B.B. King
King of the Blues

B.B. King - King of the Blues

  • Release date: 10/20/1992
  • Genre: Blues
  • Format: CD box set
  • Category: blues
  • not rated
  • Added July 15, 2012


1. Miss Martha Kingnot rated0:00
2. She's Dynamitenot rated0:00
3. Three O'Clock Bluesnot rated0:00
4. Please Love Menot rated0:00
5. You Upset Me Babynot rated0:00
6. Everyday I HaveThe Bluesnot rated0:00
7. Rock Me Babynot rated0:00
8. Recession Bluesnot rated0:00
9. Don't Get Around Much Anymorenot rated0:00
10. I'm Gonna Sit 'Til You Give Innot rated0:00
11. Blues At Midnightnot rated0:00
12. Sneakin' Aroundnot rated0:00
13. My Baby's Comin' Homenot rated0:00
14. Slowly Losing My Mindnot rated0:00
15. How Blue Can You Getnot rated0:00
16. Rockin' Awhilenot rated0:00
17. Help the Poornot rated0:00
18. Stop Leadin' Me Onnot rated0:00
19. Never Trust A Womannot rated0:00
20. Sweet Little Angel: Live Regal Theatrenot rated0:00
21. All Over Againnot rated0:00
22. Sloppy Drunknot rated0:00
23. Don't Answer The Door, Parts 1 & 2not rated0:00
24. I Done Got Wisenot rated0:00
25. Think It Overnot rated0:00
26. Gambler's Bluesnot rated0:00
27. Goin' Down Slownot rated0:00
28. Tired Of Your Jivenot rated0:00
29. Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2not rated0:00
30. Paying the Cost To Be The Bossnot rated0:00
31. I'm Gonna Do What they Do To Menot rated0:00
32. Lucillenot rated0:00
33. Watch Yourselfnot rated0:00
34. You Put It On Menot rated0:00
35. Get Myself Somebodynot rated0:00
36. I Want You So Badnot rated0:00
37. Why I Sing The Bluesnot rated0:00
38. Get Off My Back Womannot rated0:00
39. Please Accept My Lovenot rated0:00
40. Fools Get Wisenot rated0:00
41. No Goodnot rated0:00
42. So Excitednot rated0:00
43. The Thrill Is Gonenot rated0:00
44. Confessin' The Bluesnot rated0:00
45. Nobody Loves Me But My Mothernot rated0:00
46. Hummingbirdnot rated0:00
47. Ask Me No Questionsnot rated0:00
48. Chains And Thangsnot rated0:00
49. Eyesight To The Blindnot rated0:00
50. Niji Babynot rated0:00
51. Blue Shadowsnot rated0:00
52. Ghetto Womannot rated0:00
53. Ain't Nobody Homenot rated0:00
54. I Got Some Help I Don't Neednot rated0:00
55. Five Long Yearsnot rated0:00
56. To Know You Is To Love Younot rated0:00
57. I Like To Live The Lovenot rated0:00
58. Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakesnot rated0:00
59. Let The Good Times Rollnot rated0:00
60. Don't You Lie To Menot rated0:00
61. Mother Fuyernot rated0:00
62. Never Make A Move Too Soonnot rated0:00
63. When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around)not rated0:00
64. Better Not Look Downnot rated0:00
65. Caldonna: Live Ole Missnot rated0:00
66. There Must Be A Better World Somewherenot rated0:00
67. Play With Your Poodle (Solo)not rated0:00
68. Darlin' You Know I Love Younot rated0:00
69. Inflation Bluesnot rated0:00
70. Make Love To Menot rated0:00
71. Into The Nightnot rated0:00
72. Six Silver Stringsnot rated0:00
73. When Love Comes To Townnot rated0:00
74. Right Place, Wrong Timenot rated0:00
75. Many Miles Travellednot rated0:00
76. I'm Moving Onnot rated0:00
77. Since I Met You Babynot rated0:00

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