Sonny Rollins (14 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sonny RollinsA Night at the Village VanguardCD1957not rated1:00:21
Sonny RollinsBlue Note Re-issue SeriesLP1975not rated
Sonny RollinsDon't Stop The CarnivalCD1978not rated1:10:59
Sonny RollinsEast Broadway Run DownCD1967not rated38:37
Sonny RollinsFreedom SuiteLP1958not rated
Sonny RollinsPlus FourCD1956not rated32:27
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows Vol. 2CD2011not rated1:06:14
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 1CD2008not rated1:11:37
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Volume 3CD2014not rated1:12:52
Sonny RollinsSaxophone ColossusCD1956not rated39:56
Sonny RollinsThe BridgeCD1962not rated40:27
Sonny RollinsThe Freelance Years - The Complete Riverside & Contemporary RecordingsCD box set2000not rated5:58:43
Sonny RollinsWay Out WestLP1957not rated
Sonny Rollins QuartetTenor MadnessCD1956not rated35:24