Graham Parker (25 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Graham Parker12 Haunted EpisodesCD1995not rated44:29
Graham ParkerAnother Grey AreaLP1982not rated
Graham ParkerBurning QuestionsCD1992not rated45:30
Graham ParkerHuman SoulLP1989not rated
Graham ParkerLife Gets Better/Beyond A Joke7" vinyl1983not rated
Graham ParkerLive! Alone In AmericaLP1989not rated
Graham ParkerLook Back in Anger (Classic Performances by Graham Parker)LP1985not rated
Graham ParkerLove Without Greed / Mercury Poisoning7" vinyl1980not rated
Graham ParkerSteady NervesLP1985not rated
Graham ParkerStruck by LightningCD1991not rated57:27
Graham ParkerStupefaction / Women In Charge7" vinyl1980not rated
Graham ParkerThe Mona Lisa's SisterLP1988not rated
Graham ParkerThe Real MacawLP1983not rated
Graham ParkerUp EscalatorLP1980not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourHeat TreatmentLP1976not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourHigh TimesLP1978not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourHowlin WindLP1976not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourLIVE in San Francisco 1979CD2010not rated1:16:12
Graham Parker & The RumourLive SparksLP1979not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourNew York Shuffle / The Bleep7" vinyl1977not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourSqueezing Out SparksLP1979not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourStick to MeLP1977not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourThe ParkerillaLP1978not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourThe Pink Parker7" vinyl1977not rated
Graham Parker & The RumourThree Chords GoodCD2012not rated51:33