Michael Jackson (7 albums)

Artist Released Rating Catalog# Title Format Category Label Duration Genres
Michael Jackson1991***EK 45400DangerousCDAlbumSony Music Canada Inc.1:17:06Pop
Michael Jackson2003*****EK 88998Number OnesCDAlbumSony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.1:18:59Pop
Michael Jackson1979*****EK 66070Off The Wall (Special Edition)CDAlbumMJJ Productions Inc.1:00:19Pop
Michael Jackson1996**663352 2Stranger In Moscow - Part I In A Series Of IIICDCD SingleMJJ Productions Inc.37:57Dance
Michael Jackson2005****E2K 94287The EssentialCDAlbumMJJ Productions Inc.2:37:46Pop
Michael Jackson1982*****EL 66073Thriller - Special EditionCDAlbumMJJ Productions Inc.R&B
Michael Jackson1993***49K 74420Who Is ItCDCD SingleMJJ Productions Inc.25:28House