Tangerine Dream (21 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Tangerine Dream2001 Dream MixesCD2001not rated1:16:07
Tangerine DreamAtmosphericsCD1995not rated1:14:24
Tangerine DreamDestination BerlinCD1989not rated
Tangerine DreamForce MajeureCD1979not rated40:21
Tangerine DreamForce MajeureLP1981not rated39:54
Tangerine DreamIn Search Of Hades: (The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979)CD box set2019not rated15:44:54
Tangerine DreamLiveCD1980not rated1:12:14
Tangerine DreamLive at Coventry Cathedral 10-4-75CD box set1975not rated2:11:10
Tangerine DreamLive at Palais du Sport, Paris 11-22-76CD box set1976not rated1:53:45
Tangerine DreamLive at Washington Lisner Auditorium 4-4-1977CD box set1977not rated1:49:48
Tangerine DreamLive at the Palast der Republik, East Berlin 1-31-1980CD box set1980not rated1:41:04
Tangerine DreamLive at the Ventura Theater, Ventura CA 11-1-92CD box set1992not rated2:00:46
Tangerine DreamLive in Bernau Germany 10-07-2001 / Live at Sheffield City Hall 10-29-1974CD box set2002not rated2:02:38
Tangerine DreamLive in Bilbao, Spain 1-31-1976CD box set1976not rated1:54:33
Tangerine DreamNottingham 11-8-1976CD1976not rated1:19:37
Tangerine DreamPhaedraCD1974not rated38:02
Tangerine DreamPhaedraLP1974not rated
Tangerine DreamRicochetCD1975not rated38:05
Tangerine DreamSorcererDVD1977not rated
Tangerine DreamSorcererCD1977not rated44:22
Tangerine DreamTangents: 1973-1983CD10/18/1994not rated