Sonny Rollins (30 albums, 36 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Sonny Rollins+3CDR/LS1995*** 1/255:59
Sonny RollinsA Night at the Village Vanguard2CD1957****2:12:06
Sonny RollinsAll The Things You Are (1963-1964) with Coleman Hawkins and Herbie HancockCDR1990*** 1/21:06:43
Sonny RollinsEast Broadway Run DownCD1995****38:25
Sonny RollinsEasy LivingCDR/LS1977*** 1/241:20
Sonny RollinsFreedom SuiteCD1958**** 1/241:13
Sonny RollinsHolding the Stage (Road Shows, Vol. 4)CD2016****1:13:09
Sonny RollinsIn JapanCDR/LS1973****46:29
Sonny RollinsNewk's TimeCDR/LS1957****34:16
Sonny RollinsNext AlbumCDR/LS1987****43:18
Sonny RollinsOld FlamesCDR/LS1993*** 1/256:08
Sonny RollinsOn Impulse! + There Will Never Be Another YouCDR/LS2011*** 1/21:15:39
Sonny RollinsOriginal Album ClassicsCDR/LS box set2010****4:00:08
Sonny RollinsOur Man In JazzCDR/LS1963*** 1/21:01:49
Sonny RollinsPlus 4CDR/LS1956****32:34
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 1CD2008**** 1/21:11:33
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 2CD2011****1:06:14
Sonny RollinsRoad Shows, Vol. 3CD2014**** 1/21:12:52
Sonny RollinsSaxophone ColossusCD1956**** 1/240:01
Sonny RollinsSonny BoyCDR/LS1956***39:14
Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins on Impulse!CD1965****34:41
Sonny RollinsSonny, PleaseCD2006****54:30
Sonny RollinsThe BridgeCD2003**** 1/240:42
Sonny RollinsThe Sound Of SonnyCDR/LS1957*** 1/244:08
Sonny RollinsWay Out WestCD1957**** 1/21:10:59
Sonny RollinsWithout a Song: The 9-11 ConcertCDR/LS2001*** 1/21:12:25
Sonny RollinsWork TimeCDR/LS1955****33:01
Sonny Rollins QuartetTenor MadnessCD1956**** 1/235:25
Sonny Rollins QuintetRollins Plays For BirdCDR/LS1956****43:24
Sonny Rollins TrioLive In Europe 1959CD box set2016****2:58:52