The Knack
...But The Little Girls Understand

The Knack - ...But The Little Girls Understand

  • Release date: 1980
  • Genre: Rock/Power Pop
  • Format: 12" Vinyl
  • Category: Collectible
  • not rated
  • Added May 19


1. Baby Talks Dirtynot rated0:00
2. I Want Yanot rated0:00
3. Tell Me You're Minenot rated0:00
4. Mr. Handlemannot rated0:00
5. Can't Put A Price On Lovenot rated0:00
6. Hold On Tight And Don't Let Gonot rated0:00
7. The Hard Waynot rated0:00
8. It's Younot rated0:00
9. End Of The Gamenot rated0:00
10. The Feeling I Getnot rated0:00
11. (Havin' A) Rave Upnot rated0:00
12. How Can Love Hurt So Muchnot rated0:00

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