Sun Ra (15 albums, 19 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Sun RaConcert for the Comet Kohoutek1973*** 1/21:01:03
Sun RaCosmic Equation1965*** 1/233:22
Sun RaDiscipline 27-II2017****53:38
Sun RaSpace Is the Place1998****42:59
Sun RaThe Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra1961*** 1/241:50
Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity ArkestraAtlantis1967****46:42
Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity ArkestraSound Sun Pleasure!!1992*** 1/247:58
Sun Ra ArkestraFriendly Galaxy1991***1:16:43
Sun Ra ArkestraMayan Temples1990*** 1/21:19:10
Sun Ra ArkestraSunrise In Different Dimensions1980****1:10:59
Sun Ra and his ArkestraHeliocentric Worlds, Vol. 11965*** 1/235:10
Sun Ra and his ArkestraJazz in Silhouette1958****44:39
Sun Ra and his ArkestraMusic From Tomorrow's World1960*** 1/21:08:31
Sun Ra and his ArkestraSound of Joy1957***47:41
Sun Ra and his Solar ArkestraHeliocentric Worlds, Vol. 21966*** 1/237:30