Plasticland (10 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
PlasticlandColor AppreciationLP1984not rated
PlasticlandColor Appreciation / The Mushroom Hill7" vinyl1981not rated
PlasticlandDapper SnappingsCD1994not rated32:28
PlasticlandLive in Chicago, 1984CD1984not rated42:49
PlasticlandMake Yourself a Happening Machine: A Collection OfCD2006not rated1:10:53
PlasticlandMink Dress / Office Skills7" vinyl1980not rated
PlasticlandMink Dress And Other CatsCD1995not rated36:21
PlasticlandPlasticlandLP1984not rated34:46
PlasticlandVibrasonics From PlasticlandEP1981not rated
PlasticlandWonder Wonderful WonderlandCD1985not rated34:20