Steve Lacy (19 albums, 33 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Steve Lacy5 x Monk 5 x LacyCD1996****45:10
Steve LacyMomentumCDR/LS1987*** 1/21:03:34
Steve LacyNew Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden 2002CD2006**** 1/21:00:45
Steve LacyStamps2CD1979**** 1/21:26:05
Steve LacySteve Lacy Plays MonkCDR/LS1969****36:15
Steve LacyThe Beat SuiteCDR/LS2003****50:28
Steve LacyThe Straight Horn Of Steve LacyCDR/LS1960****37:16
Steve LacyTricklesCDR/LS1976*** 1/240:22
Steve Lacy + 6The Cry2CDR/LS1988****1:26:01
Steve Lacy 6We See: Thelonious Monk SongbookCDR/LS1992****1:04:10
Steve Lacy Double SextetClangsCDR/LS1992***52:58
Steve Lacy FiveBlinks…Zürich Live 1983CD1983****1:12:45
Steve Lacy FiveThe Way2CDR/LS1979****1:55:33
Steve Lacy FourMorning Joy…Paris LiveCD2014**** 1/21:16:11
Steve Lacy ThreeN.Y. Capers & QuirksCDR/LS2000****55:55
Steve Lacy TrioThe Holy laCDR/LS1998*** 1/254:45
Steve Lacy TrioThe WindowCDR/LS1987****48:47
The Steve Lacy SextetLive at Sweet BasilCDR/LS1992****1:09:59
The Steve Lacy SextetThe CondorCDR/LS1986*** 1/244:53