Roy Hargrove (11 albums, 13 bookmarks)

Artist Title Released Rating Duration
Roy HargroveApproaching Standards1993*** 1/21:04:12
Roy HargroveFamily1995*** 1/21:18:51
Roy HargroveMoment To Moment2000*** 1/21:08:37
Roy HargroveNothing Serious2006*** 1/245:27
Roy HargroveOf Kindred Souls1993****1:07:59
Roy HargrovePublic Eye1990*** 1/21:07:32
Roy Hargrove Big BandEmergence2009****1:10:02
Roy Hargrove QuintetEarfood2008****1:07:25
Roy Hargrove QuintetWith the Tenors of Our Time1994****1:13:01
Roy Hargrove's CrisolHabana1997****1:10:45
The RH FactorDistractions2006*** 1/238:04