The Yardbirds (16 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
The YardbirdsFeaturing Performances by Jeff Beck Eric Clapton Jimmy PageLP1970not rated57:37
The YardbirdsFive Live Yardbirds [Mono]LP1966not rated
The YardbirdsFor Your LoveLP1965not rated30:55
The YardbirdsGolden EggsLP1973not rated
The YardbirdsGreatest HitsLP1967not rated30:49
The YardbirdsHaving a Rave Up With The YardbirdsLP1965not rated37:45
The YardbirdsJeff Beck & YardbirdsLP1973not rated31:32
The YardbirdsLive Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy PageLP1976not rated
The YardbirdsLive at the Keswick Theater, Glenside PA 2-4-12CD2012not rated1:07:46
The YardbirdsMore Golden EggsLP1975not rated
The YardbirdsOver Under Sideways DownLP1966not rated25:31
The YardbirdsReflection Early YardbirdsLP1971not rated
The YardbirdsRemember... The YardbirdsLP1971not rated
The YardbirdsRoger the EngineerCD1966not rated36:42
The YardbirdsShapes of ThingsEP1980not rated
The YardbirdsSonny Boy Williamson & The YardbirdsLP1964not rated