Brian Wilson (8 albums)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Brian WilsonBrian WilsonCD1988not rated37:13
Brian WilsonBrian Wilson (Deluxe Edition)CD2000not rated1:15:57
Brian WilsonBrian Wilson presents SmileDVD5/24/2005not rated
Brian WilsonImaginationCD1998not rated39:09
Brian WilsonLive at the Chicago Theater 7-22-00CD box set2000not rated1:51:22
Brian WilsonLive at the Roxy TheatreCD box set2000not rated1:34:46
Brian WilsonSMiLECD2004not rated46:59
Brian WilsonSmile Live at Royal Festival Hall, London 2-24-04CD box set2004not rated2:14:20