Terence Blanchard (9 albums, 10 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Terence BlanchardA Tale of God's Will (A Requiem for Katrina)2007**** 1/21:12:31
Terence BlanchardBounce2003****1:07:38
Terence BlanchardJazz In Film1999*** 1/21:08:19
Terence BlanchardLet's Get Lost: The Songs of Jimmy McHugh2001*** 1/21:04:09
Terence BlanchardMagnetic2013**** 1/21:08:03
Terence BlanchardSimply Stated1992***1:02:44
Terence BlanchardThe Billie Holiday Songbook1994***57:13
Terence BlanchardThe Comedian2017****39:40
Terence Blanchard featuring The E-CollectiveLive2018****1:15:50