Dave Edmunds (19 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Dave EdmundsAgainCD2013not rated50:23
Dave EdmundsAnthology (1968-1990)CD box set4/20/1993not rated
Dave EdmundsCloser To The FlameCD1990not rated38:56
Dave EdmundsCrawling From Wreckage/As Lovers Do7" vinyl1979not rated
Dave EdmundsD.E. 7thLP1982not rated
Dave EdmundsGet ItLP1977not rated
Dave EdmundsInformationLP1983not rated
Dave EdmundsPlugged InCD1994not rated42:33
Dave EdmundsQueen Of Hearts/Creature From the Black Lagoon7" vinyl1979not rated
Dave EdmundsRepeat When NecessaryLP1979not rated
Dave EdmundsRiff RaffLP1984not rated
Dave EdmundsRocker / Early Works 1968/1972LP1978not rated
Dave EdmundsRun Rudolph Run/From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)7" vinyl1982not rated
Dave EdmundsSinging The Blues/Boys Talk7" vinyl1980not rated
Dave EdmundsSubtle As A Flying MalletLP1975not rated
Dave EdmundsTracks On Wax 4CD1978not rated34:22
Dave EdmundsTracks On Wax 4LP1978not rated
Dave EdmundsTwangin...CD1981not rated30:25
The Dave Edmunds BandLIVE: I Hear You Rockin'CD1987not rated35:01