Pat Metheny (18 albums, 26 bookmarks)

Artist Title Format Released Rating Duration
Pat MethenyBright Size LifeCDR/LS1975***37:09
Pat MethenyDay TripCD2008*** 1/21:08:08
Pat MethenyOne Quiet NightCDR/LS2003****1:05:41
Pat MethenyOrchestrionCDR/LS2010*** 1/252:04
Pat MethenyTap: John Zorn's Book of Angels, Volume 20CD2013**** 1/250:39
Pat MethenyThe Unity Sessions2CD2016**** 1/21:56:11
Pat MethenyWhat's It All AboutCDR/LS2011****55:53
Pat Metheny GroupAmerican GarageCDR/LS1979**** 1/235:17
Pat Metheny GroupImaginary DayCDR/LS1997****1:04:39
Pat Metheny GroupOfframpCDR/LS1982*** 1/242:25
Pat Metheny GroupPat Metheny GroupCDR1978*** 1/241:29
Pat Metheny GroupSpeaking of NowCDR2002*** 1/21:12:04
Pat Metheny GroupThe Road To YouCDR/LS1993****1:14:01
Pat Metheny GroupThe Way UpCD1/25/2005**** 1/21:08:08
Pat Metheny GroupWe Live HereCDR/LS1995****1:06:36
Pat Metheny TrioTrio Live2CDR2000*** 1/22:00:00
Pat Metheny Unity GroupKin (<-->)CD2014****1:10:17
Pat Metheny Unity GroupUnity BandCDR/LS2012****1:05:49