Tomasz Stanko (9 albums, 11 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Tomasz Stanko New York QuartetWislawa2CD2013****1:40:28
Tomasz Stanko New York QuartetDecember AvenueCD2017****1:04:16
Tomasz Stanko QuartetLontanoCD2006*** 1/21:16:55
Tomasz StankoFrom The Green HillCDR/LS1999*** 1/21:13:37
Tomasz StankoLeosiaCDR/LS1997****1:02:32
Tomasz Stanko QuartetMatka JoannaCDR/LS1996***1:08:09
Tomasz Stanko QuartetSuspended NightCDR/LS2004*** 1/21:09:05
Tomasz Stanko QuintetDark EyesCDR/LS2009****1:01:42
Tomasz Stanko SeptetLitania: The Music of Krzysztof KomedaCDR/LS1997****1:05:24