Hidria Spacefolk (11 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Hidria SpacefolkAstronauticaCD2012not rated46:01
Hidria SpacefolkBurg Herzberg Festival 2012, Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany 7-19-12CD box set2012not rated1:29:32
Hidria SpacefolkHDRSF-1 (author's edition) / SymbiosisCD box set2002not rated1:26:27
Hidria SpacefolkLive Eleven AM - Nearfest 2004CD2005not rated1:11:37
Hidria SpacefolkLive at HeartCD2007not rated1:05:21
Hidria SpacefolkLive at the Icehall, Helsinki Finland 12-15-07CD2007not rated46:27
Hidria SpacefolkLive in Copenhagen 9-26-2003CD box set2003not rated1:41:14
Hidria SpacefolkLive plus Kaneh Bosm (demo)CD2003not rated51:09
Hidria SpacefolkOff The Tracks Summer Festival, Donnington Park Farmhouse, Isley Walton 8-30-14CD box set2014not rated1:36:27
Hidria SpacefolkSymbiosis +CD2002not rated
Hidria SpacefolkSymetriaCD2007not rated47:47