The Action
Shadows & Reflections: The Complete Recordings 1964-1968

The Action - Shadows & Reflections: The Complete Recordings 1964-1968

  • Release date: 2018
  • Genre: 60s Mod
  • Format: CD box set
  • Category: rock
  • Duration: 4:23:56
  • not rated
  • Added March 14


Essential Action: The Parlephone
1. Land Of One Thousand Dances (mono single mix)not rated2:51
2. In My Lonely Room (mono single mix)not rated2:42
3. I'll Keep Holding On (mono single mix)not rated3:11
4. Hey Sah Lo Ney (mono single mix)not rated2:29
5. Baby You've Got It (mono single mix)not rated2:41
6. Since I Lost My Baby (mono single mix)not rated3:43
7. Never Ever (mono single mix)not rated2:47
8. Twentyfourth Hour (mono single mix)not rated2:45
9. Shadows And Reflections (mono single mix)not rated2:48
10. Something Has Hit Me (mono single mix)not rated3:13
11. The Harlem Shuffle (mono single mix)not rated3:21
12. Wasn't It You (mono single mix)not rated2:51
13. The Place (mono mix)not rated2:30
14. The Cissy (mono mix)not rated2:20
15. I Love You (Yeah!) (mono mix)not rated3:18
16. Come On, Come With Me (mono mix)not rated2:21
17. Just Once In My Life (mono mix)not rated2:45
18. Mine Exclusively (BBC session)not rated2:47
19. Interview-Baby You've Got It (BBC session)not rated3:17
20. Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) (BBC session)not rated2:30
21. I See You (BBC session)not rated3:06
22. Shadows And Reflections (BBC session)not rated3:08
The Action At Abbey Road: Stereo
1. I'll Keep Holding On (stereo mix)not rated3:43
2. The Cissy (stereo mix)not rated2:25
3. Never Ever (stereo mix)not rated3:19
4. Since I Lost My Baby (stereo mix)not rated3:42
5. Shadows And Reflections (stereo mix)not rated2:58
6. Hey Sah Lo Ney (stereo mix)not rated2:30
7. Something Has Hit Me (stereo mix)not rated3:33
8. Baby You've Got It (stereo mix)not rated2:53
9. I Love You (Yeah!) (stereo mix)not rated3:20
10. Wasn't It You (stereo mix)not rated2:54
11. The Harlem Shuffle (stereo mix)not rated3:31
12. The Place (stereo mix)not rated2:33
13. Twentyfourth Hour (stereo mix)not rated3:04
14. Come On, Come With Me (stereo mix)not rated2:30
15. Just Once In My Life (stereo mix)not rated3:23
16. Something Has Hit Me (rehearsal)not rated3:32
17. I Love You (Yeah!) (backing track take 1)not rated3:37
18. Never Ever (rehearsal)not rated3:07
19. Come On, Come With Me (backing track take 4)not rated2:32
20. Twentyfourth Hour (alternative version)not rated2:41
21. The Place (backing track take 2)not rated2:34
22. Just Once In My Life (take 2)not rated2:43
23. Something Has Hit Me (alternative backing track)not rated3:32
24. Shadows And Reflections (backing track)not rated3:00
Rolled Gold Plus: The Lost 1967-
1. Come Aroundnot rated2:49
2. Something To Saynot rated3:17
3. Love Is Allnot rated3:44
4. Icarusnot rated2:57
5. Strange Roadsnot rated3:40
6. Things You Cannot Seenot rated2:52
7. Brain (full length version)not rated4:24
8. Look At The Viewnot rated4:02
9. Climbing Up The Wall (See Me)not rated3:25
10. Really Doesn't Matter Any More (full length version)not rated3:37
11. I'm A Strangernot rated2:45
12. Little Boynot rated4:16
13. Follow Menot rated3:01
14. In My Dream (orchestrated version)not rated3:25
15. Only Dreamingnot rated3:20
16. Dustbin Full Of Rubbishnot rated2:51
17. An Understanding Lovenot rated3:52
18. My Favourite Daynot rated3:57
19. A Saying For Todaynot rated3:33
20. In My Dream (demo version)not rated4:54
Extra Action
1. The Boys / It Ain't Fairnot rated2:17
2. The Boys / I Want Younot rated2:19
3. The Boys / Fine Looking Girl (demo)not rated2:27
4. Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue) (Decca audition)not rated3:03
5. In My Lonely Room (Decca audition)not rated2:42
6. You'll Want Me Back (Decca audition)not rated2:48
7. I'll Keep Holding On (RSG live)not rated2:23
8. Land Of One Thousand Dances-Uptight (RSG live)not rated1:20
9. Going To A Go-Go (BBC live)not rated2:41
10. Never Ever (BBC live)not rated2:57
11. India (BBC session)not rated3:03
12. Love Is All (BBC session)not rated3:39
13. I'll Keep On Holding On ("Edsel" mix)not rated3:40
14. Baby You've Got It ("Edsel" mix)not rated2:45
15. The Harlem Shuffle ("Edsel" mix)not rated3:14
16. Just Once In My Life ("Edsel" mix)not rated2:55
17. Never Ever ("Edsel" mix)not rated2:21
18. Twentyfourth Hour ("Edsel" mix)not rated2:37
19. Something Has Hit Me ("Edsel" mix)not rated3:29
20. Shadows And Reflections ("Edsel" mix)not rated2:52

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