Tom Harrell (15 albums, 16 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Tom HarrellColors Of A Dream2013****1:04:56
Tom HarrellFirst Impressions2015****1:03:31
Tom HarrellForm1990****48:40
Tom HarrellMoving Picture2017****1:07:23
Tom HarrellNumber Five2012**** 1/259:12
Tom HarrellPassages1992***1:07:12
Tom HarrellRoman Nights2010****1:02:36
Tom HarrellSail Away1989****1:19:44
Tom HarrellSomething Gold, Something Blue2016****1:07:32
Tom HarrellThe Time of the Sun2011****1:02:15
Tom HarrellTrip2014****1:01:32
Tom HarrellUpswing1993*** 1/21:11:01
Tom HarrellVisions1991*** 1/21:01:31
Tom HarrellWise Children2003*** 1/21:03:34
Tom Harrell QuintetOpen Air1987***56:20