Various Artists (401 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Various Artists(Put On Your) EargogglesCD2013not rated1:16:03
Various Artists45 RPMCD box set2000not rated1:37:38
Various ArtistsA Portrait of Claude Debussy Part VIICD box set2012not rated3:40:16
Various ArtistsAlte Weihnachts MusikLP1960not rated33:18
Various ArtistsAnthology of American Folk MusicCD box set1952not rated4:17:21
Various ArtistsBeatles ReduxCD2000not rated1:14:21
Various ArtistsBest of Dancehall - Vol. 1CD1999not rated1:16:03
Various ArtistsBest of Dancehall - Vol. 2CD1999not rated1:17:05
Various ArtistsBezerk TimesLP1978not rated1:15:18
Various ArtistsBritish Blue JamLP1968not rated
Various ArtistsBritish Blues Archive Series Vol. 1LP1970not rated
Various ArtistsBritish Blues Archive Series Vol. 2LP1971not rated
Various ArtistsBritish Blues Archive Series Vol. 3LP1971not rated
Various ArtistsBritish Blues Archive Series Vol. 4LP1971not rated
Various ArtistsCharly 40th Anniversary Sampler. Volume 1 - Classic HitsCD2014not rated47:18
Various ArtistsCogito Ergo SumCD2011not rated1:15:52
Various ArtistsCollanders & FlashlightsCD box set1995not rated2:34:49
Various ArtistsCountry Guitar BrillianceCD1997not rated1:16:43
Various ArtistsDaptone GoldCD2009not rated1:18:12
Various ArtistsDaptone Gold Volume IICD2015not rated1:17:59
Various ArtistsDick Clark 20 Years of Rock N' RollLP1973not rated
Various ArtistsDirty Linen "Editor's Choice" October/November 2008CD2008not rated1:07:49
Various ArtistsDirty Linen Editor's Choice #4CD2009not rated1:02:00
Various ArtistsDirty Linen Editor's Choice July/August 2009CD2009not rated45:55
Various ArtistsDirty Linen Sampler #2CD2008not rated1:12:23
Various ArtistsDirty Linen Sampler #6 in issue #144 Nov/Dec 2009CD2009not rated53:06
Various ArtistsDirty Linen's "Best Of 2007" SamplerCD2008not rated59:58
Various ArtistsDubwise in RiddimCD2000not rated1:19:27
Various ArtistsDuodecimet, Op. Posth / TrioLP1961not rated29:46
Various ArtistsEC: The SessionsCD box set2012not rated2:30:28
Various ArtistsElektroMix Vol. VCD2005not rated1:19:55
Various ArtistsErpitaphCD2003not rated1:12:34
Various ArtistsEthereal OblivionCD box set1992not rated1:51:10
Various ArtistsFerrington GuitarsCD1992not rated
Various ArtistsFreiburg - Klang einer StadtLP1970not rated51:31
Various ArtistsGuitars That Destroyed the World - Revisited2CD2018not rated2:26:41
Various ArtistsHard To HandleCD box set2000not rated2:33:15
Various ArtistsHearts of Fire (Soundtrack)LP1987not rated
Various ArtistsHistory of British Blues - Volume 1LP1973not rated1:21:21
Various ArtistsIgor Stravinsky - A PortraitCD box set2009not rated8:24:40
Various ArtistsImmediate A's & B's - The Singles CollectionLP1985not rated58:53
Various ArtistsIt Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968 Vol. 1CD2004not rated1:19:21
Various ArtistsIt Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968 Vol. 2CD2004not rated1:07:59
Various ArtistsIt Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968 Vol. 3CD2004not rated1:02:16
Various ArtistsIt Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968 Vol. 4CD2004not rated1:14:53
Various ArtistsIt Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968 Vol. 5CD2004not rated1:10:46
Various ArtistsIt Crawled Out of the Vaults of KSAN 1966-1968 Vol. 6CD2004not rated1:07:27
Various ArtistsIt's the 60s, Silly!CD2005not rated1:18:05
Various ArtistsJamaican 45sCD box set2010not rated7:23:06
Various ArtistsJazz Is...(for Andy)CD2012not rated1:17:48
Various ArtistsK-Scope Sampler Volume 1CD2009not rated58:26
Various ArtistsKrazy KoversCD2005not rated1:17:26
Various ArtistsLooney Tunes - Merrie Melodies (Warner Bros. Sampler)LP box set1970not rated2:06:06
Various ArtistsMemphis, Motown and BeyondCD2000not rated1:19:27
Various ArtistsMy Favorite Things - The Birthday CDCD1996not rated1:12:40
Various ArtistsNew Musical Express - New Reader's Poll Winners 1984EP1985not rated
Various ArtistsOlde N'awlins Cookery - An Audio Visual TourCD2005not rated1:15:31
Various ArtistsPhonasthenial Relations (With Feeling)CD2012not rated1:18:10
Various ArtistsPillows & Prayers: Cherry Red Records 1981-1984CD box set2007not rated2:47:08
Various ArtistsReggae!CD2005not rated1:13:47
Various ArtistsRock Generation Volume 5LP1967not rated
Various ArtistsRocksteady Soul (The Original Cool Sound Of Duke Reid's Treasure Isle)CD2001not rated54:44
Various ArtistsRolaids - The Cowboy Mix (In Memory of Chris Ballone)CD box set1984not rated1:37:05
Various ArtistsShoe Gazing Upon a Lock of Alain Delon's Hair When Suddenly, Tammy!CD2012not rated1:18:41
Various ArtistsSmoky Voices and Hot GuitarsCD1999not rated1:19:30
Various ArtistsSoul Food (Nicely Baked)CD2012not rated1:15:54
Various ArtistsSoul Slabs Vol. 12CD2017not rated1:20:53
Various ArtistsSound D'AfriqueLP1981not rated44:06
Various ArtistsSound D'Afrique IILP1982not rated38:02
Various ArtistsStill In A Dream - A Story Of Shoegaze 1988-1995CD box set2016not rated6:35:58
Various ArtistsTexas International Pop Festival Volume 12 (Partial Sets)CD1969not rated1:19:40
Various ArtistsTexas International Pop Festival Volume 13 (Partial Sets)CD1969not rated1:02:17
Various ArtistsThe Best of James Jamerson - 1961-1976CD box set2004not rated1:41:29
Various ArtistsThe Egg Nog MixCD2018not rated1:02:54
Various ArtistsThe Fame Studios Story 1961-1973CD box set2011not rated2:19:13
Various ArtistsThe Life and Music of James JamersonCD box set1989not rated1:00:44
Various ArtistsThe Power of the Pop! [Disc 10]CD2013not rated1:15:40
Various ArtistsThe Power of the Pop! [Disc 8]CD2013not rated1:14:40
Various ArtistsThe Ultimate NuggetsCD box set2011not rated2:26:24
Various ArtistsThis is the Big Band EraLP1971not rated1:10:00
Various ArtistsTomorrow Never KnowsCD1995not rated1:18:23
Various ArtistsTrojan Hits! (A Collection of Reggae Classics)LP box set1984not rated1:29:58
Various ArtistsUnresponsive & DilatedCD1992not rated1:19:41
Various ArtistsVolume 6CD2015not rated1:00:19
Various ArtistsYa Gotta Have Soul!CD1993not rated1:16:13
Various ArtistsZabriskie Point - Original SoundtrackLP1970not rated36:11
Various Artistspsi: Situation NormalCD2009not rated1:15:11
Various artists...One Last KissCD1992not rated1:07:59
Various artistsA Bunch Of Stiff RecordsLP1977not rated
Various artistsA Midsummer Night's Dream (Mendelssohn) / Jeux d'Enfants, Symphony No 1 (Bizet)CD1992not rated1:11:39
Various artistsA Steve Reich CollectionCD1999not rated1:13:16
Various artistsA Tribute To Stevie Ray VaughanCD1996not rated57:02
Various artistsAesthetic WhiplashCD2012not rated1:11:52
Various artistsAirs and DuetsLP1977not rated
Various artistsAll-Ears Review Volume 4CD1988not rated1:08:46
Various artistsAll-Ears Review Volume 5: Cowboys, Lost Loves, New Moons -CD1989not rated58:21
Various artistsAll-Ears Review Volume 7: Still Amazing After All These YearsCD1989not rated1:00:09
Various artistsAmadeus: The Director's Cut (Two Disc Special Edition)DVD1984not rated
Various artistsAmerican Dream: The London American LegendLP1975not rated
Various artistsAn Introduction to the Works of Johann Sebastian BachCD1999not rated1:17:32
Various artistsAnn Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972LP1973not rated
Various artistsAtlantic Jazz: BebopLP1986not rated
Various artistsAtlantic Jazz: Kansas CityLP1986not rated
Various artistsAtlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 Volume 1LP1985not rated
Various artistsAtlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 Volume 2LP1985not rated
Various artistsAttack of the Killer B's, Vol 1.LP1983not rated
Various artistsB-3in' Organ Jazz 1973-1995CD1997not rated1:01:05
Various artistsBack To Mine Mixed by Everything But The GirlCD2000not rated1:08:29
Various artistsBaroque Volume 12 - Concertos & SymphoniesCD1996not rated1:17:35
Various artistsBeethoven - Missa solemnisCD2001not rated1:19:28
Various artistsBeethoven: Complete Music for Cello & PianoCD1994not rated
Various artistsBeserkley Chartbusters, Vol. 1LP1975not rated
Various artistsBest of Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. 1CD1992not rated1:01:08
Various artistsBest of Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. 2CD1992not rated
Various artistsBest of Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. 3CD1992not rated
Various artistsBest of Johann Sebastian Bach, Vol. 4CD1992not rated
Various artistsBest of Lunar Rock-A-BillyCD1994not rated1:09:12
Various artistsBig Band BoogieCD2012not rated1:09:26
Various artistsBig Easy - Original Motion Picture SoundtrackCD1987not rated47:03
Various artistsBlue Note: A Story of Modern JazzCD1997not rated1:05:33
Various artistsBlues Cocktail Party!CD1991not rated53:34
Various artistsBlues ExplosionLP1984not rated
Various artistsBring Home The Music Volume 2CD2007not rated1:16:43
Various artistsBritish Blue JamCD1968not rated42:05
Various artistsBug Soup (Selections from the Waterbug Catalog)CD1997not rated1:14:38
Various artistsBurning Shed Sampler - Feb. 2018MP32018not rated1:09:03
Various artistsBy The Rivers Of Babylon: Timeless Hymns Of RastafariCD1997not rated1:00:12
Various artistsCTI Records - The Cool RevolutionCD box set2010not rated
Various artistsCadenza on the Night PlainCD1996not rated
Various artistsCajun Hot SauceCD1995not rated1:09:38
Various artistsCalypso Jazz SamplerLP1952not rated
Various artistsCan't Start Dancing (The Sounds Album Volume 3)LP1978not rated
Various artistsCheckmateLP1968not rated
Various artistsChess BluesCD box set2/2/1993not rated
Various artistsChess MastersLP1981not rated
Various artistsChet Baker, Art Pepper, Gerry MulliganCD2011not rated
Various artistsChicago Minds and Souls Compilation Vol. 1CD2005not rated1:15:14
Various artistsChildren of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-1996CD box set9/27/2005not rated
Various artistsChina Traditional Melody: Almond Blossom in the SkyCD2004not rated54:52
Various artistsChina Traditional Melody: Chinese Orchestra AlbumCD2004not rated
Various artistsChina Traditional Melody: Moon Over Remote MountainsCD2004not rated
Various artistsChina Traditional Melody: SizhuCD2004not rated
Various artistsChris & Heather's Country Calendar Show 2005CD2005not rated1:06:22
Various artistsChristmasCD2000not rated47:56
Various artistsChristmas JazzCD2000not rated36:59
Various artistsCobra Records StoryCD box set7/12/1994not rated
Various artistsColeman Hawkins - Lester Young - Ben Webster: The Big 3CD1989not rated37:23
Various artistsColumbia Jazz FestivalLP1959not rated
Various artistsColumbia Records Radio Hour, Volume 1CD1994not rated1:06:24
Various artistsCommodore Jazz Classics - The Influence of FiveLP1964not rated
Various artistsCommodore Jazz Classics 52nd StreetLP1964not rated
Various artistsCommodore Jazz Classics: Town Hall ConcertLP1964not rated
Various artistsCommodore Jazz Classics: Town Hall Concert Vol 2LP1964not rated
Various artistsCommodore Jazz SamplerCD1988not rated54:47
Various artistsComplete Webern [Box Set]CD box set5/9/2000not rated
Various artistsConcert for BangladeshDVD1971not rated
Various artistsConcertos for StringsCD1992not rated1:06:19
Various artistsConcerts for the People of KampucheaLP1981not rated
Various artistsCrazy About My AutomoobileCD2010not rated1:12:11
Various artistsCrystal Blue PersuasionCD2000not rated1:18:14
Various artistsDancehall in Dub Vol. 1CD1996not rated47:11
Various artistsDancehall in Dub Vol. 2CD1996not rated46:24
Various artistsDas Lied Von Der ErdeCD1967not rated1:03:45
Various artistsDelmark Records: 50 Years Of Jazz & BluesCD box set2003not rated2:10:42
Various artistsDigital Empire - Electronica's BestCD box set1998not rated2:21:53
Various artistsDoughboys, Playboys And CowboysCD box set1999not rated4:31:28
Various artistsDown Home Blues Classics: Chicago 1946-1954CD2005not rated4:46:49
Various artistsDown To The Promised Land: 5 Years Of Bloodshot RecordsCD box set2000not rated2:22:28
Various artistsDub Chill Out (18 Massive Cuts from the Orginal Masters of Dub)CD1996not rated1:02:08
Various artistsErp Elation Vol. 1 - Here is SomethingCD1997not rated1:08:06
Various artistsErp-Elation Volume 3 TresCD2001not rated1:19:21
Various artistsEscalator Over the HillCD box set1971not rated
Various artistsFarewell to Max'sLP1985not rated
Various artistsFillmore - The Last DaysCD box set1972not rated2:26:43
Various artistsFive Great Shakespeare Plays: Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, The Merchant of Venice, Henry VLP box set1961not rated
Various artistsFlow Gently Sweet RhythmLP1956not rated
Various artistsFlutes & PercussionLP1957not rated
Various artistsFolk Alliance 2002 CompilationCD2002not rated59:32
Various artistsFolk Alliance Showcase Compilation VIICD2003not rated55:24
Various artistsFolk Music of the United States: Songs of the ChippewaLP1950not rated
Various artistsFrom the Earth To the MoonDVD2005not rated
Various artistsFrom the Vaults - Never Before Released Recordings By Motown Artists of the 60'sLP1979not rated
Various artistsFuture PerfectCD1994not rated42:35
Various artistsGenuine Houserockin' Music IICD1987not rated1:06:48
Various artistsGenuine Houserockin' Music IVCD1990not rated1:15:37
Various artistsGiants of Jazz: The GuitaristsLP1980not rated
Various artistsGlass Box: A Nonesuch Retrospective (10 CD)CD box set9/30/2008not rated
Various artistsGlassmastersCD box set1997not rated
Various artistsGlocken GrĂ¼ssen Aus Der HeimatLP1961not rated45:47
Various artistsGolden SummerLP1976not rated
Various artistsGone Phishin' & Still Phishin' - A Bluegrass Tribute To PhishCD box set2002not rated1:34:09
Various artistsGreasy Truckers Live At Dingwall's Dance HallLP1973not rated
Various artistsGreat Dobro SessionsCD1994not rated1:13:42
Various artistsGreat JazzLP1956not rated
Various artistsGreat Jazz ReedsLP1958not rated
Various artistsGuitar Legends (Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley)CD1996not rated36:03
Various artistsGuitar Player Presents Legends Of Guitar--Country, Vol. 1CD1990not rated48:31
Various artistsGuitar Player Presents Legends Of Guitar--Country, Vol. 2CD1991not rated50:24
Various artistsGuitars That Destroyed the WorldCD box set1995not rated2:34:38
Various artistsH-D-H Presents The Hits Of Hot Wax & Invictus RecordsCD1986not rated1:07:06
Various artistsHard CashCD1990not rated46:20
Various artistsHard Works from the Observer All StarsCD1992not rated57:05
Various artistsHarmonized Records - Teaming With Talent - Artist Showcase CDCD2004not rated52:38
Various artistsHeartbeat Reggae RoundupCD1991not rated1:11:09
Various artistsHeroes SymphonyCD1996not rated44:11
Various artistsHillbilly Boogie!CD1994not rated53:20
Various artistsHillbilly Fever! - Vol. 1 : Legends of Western SwingCD1996not rated49:07
Various artistsHillbilly JazzCD1992not rated1:13:59
Various artistsHillbilly Music ...Thank God! Volume 1LP1989not rated
Various artistsHistory Of British RockLP1974not rated
Various artistsHistory in 3 Chords: Milwaukee's Alternative Bands 1973 - 19822CD2001not rated2:26:37
Various artistsHistory of British Rock Vol 2LP1974not rated
Various artistsHits Greatest StiffsLP1977not rated
Various artistsHitsville USA The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971CD box set11/3/1992not rated
Various artistsHolberg Suite / Norwegian Wedding Dances / Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47 (Sibelius)CD1992not rated1:01:13
Various artistsHolding OnLP1989not rated
Various artistsHouse on Fire, An Urban Folk CollectionCD1995not rated1:11:48
Various artistsIAG SamplerCD2000not rated1:13:35
Various artistsIn the Homeland We've Never SeenCD2001not rated1:19:57
Various artistsIn the Red Zone (The Essential Collection of Classic Dub)CD1997not rated46:18
Various artistsIntensified! Original Ska 1962-66LP1979not rated
Various artistsJacob Newman's Falling Into Ambient and DubCD1997not rated57:45
Various artistsJacob Newman's Future SoundsCD1997not rated51:52
Various artistsJazz ConcertLP1956not rated
Various artistsJazz ConfidentialLP1956not rated
Various artistsJazz For People Who Hate JazzLP1954not rated
Various artistsJazz IsCD box set2000not rated2:33:36
Various artistsJazz Poll WinnersLP1957not rated
Various artistsJazz Women: A Feminist RetrospectiveLP1977not rated
Various artistsJazz in the NightCD1997not rated44:14
Various artistsJesu, de du meine Seele & MagnificatCD2010not rated1:18:55
Various artistsKoyaanisqatsiDVD1983not rated
Various artistsKoyaanisqatsi (original issue of soundtrack)CD1983not rated46:27
Various artistsKscope Vol. 9CD2018not rated1:02:11
Various artistsL'Estro Armonico, Op. 3 (Complete)CD1995not rated
Various artistsLadies Sing The Blues, Roots of Rock'N'Roll, Vol 5LP1979not rated
Various artistsLadies Sing the Blues Volume 2LP1981not rated
Various artistsLegacy - A Collection of New Folk MusicCD1989not rated57:17
Various artistsLigeti: Edition 5 - Mechanical MusicCD1997not rated
Various artistsLive At CBGB'sLP1976not rated
Various artistsLive At the Apollo: 14 Rock OriginalsCD1990not rated40:40
Various artistsLive StiffsLP1978not rated
Various artistsLove to Rock 'N' RollCD1980not rated26:07
Various artistsMadrigals and Sacred ConcertosCD1973not rated53:39
Various artistsMaggie's Music SamplerCD1996not rated1:15:43
Various artistsMalt Shop Memories - Jukebox GemsCD2006not rated
Various artistsMalt Shop Memories - Save the Last Dance For MeCD2006not rated
Various artistsMalt Shop Memories - Street Corner SymphoniesCD2006not rated
Various artistsMalt Shop Memories - Top Down, Convertible SoundCD2006not rated
Various artistsMalt Shop Memories: All I Have to Do Is DreamCD2006not rated
Various artistsMassachusetts for FolkCD2000not rated1:09:28
Various artistsMasters Of The Blues Soul X FourCD1990not rated44:09
Various artistsMean Mothers: Independent Women's Blues, Volume ILP1980not rated
Various artistsMento Madness 1951-56CD1951not rated51:29
Various artistsMiller Mix 2001CD2001not rated1:10:48
Various artistsMojo Presents The Madcap Laughs AgainCD2010not rated44:40
Various artistsMondo Exotica: Ultra-Lounge Volume OneCD1996not rated53:12
Various artistsMore Intensified! Volume Two Original Ska 1963-67LP1980not rated
Various artistsMozart: Great Choral WorksCD1993not rated
Various artistsMusic For 18 MusiciansCD1997not rated1:07:42
Various artistsMusic For Films IIILP1988not rated
Various artistsMusic From Free CreekCD1973not rated1:06:17
Various artistsNaqoyqatsiDVD9/17/2002not rated
Various artistsNever Ever LandCD box set2008not rated3:45:47
Various artistsNew York Stories; Vol 1CD1992not rated53:34
Various artistsNo New YorkLP1978not rated
Various artistsNorman Blake, Jethro Burns, Sam Bush, Vassar Clements, David Holland, Butch Robins, and Tut TaylorLP1975not rated
Various artistsNorman Granz Jam Session Vol 4LP1953not rated
Various artistsNorman Granz' Jam Session #1LP1952not rated
Various artistsNuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And BeyondCD6/19/2001not rated
Various artistsNuggets Volume 1:The HitsLP1984not rated
Various artistsNuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era (1965-1968)LP1972not rated
Various artistsNuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era, 1965-1968CD9/15/1998not rated
Various artistsOhm: The Early Gurus of Electronic MusicCD box set10/25/2005not rated
Various artistsOperation JazzLP1961not rated
Various artistsOriginal motion picture soundtrack - Porky's RevengeLP1985not rated
Various artistsOur BestLP1953not rated
Various artistsPanoramaCD2000not rated1:19:23
Various artistsPanthalassa - The RemixesCD1999not rated46:58
Various artistsParty with PutumayoCD1998not rated39:32
Various artistsPassagesCD1990not rated55:48
Various artistsPebbles Vol. 1CD1989not rated58:35
Various artistsPoet: A Tribute to Townes Van ZandtCD2001not rated59:15
Various artistsPowaqqatsiDVD1988not rated
Various artistsPutumayo World Music SamplerCD1995not rated1:12:19
Various artistsRSO Prime Cuts10" vinyl1975not rated
Various artistsRadio Dave Mix 2001 - Cleaning the Hard DriveCD2001not rated1:13:23
Various artistsRattlesnake Guitar - The Music Of Peter GreenCD box set1997not rated2:16:50
Various artistsRaw BluesLP1967not rated
Various artistsRe/Search: Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. 1Tape11/19/1993not rated
Various artistsRespect Yourself: The Stax Records StoryDVD10/2/2007not rated
Various artistsReturn Of The Grievous AngelCD1999not rated54:19
Various artistsRevolutionary Sounds: Essential Rockers Reggae Classics (1973 - 1981)CD1998not rated51:35
Various artistsRock Generation Volume 7CD1972not rated
Various artistsRock Generation Volume 8CD1969not rated
Various artistsRockabilly Stars Volume TwoCD1957not rated57:01
Various artistsRockers (The Original Soundtrack From The Film)LP1979not rated
Various artistsRockers - 25th Anniversary EditionDVD6/21/2005not rated
Various artistsRockers InternationalLP1980not rated
Various artistsRockers VibrationLP1982not rated
Various artistsRubaiyat : Elektra's 40th anniversaryCD box set1990not rated2:28:39
Various artistsS'Wonderful - 4 Giants of SwingLP1977not rated
Various artistsSahara LoungeCD2004not rated48:12
Various artistsSample This '96CD1996not rated44:24
Various artistsShowdownLP1985not rated
Various artistsSingin' the Blues: A Treasury of Great Jazz Singers of the 1930s, '40s and '50sLP1974not rated
Various artistsSkydog: The Duane Allman RetrospectiveCD box set2013not rated9:00:02
Various artistsSmart Music for Smart People (Vol. 1)CD1988not rated1:02:04
Various artistsSoliman II. oder die drei SultaninnenLP1987not rated
Various artistsSoul Slabs Vol. 2LP box set4/13/2019not rated
Various artistsStanding in the Shadows of MotownDVD2003not rated
Various artistsStars & Stripes Vol. 1CD1996not rated37:45
Various artistsStars of the Steel GuitarCD1992not rated31:45
Various artistsStax/Volt Revue Live In Norway 1967DVD10/2/2007not rated
Various artistsStiff Box - Singles BUY 1-107" vinyl1978not rated
Various artistsStiff Box - Singles BUY 11 - 207" vinyl1978not rated
Various artistsStone Free: A Tribute To Jimi HendrixCD1993not rated1:03:28
Various artistsStraight Outta Boone CountyCD1997not rated1:01:05
Various artistsStraight Outta Ireland - Vol 2CD1993not rated37:32
Various artistsStraight to HellLP1987not rated
Various artistsString Quartets 2 & 3, Trio, Sonata for Solo ViolinLP1973not rated
Various artistsSugar Hill SnapshotsCD1999not rated1:11:24
Various artistsSummer Means FunLP1982not rated
Various artistsSurf Legends (And Rumors) - 1961 - 1964CD1988not rated1:01:20
Various artistsSweet Soul Music: The Stax GroupsLP1988not rated
Various artistsSymphonies, Serenades and MiniaturesCD box set1993not rated1:03:42
Various artistsSymphony No. 2 / Interlude From Orphee / Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and OrchestraCD1998not rated1:09:24
Various artistsSymphony No. 3 / Three Pieces in Olden Style / Amen for ChoirCD1988not rated1:08:34
Various artistsTabula RasaCD1984not rated55:01
Various artistsTampa Hi-Fi Jazz SamplerLP1953not rated
Various artistsTeenline #1CD2004not rated1:14:13
Various artistsTeenline #102CD2004not rated1:02:16
Various artistsTehillimCD1982not rated29:58
Various artistsTelemann: Tafelmusik No. 1 & 2 / Hummel: Trumpet Concerto / Richter: Concerto for Trumpet in D majorCD1993not rated59:47
Various artistsTexas Music, Vol. 1: Postwar Blues CombosCD1994not rated47:02
Various artistsThe 2 Tone Collection: A Checkered PastCD1993not rated2:29:20
Various artistsThe Alligator Records 25th Anniversary CollectionCD1996not rated1:13:35
Various artistsThe American Folk Blues Festival - Live at the Jazz House Wiesbaden, German 11-16-64CD box set1964not rated2:02:46
Various artistsThe Berlin RecitalCD1996not rated1:16:20
Various artistsThe Best Of Sun RockabillyCD1986not rated50:01
Various artistsThe Best of A Cappella Gospel SingingCD box set1999not rated2:25:25
Various artistsThe Best of Chess BluesLP1987not rated
Various artistsThe Best of the Chicago Blues Vol. 1LP1975not rated
Various artistsThe Birth Of The Third StreamCD1996not rated1:17:10
Various artistsThe Chess Story Volume One - From Blues To Doo-WopCD1993not rated49:13
Various artistsThe Chess Story Volume Two - From Doo-Wop To R & BCD1993not rated42:27
Various artistsThe Commodore Jazz Classics From Tradition Jazz to Free-style SwingLP box set1979not rated
Various artistsThe Complete Monterey Pop Festival (The Criterion Collection)DVD11/12/2002not rated
Various artistsThe Complete QuintetsCD1997not rated1:12:18
Various artistsThe Complete Quintets Vol. 2CD1997not rated1:16:19
Various artistsThe Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968CD box set1991not rated
Various artistsThe Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles: 1968-1971CD box set1993not rated
Various artistsThe Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles: 1972-1975CD box set1994not rated
Various artistsThe Count's Men : Featuring Joe NewmanLP1956not rated
Various artistsThe Doo Wop BoxCD box set5/17/1994not rated
Various artistsThe Fabulous Bubblegum YearsLP1976not rated
Various artistsThe Four Sections, Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices, and OrganCD1990not rated43:05
Various artistsThe Great British Psychedelic TripCD box set2010not rated5:12:53
Various artistsThe Great Milwaukee Experiment of 1972CD1972not rated57:38
Various artistsThe Harder They Come (DVD + CD)DVD8/22/2006not rated
Various artistsThe History of SKACD1995not rated1:08:28
Various artistsThe King Kong Compilation: The Historic Reggae RecordingsLP1981not rated
Various artistsThe Metronome All-Star BandsLP1958not rated
Various artistsThe OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957CD box set1993not rated3:25:39
Various artistsThe Pachelbel CanonCD1994not rated1:02:56
Various artistsThe Playboy Jazz All StarsLP1957not rated
Various artistsThe Playboy Jazz All Stars Vol. 2LP1958not rated
Various artistsThe Power Of The Trinity: Great Moments In Reggae HarmonyCD1997not rated53:12
Various artistsThe Premier Collection Vol. 2CD1990not rated47:19
Various artistsThe Progressive Music Society Presents...Portals - Movements - StructuresCD box set2002not rated2:26:12
Various artistsThe Progressive Music Society Presents...Portals - Movements - Structures 2CD box set2003not rated5:15:42
Various artistsThe Rockin' Boppin' Ladies, Vol. 1CD1996not rated1:01:58
Various artistsThe Roots of Rock'N RollLP1977not rated
Various artistsThe Savage Seven Original Motion Picture SoundtrackLP1968not rated
Various artistsThe Second Timex All-Star Jazz Show Music Series No. 14 Release No. 95LP1978not rated
Various artistsThe Signature Sounds Collection 1997: New England Folk & Acoustic MusicCD1997not rated43:21
Various artistsThe Singles2CD1996not rated2:28:47
Various artistsThe Specialty StoryCD box set1994not rated5:35:24
Various artistsThe Sun Blues BoxCD box set2013not rated13:50:00
Various artistsThe T.A.M.I. Show Collector's EditionDVD1964not rated
Various artistsThesaurus of Classic JazzLP box set1959not rated
Various artistsThis Is Reggae Music, Vol. 2LP1975not rated
Various artistsThis Is Spinal TapDVD1984not rated
Various artistsTidal WaveLP1983not rated
Various artistsTime Out: New York Knitting Factory SamplerCD1995not rated1:11:42
Various artistsTimeless: A Tribute To Hank WilliamsCD2001not rated43:17
Various artistsTom Dowd & the Language of MusicDVD8/24/2004not rated
Various artistsTougher Than Tough: The Story Of Jamaican MusicCD box set11/16/1993not rated
Various artistsTreasury of Gregorian ChantsCD7/19/1994not rated
Various artistsTrojan A Jamaican Story Box SetCD box set3/27/2001not rated
Various artistsUnited Artists Black Singles 1959-1967 "Motor City To Central Park"LP1987not rated
Various artistsUnknown Legends of Rock 'n RollCD1998not rated45:40
Various artistsVoyager Golden Record 40th Anniversary EditionLP box set2017not rated1:51:04
Various artistsWail Man Wail!CD1993not rated44:46
Various artistsWattStax: Music From The WattStax Festival And FilmCD box set1972not rated3:44:20
Various artistsWhat's Shakin'LP1966not rated
Various artistsWild Men Ride Wild GuitarsCD1990not rated45:20
Various artistsWoodstock - 3 Days of Peace & Music (The Director's Cut)DVD3/26/1997not rated
Various artistsWoodstock - Music From the Original Soundtrack and MoreLP1970not rated
Various artistsWoodstock TwoLP1971not rated
Various artistsa samplerCD1996not rated1:10:30