:05:351980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 6)CDVinyl > CD1:16:321980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 7)CDVinyl > CD1:07:461980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 8)CDVinyl > CD58:351980s
Various Artists2007*****Vinyl Compilation (CD 9)CDVinyl > CD55:181980s
Various Artists1999*****NR 4013Voices Of Drum & Bass - Volume 1CDCompilationMillennium Records Ltd.1:13:38Drum & Bass
Various Artists1993not ratedSPG 1804Warehouse GroovesCDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:17:33House
Various Artists1993*** 1/2SPG 1805Warehouse Grooves - Volume 2CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:16:39House
Various Artists1995not ratedSPG 1807Warehouse Grooves - Volume 3 (CD 1)CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:19:10House
Various Artists1995not ratedSPG 1807Warehouse Grooves - Volume 3 (CD 2)CDCompilationSPG Music Productions Ltd.1:19:28House
Various Artists1990not ratedCDRUMD 106Warehouse Raves 6CDCompilationRumour Records1:17:19Rave
Various Artists1991not rated60735-2-RCWolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Duos & Jean-Marie Leclair: SonataCDClassicalBMG Music47:58Classical
Various Artists1997not ratedPR2 3101World Of DreamsCDCompilationPopular Records LLC1:15:00Euro-Techno