William Parker (22 albums, 48 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
William Parker In Order To SurviveLive / ShapeShifter2CD2019**** 1/21:50:18
William Parker QuartetsMeditation / Resurrection2CD2017**** 1/22:02:17
William Parker & the Little Huey Creative Music OrchestraMayor of Punkville2CDR/LS1999*** 1/22:20:43
William Parker & Raining on the MoonCorn Meal DanceCD2007**** 1/21:09:43
William Parker & Raining on the MoonGreat SpiritCD2012**** 1/244:42
William Parker QuartetO'Neal's PorchCD2001**** 1/21:12:34
William Parker QuartetRaining on the MoonCD2002**** 1/248:45
William Parker QuartetSound UnityCD2005**** 1/21:10:32
William Parker TrioPainter's SpringCD2000****44:45
William ParkerFor Those Who Are, StillCD box set2015****3:38:18
William ParkerVoices Fall From The SkyCD box set2018****3:14:56
William ParkerWood Flute Songs: Anthology / Live 2006-2012CD box set2013****9:29:35
William ParkerDouble Sunrise Over NeptuneCDR/LS2008*** 1/21:05:45
William ParkerLifting the SanctionsCDR/LS1998***1:11:44
William ParkerLong Hidden: The Olmec SeriesCDR/LS2006*** 1/21:05:16
William ParkerLuc's LanternCDR/LS2005****46:37
William ParkerThrough Acceptance of the Mystery PeaceCDR/LS1979***1:08:24
William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music OrchestraFor Percy HeathCDR/LS2006*** 1/248:19
William Parker Double QuartetAlphaville SuiteCDR/LS2007*** 1/21:12:14
William Parker In Order To SurviveCompassion Seizes Bed-StuyCDR/LS1996*** 1/21:09:32
William Parker In Order To SurviveIn Order To SurviveCDR/LS1995*** 1/21:12:03
William Parker QuartetPetit OiseauCDR/LS2008**** 1/21:10:22