Pat Martino (12 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Pat Martino TrioLive at Sculler's Jazz Club, Boston 4-15-162CD2016not rated1:24:23
Pat MartinoBaiyina (The Clear Evidence)CD1968not rated38:08
Pat MartinoComin' & Goin': Exit & The ReturnCD1999not rated39:15
Pat MartinoEl HombreCD1967not rated47:48
Pat MartinoFormidableCD2017not rated1:11:02
Pat MartinoImpressions: The Incredible Pat MartinoCD2005not rated49:30
Pat MartinoLive at Yoshi'sCD2001not rated1:16:26
Pat MartinoRemember: A Tribute To Wes MontgomeryCD2006not rated1:06:13
Pat MartinoStarbright - Joyous LakeCD2006not rated1:15:14
Pat MartinoStringsCD1967not rated37:22
Pat MartinoThink TankCD2003not rated1:10:15
Pat MartinoUndeniable : Live at Blues AlleyCD2011not rated59:02