Stanley Turrentine (12 albums, 17 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Stanley TurrentineA Chip Off the Old Block1963*** 1/252:15
Stanley TurrentineBallads1993*** 1/21:04:11
Stanley TurrentineCherry1972*** 1/237:59
Stanley TurrentineDearly Beloved1962*** 1/244:44
Stanley TurrentineDon't Mess With Mister T2011****1:02:09
Stanley TurrentineHustlin'1964*** 1/241:09
Stanley TurrentineNever Let Me Go1963****45:32
Stanley TurrentineSalt Song1971*** 1/242:39
Stanley TurrentineSugar1970**** 1/249:40
Stanley TurrentineThat's Where It's At1962*** 1/247:48
Stanley TurrentineThe Spoiler1966*** 1/239:22
Stanley TurrentineUp at Minton's1961****1:29:46