Wes Montgomery (15 albums, 15 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
The Wes Montgomery TrioA Dynamic New Sound1959***40:09
Wes Montgomery'Round Midnight1965*** 1/253:48
Wes MontgomeryA Day in the Life10/25/1990***34:44
Wes MontgomeryBoss Guitar1963*** 1/253:28
Wes MontgomeryCalifornia Dreaming1966***39:04
Wes MontgomeryEchoes of Indiana Avenue2012****52:48
Wes MontgomeryFar Wes2011****52:19
Wes MontgomeryFingerpickin'1957****56:27
Wes MontgomeryFull House1962****1:19:49
Wes MontgomeryIn Paris: The Definitive ORTF Recording2017****1:42:52
Wes MontgomeryMovin' Wes1965****35:52
Wes MontgomerySO Much Guitar!1961*** 1/239:28
Wes MontgomeryStraight, No Chaser1965*** 1/246:25
Wes MontgomeryThe Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery1960****43:58
Wes MontgomeryWillow Weep For Me1965***42:54