Runrig (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
RunrigThe Stamping GroundCD2001not rated56:44
RunrigThe Highland ConnectionCD1979not rated43:04
RunrigThe Cutter & The ClanCD1987not rated37:37
RunrigThe Big WheelCD1991not rated51:34
RunrigSearchlightCD1989not rated49:19
RunrigProterraCD2003not rated56:08
RunrigMaraCD1995not rated48:30
RunrigLive in Freiburg, Germany, Stadthalle, 05-11-1993CD box set1993not rated2:09:14
RunrigIn Search Of AngelsCD1999not rated55:14
RunrigEverything You SeeCD2007not rated49:02
RunrigAmazing thingsCD1993not rated57:46