Ozric Tentacles (193 albums, 1 bookmark)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Ozric Tentacles11th Roadburn Festival, Tilburg Holland 4-22-06CD box set2006not rated1:34:09
Ozric Tentacles32 Bleu - Colorado Springs, CO, USA 7-16-04CD box set2004not rated2:06:52
Ozric TentaclesAfterswish (Dovetail)CD1991not rated1:58:27
Ozric TentaclesAfterswish (Snapper)CD box set1999not rated1:58:29
Ozric TentaclesAll Good Music Festival. Masontown, WV 7-12-07CD2007not rated1:12:05
Ozric TentaclesAll Good Musical Festival, 2004-07-09CD box set2004not rated2:03:30
Ozric TentaclesAngel Centre, Tonbridge, UK 10-25-86CD1986not rated44:13
Ozric TentaclesAngel Centre, Tonbridge, UK 2-26-89DVD1989not rated
Ozric TentaclesArborescenceLP1994not rated
Ozric TentaclesArborescenceCD1994not rated49:16
Ozric TentaclesBBC-1 Manchester University 9-14-92CD1992not rated25:47
Ozric TentaclesBar Cuba, Macclesfield, UKCD box set2001not rated
Ozric TentaclesBeachland Ballroom, Cleveland 3-25-05CD box set2005not rated2:15:57
Ozric TentaclesBecome the OtherCD1995not rated54:48
Ozric TentaclesBurg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach, Germany 7-15-05CD box set2005not rated1:32:52
Ozric TentaclesCanterbury Fayre, Mount Ephraim Gardens, Hernhill, UK 8-23-02CD2002not rated1:16:44
Ozric TentaclesCentral Station, Wrexham UK 5-28-01CD box set2001not rated1:38:39
Ozric TentaclesCurious CornCD1997not rated46:35
Ozric TentaclesDoris' Birthday Party, 9-85CD box set1985not rated1:32:07
Ozric TentaclesEd's Bits - Volume 1CD2000not rated1:19:47
Ozric TentaclesEd's Bits - Volume 2CD2000not rated1:17:43
Ozric TentaclesErplandCD1990not rated1:13:44
Ozric TentaclesErpsongsCD1993not rated1:01:49
Ozric TentaclesFloating Seeds RemixedCD1999not rated1:05:51
Ozric TentaclesFridge, Brixton 19-5-91VHS1991not rated
Ozric TentaclesFrom the Witchwood 5-17-01CD box set2001not rated1:56:42
Ozric TentaclesGeorgia Theater, Athens GA 11-3-2000CD2000not rated1:19:50
Ozric TentaclesJurassic ShiftCD1993not rated1:03:50
Ozric TentaclesJurassic Shift (with bonus DVD)CD box set2008not rated
Ozric TentaclesLakeside Festival - Don Valley Grass Bowl - Sheffield UK 7-22-01CD2001not rated56:03
Ozric TentaclesLiftoff - Vol I (1990 - 1994)CD2000not rated1:09:01
Ozric TentaclesLiftoff - Vol II (1990 - 1994)CD2000not rated58:00
Ozric TentaclesLive (In the Air Age) - Vol. 1CD2000not rated1:19:14
Ozric TentaclesLive 1986CD1986not rated1:12:32
Ozric TentaclesLive @ the Fillmore 6.5.98DVD1998not rated
Ozric TentaclesLive @ the Fillmore 6.5.98CD box set1998not rated1:55:46
Ozric TentaclesLive At The Pongmasters BallCD box set2002not rated1:56:45
Ozric TentaclesLive Ethereal CerealCD1993not rated1:01:36
Ozric TentaclesLive From Martyr's, Chicago 7-13-04CD box set2004not rated2:00:22
Ozric TentaclesLive UnderslunkyCD1992not rated1:12:54
Ozric TentaclesLive at Bradwell-On-Sea, Essex, UK October 19842CD1984not rated2:09:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at Cafe De Pul, Uden Netherlands 11-20-99CD box set1999not rated1:51:09
Ozric TentaclesLive at Club Dog, The Sir George Robey, Finsbury Park, London 4-8-88CD box set1988not rated1:25:31
Ozric TentaclesLive at First Avenue Minneapolis - 7-21-99CD box set1999not rated2:00:08
Ozric TentaclesLive at Greenlands Farm, Glastonbury UK 10-85CD1985not rated1:19:39
Ozric TentaclesLive at Growler's American Grill & Venue, Roanoke VA 4-12-12CD box set2012not rated2:18:49
Ozric TentaclesLive at Jaxx Niteclub, West Springfield VA 7-11-99CD box set1999not rated2:01:52
Ozric TentaclesLive at Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia 6-23-09CD box set2009not rated2:15:32
Ozric TentaclesLive at La Luna, Santa Fe NM 10-10-94CD box set1994not rated1:50:55
Ozric TentaclesLive at Leeds - 6-12-02CD box set2002not rated1:58:52
Ozric TentaclesLive at Local 186, Boston 4-16-94CD box set1994not rated1:45:39
Ozric TentaclesLive at Martyrs, Chicago 8 Nov 2000CD box set2000not rated1:39:06
Ozric TentaclesLive at Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland OH 4-21-94CD box set1994not rated2:03:31
Ozric TentaclesLive at ProgDay 2009, Storybook Farm Chapel Hill, NC 9-6-09CD box set2009not rated1:41:02
Ozric TentaclesLive at Quazars Coliseum, St. Austell, UK, 8-16-86CD1986not rated1:01:20
Ozric TentaclesLive at Shank Hall, Milwaukee 4-24-94CD box set1994not rated2:07:44
Ozric TentaclesLive at Shank Hall, Milwaukee 7-20-99CD box set1999not rated2:00:08
Ozric TentaclesLive at The Wheatsheaf, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England, 8-86CD box set1986not rated1:31:10
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Abby Pub, Chicago 3-26-05CD box set2005not rated2:09:46
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Abyss, Houston TX 10-15-94CD box set1994not rated1:56:29
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Academy, Manchester, UK 12-10-94CD box set1994not rated1:30:40
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Aggie Theater, Ft. Collins CO 5-21-09CD box set2009not rated2:03:56
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Aggie Theater, Ft. Collins, CO 11-11-00CD box set2000not rated1:46:04
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Albert Halls, Bolton UK 1-13-2005CD box set2005not rated2:03:36
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Alder Valley Bus Garage, Reading UK 12-21-85CD1985not rated1:12:07
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland 3-31-12CD box set2012not rated2:02:40
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Black Cat Club, Washington DC 10-22-94CD box set1994not rated1:37:27
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Cheese & Grain, Frome Somerset 6-7-03CD box set2003not rated1:58:42
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia 4-20-94CD box set1994not rated1:53:47
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Entourage, Wyandotte MI 4-13-94CD box set1994not rated3:29:25
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Exit-In, Nashville TN 9-1-09CD box set2009not rated2:25:51
Ozric TentaclesLive at the FLOG Club, Florence Italy 11-5-95CD box set1995not rated1:33:01
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Fez - Reading 4-24-02CD box set2002not rated1:58:53
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Fox Theater, Boulder CO 10-2-94CD box set1994not rated1:54:35
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Fox Theater, Boulder CO 11-12-00CD box set2000not rated1:49:30
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Fox Theater, Boulder CO 4-26-94CD box set1994not rated1:58:14
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Fox Theater, Boulder CO 7-24-99CD box set1999not rated2:00:05
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Fridge, Brixton 5-19-91CD box set1991not rated1:39:13
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Funkbox, Baltimore 3-24-05CD box set2005not rated2:15:15
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Funkbox, Baltimore 7-31-04CD box set2004not rated2:05:19
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Georgia Theater, Atlanta GA 7-30-04CD box set2004not rated1:57:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Glastonbury Festival 6-29-02CD2002not rated1:09:17
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Gothic Theater, Denver CO 11-10-00CD box set2000not rated1:42:16
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Hare & Hounds, Birmingham UK 5-13-2012CD box set2012not rated1:57:42
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Industry, Pontiac MI 4-22-94CD box set1994not rated2:01:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at the L,M & S CLub, Hendon UK 5-86CD1986not rated54:33
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Limelight - Crewe - 3-10-02CD box set2002not rated1:53:01
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Limelight Club, NYC 4-19-94CD box set1994not rated1:55:02
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Limelight Club, NYC 4-19-94 [Video]DVD1994not rated
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Lomax - Liverpool 3-13-02CD box set2002not rated1:51:20
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Magic Bag, Ferndale MI 6-20-14CD box set2014not rated1:45:09
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Magic Bus Marcon, Venezia Italy 11-26-99CD box set1999not rated1:59:56
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Mardi Gras, Nottingham, UK 1-31-87CD1987not rated1:14:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Masquerade, Atlanta GA 10-17-94CD box set1994not rated1:57:32
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Melkweg, Amsterdam Holland 11-1-95CD box set1995not rated1:33:16
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Middle East, Cambridge, MA 3-17-05CD box set2005not rated2:01:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Norwich Arts Center, Norwich UK 6-17-05CD box set2005not rated2:13:25
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Nsect Club, Hampton VA 10-20-94CD box set1994not rated2:01:16
Ozric TentaclesLive at the O2 Academy, Islington, London 05-12-152CD2015not rated2:05:39
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Odeon Concert Club, Cleveland OH 7-16-99CD box set1999not rated2:00:06
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Odeon Theater, Cleveland, OH 11-15-00CD box set2000not rated1:52:08
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Opera House, Toronto Canada 4-14-94 [No Soundcheck]CD box set1994not rated1:46:54
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Opera House, Toronto Canada 4-14-94 [Soundcheck]CD1994not rated36:01
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Opera House, Toronto Canada 4-14-94 [With Soundcheck]CD box set1994not rated2:22:49
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Orange Peel, Asheville NC 9-5-09CD box set2009not rated2:14:47
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Orbit Room, Grand Rapids MI 9-28-94CD box set1994not rated1:49:41
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Palladium, Rome 5-29-95CD box set1995not rated2:14:09
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Paradise Club - Reading 12-2-86CD1986not rated54:29
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Paradise Club, Boston 7-7-99CD box set1999not rated2:04:33
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Paradise Club, Boston 9-25-94CD box set1994not rated1:58:59
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Paradise Club, Boston MA 10-24-00CD box set2000not rated1:40:57
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Paradise Club, Reading UK 06-86CD1986not rated36:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Phoenix Art Centre, Exeter UK 1-15-05CD box set2005not rated2:03:28
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Pongmaster's BallDVD1/25/2005not rated
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham UK 6-7-05CD box set2005not rated2:17:27
Ozric TentaclesLive at the River Valley Music Cafe, Lawrence Kansas 10-1-94DVD1994not rated
Ozric TentaclesLive at the State Theater, Falls Church VA 3-20-05CD box set2005not rated2:15:05
Ozric TentaclesLive at the State Theater, Falls Church VA 4-10-2012CD box set2012not rated2:29:23
Ozric TentaclesLive at the State Theater, Falls Church VA 6-22-06CD box set2006not rated1:44:15
Ozric TentaclesLive at the State Theater, Falls Church VA 6-22-06 minidiscCD box set2006not rated1:54:07
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Subterania - London 12-28-01CD box set2001not rated1:58:16
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Telegraph, Brixton (London) UK 6-13-05CD box set2005not rated2:13:56
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Tralf, Buffalo NY 4-4-12CD box set2012not rated2:34:37
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Trees - Dallas 10-14-94 (incomplete)CD1994not rated1:03:46
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Variety Arts Centre, Los Angeles CA 10-8-94CD box set1994not rated1:49:07
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Wetlands, NYC 10-28-00CD box set2000not rated2:02:49
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Wetlands, NYC 7-10-99CD box set1999not rated2:24:44
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Wetlands, NYC 7-24-93CD box set1993not rated2:42:34
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Wetlands, NYC 7-25-93CD box set1993not rated1:40:22
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles CA, 4-30-94CD box set1994not rated2:38:46
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Wickerman Festival, Scotland 7-18-03CD box set2003not rated1:34:09
Ozric TentaclesLive at the Zappanale 13 Festival, Bad Doberon Germany 7-27-02CD box set2002not rated2:22:24
Ozric TentaclesLive in Belfast - 6-13-02CD box set2002not rated1:59:20
Ozric TentaclesLive in Copenhagen 11-5-05CD box set2005not rated2:18:16
Ozric TentaclesLive in Folkstone, UK 3-19-87CD1987not rated1:16:20
Ozric TentaclesLive in Hartford, CT 11-16-00CD box set2000not rated1:56:06
Ozric TentaclesLive in Pordenone, Italy 10-19-13CD box set2013not rated1:47:38
Ozric TentaclesLive in Pordenone, Italy 11-15-02CD box set2002not rated1:52:20
Ozric TentaclesLive in Warrington (Parr Hall) - 9-3-1992CD box set1992not rated1:31:51
Ozric TentaclesLive! (In the Air Age) - Vol.2CD2000not rated1:16:03
Ozric TentaclesMP3 CompleteCD2000not rated
Ozric TentaclesNosher's Farm, 8-8-85CD box set1985not rated1:56:14
Ozric TentaclesNotting Hill, London UK 8-1-85CD1985not rated1:07:40
Ozric TentaclesOakumCD2001not rated
Ozric TentaclesOdds'n Ends, Rarities, and ShpongleCD2000not rated1:12:06
Ozric TentaclesOff The Tracks Festival, Donnington Park Farmhouse, Isley Walton 9-4-04CD box set2004not rated2:23:19
Ozric TentaclesPaper MonkeysCD2011not rated1:01:19
Ozric TentaclesParklife Free Festival, Gillingham Park, Gillingham UK 8-17-02CD2002not rated57:49
Ozric TentaclesPungent EffulgentCD1989not rated1:15:06
Ozric TentaclesPyramidionCD2001not rated41:20
Ozric TentaclesRe-Entry - Vol. 1 (1995 - 2000)CD2000not rated1:15:26
Ozric TentaclesRe-Entry - Vol. 2 (1995 - 2000)CD2000not rated1:11:50
Ozric TentaclesReading Festival, Reading UK 8-28-93CD1993not rated1:08:37
Ozric TentaclesRecreation Centre, Famborough, UK 10-18-86CD1986not rated45:56
Ozric TentaclesSavernake Forest [Lake?], Wiltshire UK 6-15-85CD1985not rated1:13:50
Ozric TentaclesShank Hall 7-27-04CD box set2004not rated1:58:55
Ozric TentaclesShank Hall, Milwaukee 11-14-00CD box set2000not rated1:37:21
Ozric TentaclesSliding Gliding WorldsCD1993not rated1:02:41
Ozric TentaclesSpice DoubtCD1998not rated1:17:37
Ozric TentaclesSpirals In HyperspaceCD2004not rated1:09:39
Ozric TentaclesSploosh!12" vinyl4/19/2014not rated13:43
Ozric TentaclesStrangeitudeCD1991not rated51:47
Ozric TentaclesSunrise CelebrationCD2008not rated1:12:01
Ozric TentaclesSwirly TerminationCD2000not rated45:43
Ozric TentaclesTantric ObstaclesCD1993not rated1:01:22
Ozric TentaclesTechnicians of the SacredCD box set2015not rated1:29:15
Ozric TentaclesThe Bits Between The BitsCD1993not rated1:02:32
Ozric TentaclesThe Carribean Club, Ipswich UK 4-20-91CD1991not rated1:01:04
Ozric TentaclesThe Corporation, Sheffield UK 5-29-05CD box set2005not rated2:17:46
Ozric TentaclesThe Floor's Too Far AwayCD2006not rated59:46
Ozric TentaclesThe Grove, Anaheim, CA 7-22-04CD box set2004not rated2:07:41
Ozric TentaclesThe Hidden JamsCD2000not rated47:19
Ozric TentaclesThe Hidden StepCD2000not rated47:58
Ozric TentaclesThe House of Blues, Chicago IL 7-18-99CD box set1999not rated2:06:16
Ozric TentaclesThe Mystery Gig - 1997 - 1998CD1997not rated1:13:58
Ozric TentaclesThe Orange Peel, Asheville, NC 7-10-04CD box set2004not rated2:01:22
Ozric TentaclesThe Paradise, Boston MA 7-6-04CD box set2004not rated2:00:13
Ozric TentaclesThe Royal Standard, Walthamstow UK 11-15-01CD box set2001not rated2:03:40
Ozric TentaclesThe Standard Music Venue, Walthamstow, London 9-19-07CD box set2007not rated1:42:09
Ozric TentaclesThe Trocadero, Philadelphia PA 10-25-00CD box set2000not rated1:22:03
Ozric TentaclesThe University, Liverpool UK, 11-28-1991CD box set1991not rated1:31:11
Ozric TentaclesThe Wetlands, NYC July 25, 1993DVD1993not rated
Ozric TentaclesThe YumYum TreeCD2009not rated53:09
Ozric TentaclesThere Is NothingCD1993not rated1:12:25
Ozric TentaclesUniversity of Reading, Reading UK 5-15-92CD box set1992not rated1:32:57
Ozric TentaclesVitamin EnhancedCD box set2013not rated6:20:58
Ozric TentaclesWakarusa Music Festival, Lawrence KS 6-6-08CD2008not rated1:17:23
Ozric TentaclesWasps & MothsCD1995not rated1:04:43
Ozric TentaclesWaterfall CitiesCD1999not rated57:35
Ozric TentaclesWe Have Ignition Vol. 1 (1985 - 1991)CD2000not rated1:00:01
Ozric TentaclesWe Have Ignition Vol. 2 (1985 - 1991)CD2000not rated1:01:12
Ozric TentaclesWedgwood Rooms, Portsmouth, UK 3-29-97CD1997not rated44:16
Ozric TentaclesWulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, UK 12-2-95CD box set1995not rated2:22:58