B.B. King
The Vintage Years

B.B. King - The Vintage Years

  • Release date: 7/8/2002
  • Genre: Blues
  • Format: CD box set
  • Category: blues
  • not rated
  • Added July 15, 2012


1. 3 O'clock Bluesnot rated0:00
2. You Know I Love Younot rated0:00
3. Woke Up This Morningnot rated0:00
4. Please Love Menot rated0:00
5. Blind Lovenot rated0:00
6. You Upset Me Babynot rated0:00
7. Every Day I Have The Bluesnot rated0:00
8. Ten Long Yearsnot rated0:00
9. Crying Won't Help Younot rated0:00
10. Did You Ever Love A Womannot rated0:00
11. Bad Lucknot rated0:00
12. Sweet Little Angelnot rated0:00
13. Why I Sing The Bluesnot rated0:00
14. Worry Worrynot rated0:00
15. Sweet Sixteennot rated0:00
16. My Own Fault Aka It's My Faultnot rated0:00
17. Good Man Gone Badnot rated0:00
18. I'll Survivenot rated0:00
19. Walking Dr Billnot rated0:00
20. You're Breaking My Heartnot rated0:00
21. Gonna Miss You Around Herenot rated0:00
22. Downhearted (How Blue Can You Get?)not rated0:00
23. Ain't Nobody's Businessnot rated0:00
24. Rock Me Babynot rated0:00
25. Bb Boogienot rated0:00
26. Mistreated Womannot rated0:00
27. Other Night Bluesnot rated0:00
28. Walkin And Cryinnot rated0:00
29. My Baby's Gonenot rated0:00
30. Don't You Want A Man Like Menot rated0:00
31. She's Dynamitenot rated0:00
32. Bb Bluesnot rated0:00
33. A New Way Of Drivingnot rated0:00
34. Questionnaire Bluesnot rated0:00
35. Hard Workin Womannot rated0:00
36. She's A Mean Womannot rated0:00
37. Pray For Younot rated0:00
38. That Ain't The Way To Do Itnot rated0:00
39. She Don't Move Me No Morenot rated0:00
40. Fine Lookin Womannot rated0:00
41. My Own Fault Darlin Aka It's My Faultnot rated0:00
42. Shake It Up And Gonot rated0:00
43. Gotta Find My Babynot rated0:00
44. Some Day Somewherenot rated0:00
45. You Didn't Want Menot rated0:00
46. Story From My Heart And Soulnot rated0:00
47. Boogie Woogie Womannot rated0:00
48. Highway Boundnot rated0:00
49. Neighbourhood Affairnot rated0:00
50. Why Did You Leave Menot rated0:00
51. Praying To The Lordnot rated0:00
52. Please Help Menot rated0:00
53. Love You Baby Aka Take A Swing With Menot rated0:00
54. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammernot rated0:00
55. Woman I Lovenot rated0:00
56. Everything I Do Is Wrongnot rated0:00
57. Whole Lotta Lovenot rated0:00
58. Boogie Rock Aka House Rockernot rated0:00
59. Dark Is The Night Pt.1not rated0:00
60. Dark Is The Night Pt.2not rated0:00
61. Let's Do The Boogienot rated0:00
62. Confessin The Bluesnot rated0:00
63. Baby Look At Younot rated0:00
64. You Don't Knownot rated0:00
65. Be Careful With A Foolnot rated0:00
66. Recession Bluesnot rated0:00
67. Days Of Oldnot rated0:00
68. You Know I Go For Younot rated0:00
69. Don't Look Now But I've Got The Bluesnot rated0:00
70. Sweet Thingnot rated0:00
71. I've Got Papers On You Babynot rated0:00
72. Tomorrow Is Another Daynot rated0:00
73. Sneakin Aroundnot rated0:00
74. Please Accept My Lovenot rated0:00
75. Early In The Morningnot rated0:00
76. On My Word Of Honornot rated0:00
77. Don't Get Around Much Anymorenot rated0:00
78. Why Notnot rated0:00
79. Precious Lordnot rated0:00
80. I'm Kingnot rated0:00
81. Baby Please Don't Gonot rated0:00
82. Mean Old Frisconot rated0:00
83. I've Got A Right To Love My Babynot rated0:00
84. Fishin After Me Aka Catfish Bluesnot rated0:00
85. Partin Timenot rated0:00
86. Bad Luck Soulnot rated0:00
87. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Nownot rated0:00
88. Get Out Of Herenot rated0:00
89. Hold That Trainnot rated0:00
90. Bad Case Of Lovenot rated0:00
91. Let Me Love Younot rated0:00
92. Mashed Potato Twistnot rated0:00
93. Got Em Badnot rated0:00
94. Christmas Celebrationnot rated0:00
95. Down Nownot rated0:00
96. Beautician Bluesnot rated0:00
97. Worst Thing In My Lifenot rated0:00
98. Blue Shadowsnot rated0:00
99. It's A Mean Worldnot rated0:00
100. Five Long Yearsnot rated0:00
101. Make Me Bluenot rated0:00
102. Blues Stay Away From Menot rated0:00
103. The Junglenot rated0:00
104. That Evil Childnot rated0:00

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